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  1. I’ve had what I think is called a moral debate with Argos about this case of Bait advertising and Argos claim they are within the law on this subject. I have noticed though that the product in question is now £26.99 down from £54.99. Victory is mine; well I still paid £29.99. So Victory is yours; whoever buys one at this new remarkable price
  2. If you order something online for collection and get a "You may receive a substitute of similar specification, but which is cosmetically different." Make sure you have the means in the store to check online the value of the product they are giving as the substitute. I almost got robbed by them when they substituted with a product almost half the value, I found out when I got it home and found that comet had the item for almost half the price. I returned it and got a refund no problems and got it from comet.
  3. so why don't they do that with arrangements to pay, that you stick to. if I had let it go to a default I would be in a better position now.
  4. check my post. my problems were now over 6 years old, but as I paid it; it will blight me for a total of 10 years. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=279885&goto=newpost
  5. I agree something needs to be done, check my post http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=279885 basically I had missed payments in 2002, got my account in order Mar/April 2004. had an arrangement to pay between the time I messed up and till I got the account back in order, which I sorted the account and had my finances in order by 2004, never missed one of the payments. then paid the outstanding balence and closed the account in 2006. so I hit problem in 2002, problem won't actually go away until Sep 2012, even though I resolved problem 6.5 years ago. Thats
  6. I'm starting to think that, I'm on check my file and get all 3 reports and they all have different accounts listed. one has no accounts on their but still scores me(low) the cheek of it all.
  7. I'm starting to think that, I'm on check my file and get all 3 reports and they all have different accounts listed. one has no accounts on their but still scores me(low) the cheek of it all.
  8. I already claimed back the charges on the account back in 2004, that's how I got the account back into order. the sad thing is now I wish I had not bothered paying them anything at all. they treated me with such contempt at the time and made things so hard to sort out, then they have the cheek to punish me for 8 years. so all you people out their, this is a lesson to learn. don't ever pay your debts back, you will sort them out faster if you don't. potentially I could have had a problem with an account 15 years ago and it could still be effecting my credit score, surely thi
  9. Afternoon, I'll jump straight in with this, I had a Halifax Credit card which I got into payment problems after losing my job in Nov 2002. I then had an arrangement to pay until Feb 2004; where I got the account back into order. my account was then in order until Sep 2006 when I closed the account, however the arrangement to pay is still shown as the effective reason for my rating to be low. quoted below from check my file from the Equifax report "Payment Performance" "You have an account with an Arrangement to Pay on your credit report" "You have 8 accounts reported on your
  10. Hello all, it's me again. Well 2.5 years since I sent a statute barred letter and receiving confirmation that they would be taking no further action I finally get another letter from Cabot demanding this be paid. This debt is now apparently over 13 years old, more than twice the statute barred limit. What’s more I’ve already sent letters informing them of this and they have already accepted it. Does this now constitute harassment, what action should I take on this. Do I need to just send the same letter as before? Or should this new letter be something more potent; I mean why sh
  11. Hi All, I've been looking for a subject access request template for CCTV access. a friend on mine was shopping in Marks and Sparks and had her handbag nicked. she spoke to the manager who said there was nothing he could do, no information or advice was given. he would not give her information on how to obtain the footage, he did not supply information on how to contact their data controler or any procedures. she also spoke to the police who also seemed to be not to bothered and just said they would get back to her if they persue the case. in the absence of their care I thought i
  12. Even if I can prove I paid the rent for the past 3 years. as i always paid it with my card online.
  13. Hi, I Live with my girlfriend in Housing association house. the house is in her name and I have lived here for 3 years, we split up and she wants me out. I don't want to hang around but I have to have time to find a new place. Can she boot me out without notice, does she need a court order first or some sort of writen notice.
  14. Well I suppose they had to give it a go. Worth them trying if you think about it. it cost them like 60p to send a letter to maybe get 3 grand. if I was a less aware person I might have paid it. I still haven't heard anything back from them, so I assume thats that. Happy Xmas all
  15. Lots of interesting things being said about this, well just to let you know - I have not been paid a visit by the boys in blue. so far. just clear a few points on this matter. 1. you can only overtake on the left side if the car in front is indicating to turn right. 2. the cars in front are queing in traffic and their lane is moving more slowly than yours. 3. in a 1 way street in all circumstances. 4. if the traffic on the right starts to break. in my situation I was approaching from the near side lane, indicated to pull to the outside lane and left me indicator on in a je
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