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  1. Hi all, just signed up to the forum and all the info and template forms are a bit overwhelming so thought I'd post here for a little advice.


    Basically I've got a NatWest student account, with an interest free overdraft of £1600. In the last year, I have been hit with two overdrawn fees of £38 each time. Both times it was for an orange mobile bill of £20, as there wasnt enough money to pay the bill as I had maxed the £1600 overdraft. Originally I thought it was an £18 charge then they had paid the bill but it was a £38 charge then orange took the £20 for the bill as well!


    No issues with orange but could I get the two charges (£76 in total) back from Natwest? If so which form(s) do I need to fill out and how much will it cost to claim? I can print out copies of the statements with the offending charges on from my online banking page.


    Many Thanks in advance



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