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  1. FINALLY THE RESULT!! - Several months after sending the statute barred letter, and with many holding replies .."please note we have not yet received a response from the original creditor.." Today they write "We acknowledge your recent communication and write to inform you that the account to which you were referring is now closed on our files" Amount due £0.00. They also gave me "for future reference" their client details. Their client is at the same address (before you ask - Robinson Way and HPH LTD) Let's hope this is the final result for this thread.
  2. I've got no issues with the Tomlin agreement or the amount/rate I am paying back. It was a good outcome for me.
  3. CL Finance sold it on. Their letter stated ""has assigned all the rights, obligations and rights associated with this account to Hoist Portfolio Holdings Ltd to whom all monies are now due"
  4. I've actually put the whole question in the title. I am repaying a debt which went to court mediation and I signed a Tomlin agreement. Over a year later the DCA sold it to another DCA. For about a year the new DCA accepted my payments but are now writing/ attempting to phone/ wanting me to phone them, and saying there is not an agreement in place. I have written a letter of complaint, and am waiting their reply. But what is the LEGAL situation of my Tomlin agreement and the new DCA? Thank you
  5. Well, wouldn't you just know it - .. another letter just received about this from another DCA regarding Egg. Let me see - it's just over 6 years since my last post. "We have been notified of recent activity on your credit file, which suggests that you are now making positive steps to resolve your financial situation. Your account with us does however remain unpaid. We want to help you to get this resolved and we would like you to pay this account at an affordable amount" ..... etc So what should be my best course of action? Statute barred? Ignore? Account in Dispute? or something else? Thank you kind people of CAG.
  6. Gosh, thank you Mods for finding and merging the old thread. I'd forgotten about it. Time to get this one sorted.
  7. I am repaying Barclaycard through a non-fee charging DMP. On checking my credit record the account is listed as Not Defaulted, worst status "6", currently "AP", and report until 6 years after account closure. I have just found the default notice I was sent by Mercers in July 2008 "Default Notice served under section 87(i) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974". I was not able to pay the amount required by the default notice, and the Barclaycard statements after that show I made £1 monthly payments for a while. I feel I ought to complain to Barclaycard that they didn't report the default correctly (as if they had it would have been off my credit file by now) but I am unsure of the best wording to use, or how I stand on this. The result I would like to see is the Barclaycard information gone forever from my credit report. Thank you
  8. Actually the DCA isn't Lowell's, (it didn't mention the name). Egg owned it before it went to the DCA, but during the time we understood it to be with the DCA Barclaycard took over the Egg account. If I SAR Egg, would they only have details until it went to Barclays? Thank you
  9. No that was my Egg Card which I stopped paying when the court case was stayed. This one is my partners. ( Sorry, that makes us sound like an awful couple, but we were having great financial difficulties at that time.)
