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  1. Hi there, It is around £800 so I will go for the 2nd option which I am looking at just now, i'm trying to work out which document I need to download a fill in. Getting slightly confused but hunting through them just now. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate this.
  2. Still no answer to the above, would be grateful if I could have an answer from someone who can advise what steps are needed now.
  3. Dear All, I am now at the stage that I need to obtain a Court Order against the Bank. Am I right in saying I will be able to goto my Local Court and obtain the documents I need, take them home and then go back to the court to submit my claim? If someone would be kind enough to reply I would appreciate their help.
  4. Ally, The reply from the Bank was that it is up to mr to keep my account in order and they will not repay the charges, that is what the underline section means. You send the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) form with your £10 fee and they will supply all your statements within 40 days.
  5. I have now received a letter from the Clydesdale Bank telling me that is is up to me, e.t.c. They have also advised that this is the end of the matter. It has passed 14 days so do I now submit the Letter Before Action. My concern with this is that the letter seems to have been written in the way of no response from your Bank. Do I still submit even though they have stated they will not refund?
  6. Bankfodder, Have sent a message to you and would be grateful if you can get in touch, thanks in advance.
  7. Pict, Thanks for that, one last question tonight, which spreadsheet did you use as I have a few and all calculate them slightly different? Regards Scott
  8. Pict, Thanks for that, I will claim for both at the same time as the address I requested the Data is the same for both. I have gone far back as 1998 but are you suggesting it is harder to claim for this? I was under the impression if I had the statements I could include these?
  9. Is there anyone out their tonight to answer the above questions? Regards Scott
  10. Can someone advise if i can submit a claim for my Current Account and Credit Card together as they are both with the Clydesdale Bank? I have all my statements from both accounts but not much to claim on my Credit Card but more on my Current Account. I also wondered if i can go back further as i have statements going back 10 years? Regards Scott
  11. HI there, Thanks for letting me know, i just notcied every month they would charge £8.50 and then interest as well. Regards Scott
  12. I have charges on my account called Service Charge and Arrangement Fees, can these be claimed back? They always seemed to appear after i went overdrawn. Regards Scott
  13. Alex, Sorry for the delay in getting back in touch, have had to deal with my own business through the busy Christmas Period. I wanted to check a couple of things with you which I have listed below: 1. I have switched the mortagage now to another provider and have submitted an SAR form to Kensington for all charges as the last few months they have piled them on for late fees and other issues. I used the banking SAR form, was this correct? 2. The financial advisor has gone bust now and I have found out that the company I need to contact for mis-selling is DBS Financial Management PLC in Huddersfield. Is their any template around the forum for mis-selling a mortagage? 3. Also the Clerical Medical paid out less than what had been paid in and I notcied a thread on another guy challenging his company for keeping half for bailing out, would I be able to have a case here for the £5000 they kept as well? I apprecaite your help or anyone else who can advise. Regards Scott
  14. Dear All, I wonder if anyone has advise about some issues I have with my parents morgage. I have tried to list it one by one below to help anyone replying. 1. They have a mortgage endowment plan with Kensington which I am moving just now because the rates are terrible for what they have been paying for over 10 years. Clerical Medical have advise of a major shortfall and after discussions with my mum I find out they didn't understand what type of mortgage they had because it was complicated when sold by a financial advisor. Would I have a case to move forward for her with? 2. The interest states 'until the next quarterly reset date is 10.750% being 90 day libor of 7.75000% plus the margin applicable to your mortgage produt'....what does this mean? 3.The balance in July 1997 was 30,000.00 but now at present day it is 30,175.11...how could it get more when nearly £290 has been paid every month? 4. Clerical Medical I ended earlyier in the summer and they paid out £5,032.07 in settlement on the policy but what does not make sense that in total what happened to the 7% growth over the years that did not happen on what was paid in? The whole idea was that this would cover the mortgage but was failing in the first 10 years which my mum did not understand that she could have a shortfall. Can anyone advise where the best way to go forward.....
  15. Michael, Will send all the details tomorrow and take it from there....thank you once again....
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