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  1. Thanks for the advice sea-sidelady, I've posted my LBA so now its just the waiting game again...I'll keep you all posted with any developments.
  2. Thanks for that, am I right i thinking that I dont include any interest charges with my LBA?
  3. Hello Everyone Thanks to this website I have started our claim against the Halifax, We sent our S.A.R on the 12/12/06 and received 4 full copies of all our statements through the post!!! We calculated that we are owed £2435 from unlawful charges over the last 5 years and so sent our prelim letter on 22/2/07. Im just about send our L.B.A today but have a quick question. We received a letter last week from Halifax stating that they are 'sorry' to hear about recent complaint and that they have 8 weeks to investigate and respond...Is this right or is it just another delaying tactic? Also, the L.B.A template starts with the line 'I am very disappointed that you have failed to respond to my letter', in this case they have resonded to our letter so would anyone suggest editing that first line as it may go against us if we did end up in a courtroom?? Thanks John
  4. Hi There Just thought I'd do as Im told and place my first post in the welcome section. I've been reading up all the relevant info on this site (which is excellent by the way!!) and felt ready to start my own claim. I've sent my first letter to Halifax requesting all my statements today and so am just playing the waiting game now. I'll start my own 'givemebackmemoney v halifax' thread soon and am thanking you all in advance for any advice given. Cheers all John
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