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  1. their WS my WS+ exhibits They also have the NOA and Default notice . I spoke about the NOA in my WS and the default notice looks ok Here's the rest CAGfile.pdf cag4.pdf cag3.pdf cag2.pdf
  2. Had a very understanding judge today. He has given me a week to get a proper (and correct) WS in to the court and the other party. I am way too tired to get this done tonight but I'll be back on over the next couple of days to work on it, post it here and see what you think. Their WS, I notice, contains some untruths and even spelling errors...Think I can tear it apart, if just a little bit Thanks again
  3. Thanks so much for your time- I wont waste any more of it.....Cant do these PDFs and I'm not sure of my WS...so looks like a win for them.....thanks again
  4. Yeah, I'm sorry about all this- so disorganised it must wind you up something chronic... I will try and sort these PDFs, if I cant do it in the next 15 mins then I'll just have to call it quits and go to court with what I can... Just one thing I notice as I try to do this.. .On their court documents they say this: On and with effect from 21 June 2016 the assignor assigned to Asset Collections & Investigations (Assignee) all its rights, title, interest and benefits in and to the Assigned Documents and the Debt. yet on the original Emails , it says this.... On and with effect from 23rd August 2016 the Lending Stream LLC assigned to Asset Collection & investigation limited all its rights, title, interest and benefits in and to the Assigned Documents and the Debt. confused....
  5. I'll see if I can do just that but I can't seem to find my WS ? Very confused...I think I've gone about this in a rather naive way and I fear for myself... I'll see if I can upload now Regards
  6. I'm afraid I have got my dates mixed up. For some reason in my mind I was going to court 16/11/17.. .I got the month wrong and it's actually tomorrow...Jesus H.... I've been going through all the old stuff I have and it's interesting that on the 2nd April 2013 they send me an email saying they happy to waive interest etc and would accept £10 per month til it's paid (they'd reduced it to less than £200 - original amount borrowed was £110), I agreed on the basis that they answer my complaint re irresponsible lending yet 6 days later they sent me another Email saying they couldn't collect the [original] amount due so they had no choice but to give the debt to Muck Hall... .I wrote to them again about this, they ignored and after telling Muck Hall til I was blue in face about it, next thing I know it's with Asset and it's going to court for an amount of nearly £350.
  7. Sorry Have not been able to get back here until now. Yes,I did enter a defence. I have said all along to them that there was a complaint in against the original lenders re irresponsible lending. That got ignored and with this lot I've told them the same and also asked them several times to produce the proof that the correct credit checks were carried out....nada I will tell and show all the above to the judge and make a point that I've bothered to turn up, unlike them.... Unless there's something more I can go with?
  8. Hi Been a while since I posted after being very active here once upon a time.. .about 6 years ago I got a few pay day loans (marriage split at the time, living away) At the time none of these places were doing the correct checks to see if you could afford the repayments. Wonga have previously written off £900 with me for the same reason... One or two others haven't bothered. Lending Stream sold this particular one to Asset and they've been chasing ever for a while... They have now taken me to court, despite my repeated requests for proof that the correct credit checks were carried out (I couldn't afford to repay the debts at the time as had too many going on) P , they simple ignored all my requests and I now have court date. As you can see from below,p they aren't bothering to send anyone as the debt is such a small amount (as they say). My argument here is still that they haven't proved the correct checks were carried out.. .Is this going to be ok to go to the judge with? Also going to say that loan might be small in their eyes but it isn't in mine and I have taken a day off work to attend... This is their letter to the judge ... They have (what they say) is the original agreement - was online so not sure how I can prove otherwise. I write in regard to above case and the hearing that has been listed for the ****** The Claimant respectfully begs your Honour to excuse the Claimant’s non-attendance in person and kindly ask your Honour to accept this letter as written notice of non-attendance in accordance with CPR Rule 27.9 1(a). We hasten to add that no disrespvectfulness is intended by our non-attendance, but we wish to save costs having particular regard to the fact that the claim is small. We ask the court in accordance with CPR 27.9 (1) © to deal with this application in our absence. We wish to ask your Honour to consider the reasons set out within our Witness Statement attached as to why the Claimant does not agree with the Defendants defence. In light of this the Claimant humbly asks your Honour to dismiss the Defendants defence and enter Judgment for full balance immediately. We also add that we have not received any documentation from the Defendant in support of his defence for the hearing. Please also be advised that a copy if this Witness Statement and Evidence has been sent to the Defendant via email. We thank you for your time in this matter and look forward to hearing from you in due course. With regards,
  9. Thanks Stig and I will do all that but I did escalate the complaint re irresponsible lending, it was Nat West who stopped communicating about it. Cabot can 'do one' as far as I am concerned. Like you said, there's a CCA request, a SAR request and all manner of other issues to go through before anything else happens. Wonder what's happened to old Ken Maynard these days.
