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  1. Hi, I wrote to gymbox and offered to pay 50% of the months fee, however they emailed back saying I need to pay the full amount (£77) excluding ARC fees. dx100uk - you have recommended ignoring them, which I am happy to do, as I do not believe I owe this money. You have said no one has ever gone to court, but can it affect my credit rating? Thanks for all if your advice, I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi, I understand the logic of writing to Gymbox and not ARC, however I do not feel that I owe the additional £77. I joined Gymbox, paid the first installment and had access to the gym, from 28th Jan. I chose a 6 month contract for a reason, however Gymbox purposefully changed the date on the contract to 2nd Feb as according to their T&Cs this means my membership started on 1st March - over a month after I actually joined and my membership was a January offer! This effectively creates a 7 month contract, which seems both unfair and false advertising.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply Slick. So you do think I will need to pay the £77 to Gymbox then? I have only been communicating via email, but I've seen you advise postal letters. Will it be adequate to write to the person who I was in communication with prior to the referral to ARC via email? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm hoping for a bit of advice in regards to an issue I've had with Gymbox and now ARC. I joined Gymbox at the end of January'16. I was chased by the 'sales guru' to pay in Jan to qualify for the no joining fee offer in that month only. However, I was unable to get to the gym until Feb 11th to sign the contract. Verbally (stupidly!) I was assured that this wouldn't impact the terms of my membership. According to Gymbox's terms and conditions the minimum term of all monthly memberships starts as of the 1st day of the first full calendar month, so therefore I believed my membe
  5. Nysia

    Starting out!

    Thanks again, I'll keep you posted on how it goes! KR, Nysia
  6. Nysia

    Starting out!

    Hey Gary, Thanks for getting back to me. To be honest I don't want to be greedy and while i do feel i have a grasp on the arguements I'm not sure i do 'firmly believe' them as you put it. Also I agree with you on the increased risk and would rather have back what they have taken from me than pursue and possibly lose more. So.... having sent the LBC and preceding letter how should i go about things now. Do i need to send another letter with the new claim amount? If so what reason should i state for my change of tactic. Thanks for all you advice, Nysia
  7. Nysia

    Starting out!

    Hi, I have spent ages reading and have tied myself in knots!! I have followed each step until LBA and have recieved nothing within the allocated time so moving onto the N1. However! i have added contractual interest to my claim, bit nervous but gonna try it!! Do i now have to add the 8% too? Also is it better to fill in the form online - i'm sure i read somewhere it is hard to fit in all the info. Thanks, N x
  8. Nysia

    Starting out!

    Hi Rooster, Thanks for getting back to me. Can i ask why contractual interest is starting to become a problem. I was under the impression from a few of these threads that it has been successful for quite a few people. KR, Nysia
  9. Nysia

    Starting out!

    Hi, I'm just starting out on what looks like a long process to regain the money that LTSB have 'borrowed' from me! I have filled in Mindzai's spreadsheet (thanks its v. user friendly!). However, I have a couple of queries! 1) I had a student 0% overdraft for part of the period that i'm claiming for. Therefore all of the interest charged during this time is due to penalties and therefore reclaimable (I think!). However, as I was not always exceeding the overdraft limit at the 'account balance at interest date' the interest amount is not showing in the 'interest paid on penalties' . I
  10. Hey and Happy New Yr! I am trying to fill in the advanced spreadsheet and have encountered a few hiccups! Basically i was not actively using my account for a period, however had incurred charges and was therefore over my overdraft limit. This has meant that I have more interest payments than actual charges during this period. Will the spreadsheet still work if i have an interest payment with no charge preceeding it? I have considered using the old style sheet that separates the two, but this does not include the contractual interest calculation. The amounts are not huge so I
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