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  1. Finally got a reply to my letter only a mere 3 weeks later. Collections confirmed my payment and no default applied. They went on to Say I'd advised them that I would clear the balance and close the account by the end of the month. But I didn't need to close the account if I didn't want to. (Oh thank you ssooooo sooooo much ) What I actually said was I will be able to clear the balance when I recieved a litigation payout (which I hoped would be in the near future) and then I intented not to bank with them afterwards. If payment was delayed I would get intouch. Anyway I sent customer relations this nice wee letter (recorded delivery of course!!), to which am still waiting for a reply to. They recieved it on the 21.01.07. Basically I asked tham why there was a discrepency with the ammonts that collections sent me and reiterated my position in regards to the OD. As a gesture of goodwill (to shut them up) I included a cheque for £10 addressed to HBoS instructing them I'd pay one every month till my payout was recieved. I also asked them to refund my charges of £93.96 or pay it to my debt as it was very excessive for a £20 unauthorized OD. Finishing up I asked them to terminate any charges till the matter was resolved. (Wishful think I know, but if you don't ask...). I had spoke to one or two of you in the chat room and was advised I should have made the cheque out to myself not HBoS, understandably, it my debt. Checking the collection letter I quote: Payment by Post: Please make your cheque or postal orders payable to us. Please write your account number on the back and send to; Collections Address. I wrote account, sort and roll numbers on the back of the cheque. So if they try to say I made it out wrong I will refer them to their own paper work. The cheque is not from my account so I haven't been able to check if it has been cashed, but I do know it's not been paid into my account. Which brings me up to my current point. Finally got the insurance payout:D , but it was bitter sweet as I knew it has to go to those middens. Paid in on 31.01.07, just in time to avoid that £10 charge they threatened me with. So assuming that they had paid my two cheques my account should have had a fully paid OD, and I would be ready to claim my charges! Not a chance, HBoS must think am a cash cow........ Recieved my statement the other day no payment of £10 cheque, said £10 charge is now £28 charge as notified and to add insult to injury they added £4.50 worth of intrest charges!!! So a roughly now £50 into an OD which I thought had been paid off only the date before. Statement dated 01.02.07. What annoyed me the most was the cheque was in early enough for them to see it and they still applied the charges on the same day. So now am at my dilemma, I won't go into my branch cause I hate them, took a load of abuse of one of their staff. When I complained they nicely told me I was a lier. So do I call telephone banking ask them whats going on, wait out for a reply to my complaint or write them any angry letter. Apoligies, I know this had very little to do with charges but I wanted to get it all sorted first, then chase after them for my stolen cash. Any advise would be very gratefully recieved!! x x x
  2. Ok just a quick up date. Still no word confirming previous arrangement with bank, despite them recieving the letter nearly two weeks ago!! Instead I got a strange letter today reminding me to pay them. According to the letter my balance and arranged payment have a difference of £44 in their favour! Oh and they charge me an extra £10 if am unable to pay by the end of the month. They really are a showers of................ Anyway decided I might just pay them £5 a month till am in a position to pay them the lot.
  3. k1tty20

    SueC V Abbey

    Hope you husband has made a full recovery or is well on the way to one! Best of luck with your charges, am after shabbey too!
  4. Just to clarify everything, I've wrote of to HBoS collections to confirm temp overdraft (and possible re-arrangement if unable to pay overdraft in full by the 24th) and that the default notice will not apply following my payment to them already. I had recorded the conversation on my mobile but this will not stand up as I did not advise the rep on the phone. (Thanks to breadline I would have been none the wiser!). So just incase anybody else didn't know, there you are. Hopefully get this resolved soon and onto the charges, best of luck to everyone else claiming back their bank charges in the mean time!
  5. k1tty20

    Kitty Vs Abbey

    Thanks Cross! I've only held an account with them just under the 6 years, but to be honest they could write my statements on the back of a fag packet and I wouldn't care! Letter printed with postal order already to get posted tomorrow! Watch out Abbey, claws are out for you! Will keep you all updated. x
  6. k1tty20

    Kitty Vs Abbey

    Just getting ready to post my subject access request to the abbey. Just to confirm this is the best address to send it to? Data Protection Manager Data Protection Team Regulatory Compliance Abbey House 201 Graftons Gate East Milton Keynes MK9 1AN Looking forward to seeing how much they owe me! Best of luck to evryone else claiming their charges back!!
  7. I don't know really where to start. I've been fighting with HBOS for a great number of years, and if only I'd had the sence to pay them their stupit OD I wouldn't have anything more to do with them!! Anyway hopefullly they will pay it for me by refunding all my charges. In 2006 alone I had my student account taken off me and a load of abuse off branch staff who I quote " the way I see it you've won a prize" because I'd held my student account according to her while I was still at school? Finially after taking it to head office and the branch manager I got my account reinstated and a reversal of charges. All was fine till October until a forgotten subscription came off my account and I clicked on the wrong card on my paypal account. This in total came to £20. It has cost me £85 (just paid by visa ) by the time they added their charges, oh and a default notice as well!! Having spoken to them I have agreed that the default notice will not apply providing that am able to pay the OD by 24/01/07. Now this all hindges on me receiving a settlement from my solicitors. I've explained this to the rep Sam (female) and advised to phone them if it doesn't happen by the 24th. So to date am just avoiding a default and have a temp OD of the outstanding OD for the next three weeks! My plan of action is wait till this is all settled then get my charges back! I can't wait to send the letter, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!! All advise and encouragement welcome, am really looking forward to serving them their dinner (so to speak!!).
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