  10. Well, it's been a while when I was very heavily involved on this site for a number of years and especially with Cabot - not sure how many people remember the CFC (Cabot Fan Club)....anyway, I digress Some five years ago I got into some bother with Nat West (Credit Card) as they just kept upping my credit limit without agreeing amount first, doing any checking if I could afford it or anything like that. I had a complaint running with them re irresponsible lending.. They promised to look into it, to sort it and to resolve my complaint ...they never did so I have just left it - cue Cabot and their first letter a couple of months ago. I find it hard to believe that this pile of dung still operate in the same unlawful / illegal way they did ten years ago. From sending me a Nat West letter in the same envelope as their own letter, to ringing me at home (even though they were 'banned' from doing so).. .oh + a load of other nonsense that I won't go into - suffice to say they still spout as much now as they always did. That said- I just need to reconnect re where I stand with this. It's five years since I made any sort of payment. I'm still to request signed copy of agreements and all that other stuff I may have to do but, shall I just simply tell Cabot that, as far as I'm concerned, the matter is still with Nat West as they have failed to resolve my initial complaint and that the alleged debt is subject to iressposible lending? In the meantime, I shall go and read some other posts re Cabot and see what they are up to after all this time... Thanks for any help
  11. I was dumb enough to join madbid a couple of years ago and even dumber to deposit £10...(Money that they will not refund even if you don't spend it in bids) The same night I left many a message on social media warning people what a con it all is - I can't see them staying in business too long, once people finally realise what a dodgy ruse it all is.
  12. But then again, if these customers had been honest with the insurance company in the first place (ie tell them about penaly points or a previous claim etc ) or they bother to actually send in their Proof of No Claims bonus then the insurance company/ies would not cancel their insurance policy. It is not done without warning either.
  13. It doesn't have to be two years necessarily to claim for unfair dismissal tough does it, I've been on the ACAS web site.
  14. It is less than two years, yes and I am not a member of the union. There are no notes from any meeting, there are no witness statememnts, there are no warnings (prior to this) that this action would come about. All I have is a letter stating to Attend a Disciplinary Hearing where my employment is at risk. They say they haven't made their minds up yet (well my manager who is also chairing the disciplinary said that) but I was chatting to a different manager just before I left work on Friday and he casually said "Oh I hear there's a parting of the waves with you and us" ... hmmm
  15. UPDATE Leeds Head Office got involved and they have reviewed everything from past two years and have agreed to give back ALL of money deducted for all of the times it has happened...Success!
  16. Hi I am in a lower management role but not for much longer. After flying through my probation with no issues at all, certain things have come to a head. I started to struggle with the increasing demand for me to adopt an 'aggressive' approach to my team, as this is how the department (as a whole) works. THis is far from my management style - something they knew well duing my initial interview...Anyway, after a meeting with my manager, HR became involved and another meeting was called. I had already been the 'victim' of certain management lying about what had been said in certain situations so before I spoke to the senior manager in HR (on a one 2 one basis) I set my Iphone to record. My concern was that I might be dismissed (for what I didn't know) but I was hoping to find alternative emplayment in a different department. I went on to ask what I would be dismissed for if finding another position wasn't possible. HR person said loudly and clearly (three times actually) that I would not be dismissed, going on to repeat that I won't be dismissed as they have no reason to dismiss me. Go forward ONE day I have now been told I have a disciplinary hearing next week where it's likely I'm going to be dismissed for., and I quote, ...Some Other Substancial Reason. Where do I stand with this....I have total and absolute proof of them saying they waon't dismiss me because they have no reason to and now some made up reason to do the deed. Of course, at this point, they have no idea of the recorded meeting but I just had a feeling I'd need to do that to protect myself - and so it's been proved. Not sure next course of action
  17. Thanks for replies Howvever (and this may be a local problem) , if they have been clocked in for a certain amount of time, the clocking in machine does not allow the option to skip break, it says ' Punch Window rejected' and does not allow said meal break to be skipped. In addition to them taking all this money (I thought unlawfully), the store will clock them out for 30 minutes whilst they are out on the road working / driving and delivering! This is the only time (30 mins) that gets built into their daily run- an hour's break is NOT built into their run.
