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  1. Hmm I phoned Curries who said you have a 14 day period to change the finance. The guy I spoke to then asked which plan I WAS on and I said the EasyPlan, he then said that it was a flexable plan and that although you can't change the payments you can pay any amount of the balance off you wish at any time and then only pay the interest on the period it is owed, as I was told when I agreed to it. I said that completely contridicted what the agreement said even if I was sold it as that and also that HFC said that I didn't have a flexable option and he had no idea why. Anyway after calling HFC an
  2. Continued: I've been put on the 'EasyPlan' and not the 'Flexible Finance Option' Currys Credit Options according to this I can't change my payment amounts and if I decide to pay the finance off early I am required to pay the full amount of interest which would have accrued over the 4 years (over £140!!) Where on earth do I stand? Am I stuck with it now as I didn't read every detail whilst stood there at the counter? or can I have the plan changed? I am going to phone Curries later but I wanted to know if I had a legal leg to stand on as it were.
  3. Ok so I had been wanting to buy an Xbox 360 for a little while and thought I would take advantage of getting one on a deal in Curries and take them up on the flexible payment plan. I earn enough that I wanted to pay it off in 6 months as I had no desire to pay for an xbox over 4 years! Anyway the finance was explained to me and described as a flexable payment plan with a default payment of £8 something a month. I made it clear that I intended to significantly increase this so that it could be paid off within a few months. It was calculated for me that I would in doing so pay very little i
  4. But couldn't they just return a letter saying I haven't provided sufficient evidence to prove I am who I say I am. Which would be quite true with the DPA rules etc.
  5. Hi, I intend to make 2 claims for returning my penalty charges one with my current bank Natwest and one with my previous bank Nationwide. Whilst the Natwest claim should be straight forward as it is in use the Nationwide account has been closed for a year or so. The Nationwide account was closed after I missed a DD to a company who then emailed me to say the DD had been missed. I then paid them over the phone using my Debit Card. At the time I had just moved and had not updated my Nationwide account details as they refused to give me a debit card even after I had stayed with them 6 month
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