  10. The Default notice was issued by Egg. Would the SAR need to go to Egg, or Barclays? Balance about £11,000 Thank you
  11. Partner’s Egg card taken out probably about 2000, defaulted in 2006 (default notice received) and paying DCA £1 per month since 2007 into their bank account with a reference number, every month, without fail. Initially got letters confirming payment but these stopped coming in 2008. In 2011 got two standard letters from from Barclaycard that they had taken over the Egg Card, and their terms and conditions. Then nothing further from Barclaycard. Now you are probably wondering why are they still paying the £1 per month if no-one has been contacting them. They are actually too frightened to stop incase that sets off some sort of alert and starts the debt being chased again by somebody. So this week there are two phone calls from the DCA, only identified themselves by first name, company initials and asking for Partner to call back. On the second time I politely asked them to write if it was important. So this is how it stands now, waiting to see if a letter comes, and what it might say. But just wondering how this might pan out. My gut feeling is that they possibly have not had responsibility for collecting the debt since the letters stopped. I only recently found out people should receive a statement at least annually which hasn’t been happening. (perhaps they will write to ask the payments to stop ) Have never asked for a CCA, or done a SAR on this account. Again, not wanting to stir things while it is all quiet. Not sure what to do. Any helpful observations / suggestions? Thank you
  12. Hello I have a payday loan of under £300 through Safeloans which I have been paying off for over 2 years now. They issued a court claim, I put in a defence, it was ajourned with liberty to resume and I have been repaying a fixad amount. I am now nearing having repaid twice the amount borrowed. They still want more than another £200 from me. I would like to offer a token full and final settlement amount to end this. My question is, if they took it back to court, legally can they still ask for the amount they want or would they be limited by the 2 x loan amount given for newer loans? Thank you
  13. Well you could knock me over with a feather - I've just obtained an Equifax report and credit score as I figured it was time to knuckle down and try to improve my rating and they have me at 968 which they say is excellent. I've been getting the free Noddle report for a while which has always had me as 1 out of 5 and someone who would have difficulty getting credit. I'm not looking for credit right now. I am in a debt management plan, but need to plan for life after this ends. I genuinely thought I would be at the bottom of a credit score, so just don't get it. (I'm not complaining though )
  14. here's an extract from the note of assignment "CL Finance has assigned all of the rights, obligations and benefits associated with the above account to Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited (HPH Ltd) to whom all monies are now due. Please note that should you wish to discuss any aspect of this matter, you should contact HPH Ltd's appointed recovery agents Robinson Way Limited on 0845 266 8876, who will be happy to assist. It is essential that all payments and correspondence be sent to them at: Robinson Way Ltd etc etc"
  15. £5 per month by standing order by the xx of each month until paid in full. I'm concerned that they are trying to set me up break this agreement by not giving me the account details to continue with the Standing Order. Or should I continue to pay into the old account (though I have now missed the correct payment date this month).
  16. Hello dx100uk - - is that "no" to "Are they allowed to ask for increased payments and a financial statement?" or "no" to "does the agreement still stand? It was CL Finance and has been sold to Robinson Way. Thanks
  17. Hello I have a debt which went to court in 2009 and I negotiated with the mediation service and came to a settlement agreement to pay £5 per month until paid in full. "The action will be stayed and the parties will consent to an order in the terms of the attached Tomlin Order" This DCA has written to let me know they have sold this debt on to another DCA. I emailed the new DCA over 3 weeks ago, asking for their bank details so I could continue to pay by standing order, but all I have had from them - yesterday - was a letter asking me to complete a financial statement along with my offer of payment - and still no bank details. Are they allowed to ask for increased payments and a financial statement? Thanks for your help
  18. It's an unsecured loan. I think I will wait for further contact from the DCA, not give security details over the phone and see what they send in writing. If the DCA has bought the debt off the bank over 5 years ago and they didn't get the agreement then, how likely is it that they would contact the bank now to try to get it?
  19. Just chipping on on this general thread to say I had the same 2 letters (in one envelope) dated 31/1/14. The default date they wish to use is Nov 2008. I'm in a Debt Management Plan with Payplan and am paying an amount they have agreed. Thinking of ringing the number on the letter as one of the faq's says "if you can make a satisfactory payment proposal, we will not default your account" - but the letter says "if there is no change to your existing payment arrangement your account will still be defaulted" Probably won't start a thread unless there are developments. And it should fall off my credit record later this year. Tongue in cheek could I complain about their error - as if my credit record was correct I might have been refused later credit, and not got myself into the mess I did Regards
  20. Oh silly me, I have 2 government gateway accounts, and was logging in under the wrong one, so although I was putting in the claim details correctly in the search box, it wasn't there. Logged in under the other account and I found it. No response from the PDL company yet, so will keep monitoring. How does the countdown work now? Kind regards WHT
  21. Gosh, over 100 people have viewed this, and no-one has an answer. I'll ring MCOL on Monday and see what they say. Regards WHT
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