  18. Sorry, should have mentioned that they are not a member of the union
  19. Someone who works for a well known supermarket (think of the colour green) as a delivery driver (for over 2 years) has been having an hour's lunch break deducted from their wages, even though the said lunch is never taken...All this has just come to light recently. Ordinarily if you work in store you have the option to 'skip break' on the clocking machine but being out on the road all the time means they are not in store to do this. The supermarket's internal electronic timing system will automatically deduct a one hour's break if you have been clocked in over a certain amount of time. THe point is, they believe this has happened well over 100 times since they started. Delivery drivers, at least at the store where they work, do not get a lunch break. So what would be the way forward to claim this money back? Even at £7 ph , it's nearly £1000 they are 'owed'. They have tried internal through the management team and HR but they are just simply ignored.
  20. Self same position as you (or should I say a friend of mine is) If they send Email, she replies to it a minimum of fifty times although she ignores the content Still waiting for a reply from Rob Sands Actually hoping for one of these notorious Doorstep visits so the police can be called, person visiting car reg/name etc taken and will add weight to the complaint to the FOS.
  21. It's not as simple as chargeback... They defend themselves by saying you've agreed to their T & Cs by giving them your details.. They take money from your account, claiming to have acted as a broker for a loan - but these payments are taken even if you did not get a loan! They say if you want a refund you have to full out some soppy form, which asks for your bank account details!! What?! The payments were taken from a card anyway, nothing to do with bank account details.Also they want contact numbers, probably so they can fill your text box with countless messages. Since visiting their website three weeks ago, I have (and I tell no lies here) over 900 Emails from God knows how many companies offering me anything from a loan to help with pay day companies...I've had said Email address for two years and haven't had a single Email from a loan company before visiting Money Warehouse. I just wish I had the time to look into them properly...They would get the same treatment and attention Cabot did all those years ago on here...grrrr!!
  22. Hi Warning to all not to use Money Warehouse, don't even visit their site, let alone put any of your personal details in. Seems they are just out to make as much money as they can from the most vulnerable people. They take, from your bank account, some random charge for doing nothing at all, then refuse to give it back without making you jump through all sorts of hoops, and even then it's likely you won't get your money back. Surprised our Government are letting these people get away with it, but getting away with it they are. We need to make as many people as possible aware of Money Warehouse and all the other names they are trading under. I'm hoping mass complaints to the FOS and the FCA and the Trading Standards may help a few less people getting duped into giving these parasites money...Let's get this message out there...
  23. Forgive me if this has already been posted about but A couple of weeks ago Gothia Emailed me regarding my outstanding loan with PayDayuk (£100 loan - I was desperate) but they got the completely wrong details. Wrong name etc..They have since sent a weak apology for this admin error but I see this as a major cock up. I'm wondering how many other people were affected by this and how many of those people are allowing Gothia (BCW) to simply sweep the matter under the carpet as they are trying to do. It's been a while since I was very active on here but my CAG senses still began to twitch when I received the Email with the incorrect details in it. I have sent an Email to them asking what they intend to do about compensation, how they intend to reassure me that my details are safe with them in the future etc etc. This matter will need to be reported to FCA etc, unless they see fit to 'shut me up' by writing off the debt that is
  24. Are there Email addresses out there where one can Email someone important at Dell directly ?
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