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  1. Hello, Hope everyone is well. I purchase a second hand car from a local garage about 4 months ago for £800, it had only done 34,000 miles, it seemed like a bargain. Since then i have spent £300 getting the electricals sorted and i am now faced with paying out £1200 to get the gearbox fixed, its automatic transmission. On the receipt i recieved from the garage it clearly states '6 months' on it, when i have contacted the garage they first denied this existed, when i faxed them a copy, they said it was for 6 months road tax, but this isnt true because i paid for the road tax out of my pocket.# My basic question is, because this dosn't say '6 months guarantee' am i better off just cutting my losses and running or should i persue this on the understanding that the 6 months states a guarantee. Is there anything legally i can do about this even if there is no six month guarantee, surely there has to be some law about selling a car that is an oversized paper weight. Thanks Scott
  2. Hello All, Just a quick update for you all. The issue with Rossendales has now been resolved on my behalf by Alison from the Bailiff Watchdog. I cannot thank Alison enough and would recommend her to anyone who needs help with an industry, that although they try to justify themselves by quoting laws that they have read from a script, is blatently daylight robbery and no matter how much bf1uk or any other bailiff try's to tell me different, i will never believe a word you say again. Rossendales can in my opinion now go and take a long walk on a short cliff and with some look all fall in the water. The bailiff industry in this country is an absolute farce and how some of these people can sleep at night is beyond me. Why on earth should anyone bother getting any proper qualifications and get arrested for bank robbery when you can just become a bailiff, its simple, all you need to do is learn a script (b1fuk will probably comment on this using verbal rubbish). Alison thank you very much for your help and i wish you and your organisation against the modern day bank robbers we have come to know as bailiffs Regards
  3. A lot of the information i got from this site helped very much, but the help recieved from Alison was inavaluable and she should be given a nighthood or something. It has really opened my eyes to the way bailiffs work and the tactics they use to extort money from people. I am currently applying to my local college to do an evening law degree so that i too can help in the way that Alison does, because i honestly believe the service she offers is second to none and if i had the money or the resources i would fully fund this organisation to help everyone in the country out with issues. The bailiffs dont have as many powers as they say they do and they use there scripted lines to try and scare people.
  4. Hello All, I want to point you out to a service that i have recently had the pleasure of using and who often give advice on this website, they are the Bailiff Watchdog I recently had a massive problem with Warrington Borough council, who had passed an unpaid council tax bill onto the most unhelpful bunch of cabbages in the country, they prefer to be called Rossendales. After many problems with Rossendales, i managed to get some help from Alison at Baliff Watchdog and i cant say anything bad about these people, they are the most helpful and understanding people you will ever meet. Within 1 week Alison had personally seen to it that the council accept the council tax bill back and get the bailiffs off our back. She gave us her personal home number and told us to phone her at any time if we had any problems with the bailiffs. And you know the best thing is, its totally free, they dont ask for anything, but if you want you can make a donation to there service, which we will be doing int he next week or so. I want to pass on my personal thanks to the people at Bailiff Watchdog, especially Alison, who without, our christmas would of been totally miserable. Thankyou Alison.
  5. Nahhhh i wouldnt do anything like that, i haven't got the bottle to be put away in prison, but i like the vinegar thing. I will keep a bottle of vinegar near me door for future reference, or even better i have a bottle of amonia in the shed that was used for weed killing, now that stuff absolutely reeks.
  6. Its warrington borough council and i live in warrington. The bailiff is female, but i cant work her name out cause her signature is so illegable. I have absolutely no problems with bailiffs i think the job they do helps the economy and must be hard, what i do have a problem with is people thinking they owe you and talking and treating you like a peice of dirt and you dare not shout back at them because it just winds them up and they have the power, or so they think These People are silly, i would be amazed if they used there real names to be honest, but if they do, its very easy to find out someones resedential address, specially when your an acomplished web developer ;-) i bet they wouldnt like someone parked outside there house harrassing them.
  7. So basically if i start making payments to the council on a regular basis, there is still nothing to say that i or my partner wont end up in prison??? If this is the case then i have a 42" LCD tv for sale, i use this for my DJ work as i do karaoke, but i can live without it and i aint letting rossendales get there hands on it either. Regards
  8. I still have the hard worded letter at home, signed by the baliff and certain sections, designed to intimidate highlighted with a marker pen this to me is unreasonable and i will be making a formal complaint about this as soon as i figure out how to do this. Regards
  9. I will sit down with her this evening and can make a payment to council first thing on friday morning . I will also put a note on the door to the bailiff, can anyone give me advice on how to word this, i dont think the simple **** off would surfice. Regards
  10. Committal, i take i that means prison eeeek, so my only option really is sell my goods before the bailiff and try and pay the amount cause i seriously do not have the cash for this and wont in a months time either.
  11. So to clarify this point, the baliff has no legal powers to enter my property unless invited to or they find some window or door unlocked???? What about the situation where they are stood outside the door and soon as its opened they put there foot in, i know this is a common practise, am i liable then if i slam the door shoot on the foot??? Secondly, i have nothing outside my house, so they can take the plants and tree's if they want But if you could clarify something for me. If i tell the bailiff to go away and refuse to give them access to the property, is there anything legally they can do to get into the property if it is fully secured? Regards
  12. Unfortunately the locks have already been ordered as i dont think my girlfriends heart could cope with anymore nocks on the door, she is very nervous and terrified of these people. We have tried contacting the council before and the problem is they either dont respond or deny any knowledge of contact, its kind of us against them and the council will always win.
  13. Thanks for this information. I have no intentions of letting them into my property and am in the process of changing the locks to more secure locks at a cost of about £100, this is how scared my partner is they are going to break in. We have never had problems like this before and we accept that through our own nieve views and expectations, we have got into this situation. I am more worried of the fact that if they stand in front of the house at either or both doors (front and back) as soon as we open the door . there foots will be in and they will have obtained access simply through loitering outside. I have seen all the programmes about bailiffs and phoning the police, dosn't seem to help as they are not allowed to act on civil matters, even if they do barge there ways in. Regards
  14. Alison, I have taken a note of your phone number and will speak to my partner this evening, as i have left all the letters at home, so dont have any form of reference number to quote. If i could get a payment plan from the, this would relieve a lot of stress both financial and relationship wise as this is causing no end of trouble at the moment. Thank you very much
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