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  1. Hello, I am not familiar with the current legislation regarding payday loans so advice on a letter structure would be appreciated. Background: A few years ago now I was a compulsive gambler and borrowed from any lender that would give me the cash . I managed to rack up £50k's of debt and at the time didn't have a secure job. Two years ago after a lot of hard work on myself, help from family and a years worth of councelling, I have not gambled, I've got a permanent job paying a decentish wage , I've paid off nearly all my debts. one of those who I hadn't yet paid was from a company named wageday advance for£650. They have since I ignored their threatening letters passed it onto Moorcroft who wrote me a lovely letter saying they will come to visit me at my house in the near future for a chat about it. firstly I have absolutely no desire at all to chat to them about it in my house. Is there a template to say I do not want them to come to my house? Secondly. They mention a reduced offer as settlement, but didn't say an amount. Now, I have been on a quest to be debt free since I stopped gambling, and paid back the main people. But I guess I left the payday loans to last simply because I do have quite an angst against them - they do prey on the vulnerable soley for profit and to the severe detriment of the borroweer. Don't get me wrong, I take full responsibility for my debts and what I did and have paid some VERY heavy prices - however, lending at whatever it was 3000%+ without doing any checks to someone who is essentially not well is in my mind criminal! However, my mind doesn't really come into play here, it's what the law says that counts. Is there any legislation about responsible lending that these companies should have adhered too? Can you even fight them on these grounds? What would be a reasonable lump sum final offer for a £650 debt? If I did just want to get rid of it? Thank you so much for reading.
  2. With the DDs they reckon they cannot block at source they can only reverse. CPAs have been blocked now.
  3. I'll just have to ride with it if they are not in the wrong about this. I have cancelled CPAs and DD so if they do do it I will have to get it reversed like I have done before. But that takes a while whilst in transit and is a pain
  4. My experiences with these types of companies are that they cannot be trusted in anway shape of form. Anything which requires me to input my details I won't do.
  5. I can't change my payment date as that is payday. I guess they would have to change it at their end.
  6. And am I being unreasonable about this? They seemed to think I was.
  7. Hi the follwing is starting to stress me out and cause me huge and uneccesary worry. If someone could help out that would be great. I entered into a repayment plan with wonga 2 months ago now. Method that I pay by bank transfer. I have made good on every payment. HOWEVER, every month I get threatening emails from them saying that I haven't paid them and that from tonight they will attempt to take out £800 out of my account and add back interest. Now when I phone them they are telling me that this is an automated response which has been issued because their systems are only set up to acknwoledge or not, repayments taken from plans where wonga takes the money and not vis versa. So because Wonga has not got the money from this method, computer says no, sends me a threatening email or two, then this ceases after two days which is how long they say it takes for the other method to get recognised on their system. The options the manager gave me was to ignore it or I can stop all communications with them. But this would mean I wouldn't get notified if they didn't recieve a payment or anything else. I said that they have certain collection rules to abide by, i.e. not to threaten people, especially thiose who are in financial hardship, in a repayment plan and paying it back. And ignoring it, well I could do but I can never be 100% sure every month that payment has been recieved and that they won't try and take money out of my account (I have stopped CPAs already but they can probably find another way!) What can I do about this?
  8. A complaint to them or the omburdsmen? And how to continue actually repaying the debt once the money is refunded?
  9. Will do. How do I proceed with WDA? I wanted to make the payment today anyway. But only paying against the total sum I actually owed not with the £300 added! And we also agreed I paid by standing order not just robbing my account. How can I get this sorted? do I just pay them? or do I need written confirmation that this extra £300 isn't going to charged permanently to me?
  10. Thanks man, I might just go inside the bank tomorrow rather than on the phone.
  11. Thanks. Do I call the fraud department? Or should I call the visa card department? (The one I called to block them in the first instance)
  12. Hi, I had arranged a repayment plan with WDA. However, I was paid late and missed the deadline. I contacted them telling them this and that I fully intend to make the next payment as planned and carry on with the plan. They sent me a statement and they had in the meantime added £300 to my account! I replied saying I will now not continue with the plan until the balance is reverted to what we agreed in the payment plan! They didn't reply. And today is payday and they have somehow without my knowledge or agreement have set up a direct debit and taken money out of my account - for the agreed sum, but I don't want to pay them anything until I can confirm that the balance is what it was originally! Is it too late to get this payment reversed back into my account? What should I do next? WDA aren't responding. I had 2 months ago banned them from taking money out of my account with my bank but obviously this must have expired! Any help would be great] Thanks
  13. Is this the address? FAO Data controller Data Protection Team Dept LRC Barclaycard Northampton NN4 7SG
  14. I was also wondering the sars templete reads For the avoidance of doubt, and as stated above, this Subject Access Request requires disclosure of ALL personal data which you hold on me for the entire period of my dealings with you However, one of my cards used to be an egg card, barclaycard bought egg. I don't want just the statements since they bought it but all of those since the egg card existed or at least the past 6 years. How can I amend the sars accordingly? Thanks
  15. Hi, I need to do a SARS request for my barclaycard and egg cards (egg now owned by barclays) I'm a bit confused as to who I should send this too? And exactly the name I should writ eon the £10 cheque? Any help would be great. Thanks
  16. Ok. And if they don't acknowledge the repayment plan and I go ahead and do my own repayment to them anyways, what is to stop them from continuing collection activities, interest and late payment fees?
  17. Thanks. But I don't have their bank details. And I don't want to pay them money if it's not in writing that this money will be paid against loan x.
  18. Thanks. How do you get them to or force them to accept your own I&E and not there one? the worry is that it was quite a big hassle getting the CPA blocked at the bank. After 38 days the CPA "block" maybe discontinued, and I would have to do the whole process again so they don't take monies out.
  19. I had a payday loan with wonga which I couldn't pay back and I blocked payments via CPA request at bank. After some tooing and frowing they have agreed to halt CPA and interest and charges for 38 days. I requested to set up a repayment plan and sent them a very basic I&E detailing income, major expenses and debts. However, they are saying that they won't agree to any plan and collections will continue after 38 days if I don't fill out their 5 page I&E and provide evidence. Now I know that I don't have to fill out their I&E. But just wondering from other people's experiences if it's just easier to do so? Or should I stick to my guns, and say I have already provided you with an I&E that should be sufficient. What would happen then? I do want to get the debt sorted and pay back all monies owed. Which is £800 and I can just about afford £100/month which is what I offered in my original email to them. Any advice would be great.
  20. However, not all CPAs show up. so they cannot guarantee that they have been cancelled prior and I would be reliant on the refund system being immediate.
  21. So there is quite a big thing about banks having to cancel CPAs and giving your money immediately back. My question is how immediate is immediate? And some banks aren't playing ball. Does anyone know if lloyds tsb are ok with this? I also wondered if it did actually work? Is it worth cancelling the card at the same time? Can they (PDL lenders) get into your account any other way? I was thnking of getting a new bank account completely but I'd really rather not unless I have to. any advise would be great
  22. I know things may have changed but I know that these people put in continual CPAs and the bank can't detect them prior to them being issued. I don't want them to get the money then I have to claim it back and I can't live for a month
  23. Does the instruction to the bank work to block CPAs? I'm just sceptical and would be in real trouble if it didn't? I was thinking of swithcing accounts
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