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  1. Leeds to Strood (Kent) via train can it be done on 1 change, i've tried looking at gner, but i dont think they have a direct service?
  2. I need to hire a Yaris 1.4 this week for 2 weeks, i've looked and looked on google but cannot find any company that does a new shape yaris 1.4 for hire for 2 weeks, can anyone please help me
  3. Which is the best Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent - that works through house wiring and has an electromagnetic pulse which penetrates walls, floors and ceilings (all the places that mice like to breed in) I've tried mouse poison, traps but they wont go away
  4. I want to get a job as a it technician/support and have been told the CompTIA A+ (IT Essentials) is a good way to get an it support job, is there anyone here that has done this course or knows if its a good way to get a basic it job?
  5. that national express link does not have harrow:confused:
  6. I need to travel from Leeds to Northwood (Harrow) HA6 2QW, what is the easiest and cheapest way to get down there?
  7. i really need a camera with a built in motion detection dvr, as if my house is broken into they will take the dvr and the memory, so if the dvr is built into the camera that is ideal
  8. which isp would you recommend, is o2 good? i only want it for the camera and nothing else, do you need a pc as well or does the ip camera connect to the internet cable?
  9. its a family full of men and teenagers who have another house somewhere nearby they are renting, one of them has just got out of prison for gbh and robbery and is on tag. i'm from bradford, what departement in the council should i contact, i am scared to give my address as i know for a fact the nieghbours will vandalise my property and may very well break in when i'm at work can you tell me what exatcly your friend did in terms of complaints and letters
  10. problem is i leave the house at 7.30am and get back about 6pm, so thats basically an open invitation for the people next door to rob my house - they have actually cut down a hedge at rear of the garden from which they can enter my garden and basically they can break the rear door and enter the house and nobody will notice them do it! i paid over £400 for fencing only for them to use a chainsaw and cut the fence at the rear corner of the garden down, which they use to enter my garden. i'm scared because they have already made one family leave their house after having smashed all their windows, my neighbours are really neighbours from hell, i really dont feel safe anymore i need a camera that will let my mom who is about 2 miles away look at the video when i'm at work, i dont have internet, do you think it would be useful to just get the internet connection just for the ip camera?
  11. I urgently need a good security camera for my garden quick!!! (please see my thread below about security fencing for the background) I need a security camera which my mother can monitor from her house on her pc, I have heard of some kind of IP camera, which you can monitor from another location on your pc I dont have internet connection at the house I live in, but can the IP camera allow my mother to monitor the back garden from her pc at her home, I am scared as there is a big gang of thugs who have moved in next door and one of them is on tag for robbery and gbh, they have already robbed in the street, i really need help, the police told me if i have the video footage on the thugs committing the crime they will be removed from the house, please please help me
  12. I need security fencing in my back garden to keep intruders out, I would estimate between 40ft to 50ft is required, I have tried using the normal wooden fences but my next door neighbours used a chainsaw and cut down all my fence, the police won't take action as they say they need more proof like pictures or video. My next door neighbours have caused my so much trouble, they were planning on breaking into my house but somehow another resident heard of it and alerted me just in time, I had to go next door and tell this what I heard, they fobbed me off saying they don't know anything My only hope now is to use security fencing like palisade, does anyone know of anyone that fits this in bradford? I am really scared for my life, as one of the men has just come out of prison for robbery and gbh and is on tag
  13. I want to sell my house privately and quickly what is the best way to go about this? could anyone point me in the direction of some sites that would be useful
  14. so better to use an estate agent, dont want to loose so much. i need to sell the house asap within 3 mnth, who is better for this whitegates or halifax? i need someone that will sell it within 12 weeks
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