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  1. Hi Tom Forgive my ignorance here (but at least your thread will get a little bump) .What if the banks just send in the debt company bailiffs? Do they need to obtain a CCJ to do so? Wouldn't they be very wary of taking it to court in case the claimant did defend? Kim x
  2. Received lovely cheque in full ! Have been on a bit of a bender:D Hic!! I will now be able to buy my grandchildren the presents that Santa couldn't bring them because the court elves needed the money for claim and allocation fees. Thankyou so much everyone for your help, support and discussion.Donation on route to CAG. "If you think you are too small to make a difference try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito" (African proverb) SG (Kim) XXXXXXXXXX
  3. "If I were still A poacher" - Sounds like a member of some secret club Not the best (but possibly the most apt) discription he could of used his collegues may argue, Quite refreshing for him to speak up though; hopefully the continued complaints are finally hitting home. sg
  4. This is excellent - would be interested to hear about any response you get (usual defensive tat no doubt). I would only question the final sentence of your letter - I don't think good conscience is in Mrs. K's arena (as you so rightly allude to) Great stuff
  5. Thanks T4FF x and Mjanet - I wasn't being critical just following the theme of the thread. As for my sticky I was told this was the way to go about it by a cag member who has been a member for a long time. Had I of known that this was not the case and that you were inundated with them I would not of bothered you - I was enthusiastic and I meant well. Will go and find a corner to sulk in now! LOL - SG x
  6. soldier girl


    Garibaldi, hello and welcome. If you go to the 'welcome to our forum' before you do anything it will send you in the right direction SG
  7. sorry - my big gob got in between you two there :o Good points Glenn Sir sg x
  8. Hi Guys- Don't know have you've read up behind the scenes so apologies if 'sucking eggs' is appropriate Misrepresentation does again come into the equation regarding 'Mistake' (see also 'Reality of consent').For Mistake to be operative, it must be of fact and not of law; the loss under mistake may not be relieved unless there has been misrepresentation by the seller. (Hence my PM to you Ron).Also, a contract affected by mistake is void;a contract affected by misrepresentation is only voidable. This is of course IMHO SG x
  9. Good luck H - Will keep a look out for you sg x
  10. Okay so just forget about the recorded bit and use the money saved to send even more letters via normal post (Hee! Hee!) Yes I know it's childish but oh the amusement! SG
  11. Hello PKea Also it's not for Abbey to instruct the court anyway - it's your case. (I wrote and told them to butt out, that I would tell the court once any funds had cleared and until such time the case was still active) I did get this info from the court itself (Well they didn't say "butt out" exactly but you get the idea ) Personally I would continue as if you were going to court - if Abbey don't show it will be another black mark against them and you'll get your money regardless (Just IMHO of course) SG X
  12. Hi Chrissy and welcome If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can click onto other threads regarding the wonderful studio. I sent them a letter saying that the charges were unlawful and that if I was not reimbursed within 14 days I would take the matter to court. They sent me £100 within a week (I had more than one charge obviously). They charged me a further £20 over the christmas period, I wrote again and they repaid right away. Regards SG x
  13. Harry - Go to the 'studio cards PPI HELP!!!!' link at the bottom of this page Sg
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