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  1. The last letter that i sent to the bank was the one offering them a lower settlement, i received a couple of replies telling me they were investigating the issue and they would be in touch. I haven't heard from them for about 3 maybe 4 weeks now. Do i just wait for them to contact me? Do i write to them asking them to respond? Do i send copies of all the letters that i have sent & received and ask them to respond or do i just start court proceedings? Has any one else been in this situation? If so what has the outcome been?
  2. Thanks for your response! In your opinion do you think it will get as far as court?
  3. After following the process I sent the letter threatening to take my bank to court but would accept lower offer, i have since received 3 letters back telling me they were investigating but have not had a response for a while! What do you suggest i do now?:idea:
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