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  1. I was on this site a while back and started my action ages ago but things went really quiet and I forgot all about it as the court kept on fobing me off. I was however contacted by Romford County Court recently by letter saying I have a 10 min hearing on the 3rd August 07. My claim is for approx. 5k spanning 6 years any advice what do I need to do now? Any idea if LloydsTsB do actually turn up?
  2. Great info - I've only just begun -thats a song isn't it? - They i.e Lloydstsb owe me well over 2k over 4 years I haven't got the prior year data from them yet but will be asking for that back as well. I need a new TV, Flat screen obviously so hope they can pay you quickly so they can work on my claim.Best of luck
  3. Hi Everybody - I just started looking into my charges (since july02) they add up to over 2k - I delivered in my first letter (14/12/06) and have heard nothing yet but have noticed lloydstsb refunding charges they were to charge me today? Will keep you posted on outcomes as they happen.Ps Happy New Year
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