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  1. Hi all, Ive had succesful claims against abbey and capital 1 for my partner and am now going after rbs for myself. After having charges after charges applied on my account after going overdrawn once making me almost constantly over my overdraft and taking my benefit money (which i know theyre not supposed to do) with the final straw being this morning when I foned telephone banking to ask y i had a refferal charge of £30 today and a £28 maintanance fee a week ago only to be told I went over my overdraft causing the 28quid fee but they had to pay sumthing when i was overdraft hence the second fee. 58quid for 1 charge!!!!! Why dont they just reject the payment if I dont have the funds. Arrrrrrgggggh. Am so fed up Im starting my claim. Tink x.x.x p.s - can anybody gv me a heads up on at what stage rbs are settling mostly? And am i right in thinking that once i start proceedings they shud not be adding any more charges?
  2. Due to lots ofother things going on Ive not managed to get my LBA done. Is it too late tp do it now? Theyve already credited 210 to my boyfriends account.The lba would be about 9 days later than I sed. Tink x.x.x.x
  3. Hi Update, had letter from cap 1 today stating they are crediting the account with £210 as theyve reduced all the previosu 20quid fees to 12quid. Lba is due tomorrow so i will get that written up tonight. Tink x.x.x
  4. Hi again, which is the correct address to send the prelim letter to? Ive seen a po box number and an address in london. Which is correct? Thanks, Tink x.x.x
  5. Thanks, V Helpful. Also I Used The Simple Excel Spreadsheet For My Abbey Claim And Have Just Looked At The Simple Excel Spreadsheet For Credit Cards. Am I Right In Thinking They Are Exactly The Same? Tink X.x.x
  6. Hi Everyone, Have recently won my claim against abbey for my partner and am now going to start with his Capital One charges. I have all statements here so Imgoing total up the charges and see what we've got. Also just gonna go for charges plus 8% as just want to get it out the way - lol. Are capital one quite quick in paying up? (my abbey fiasco seemed to take forever) and do they dispute the £12 charges? Tink x.x.x
  7. Congratulations Nick - well fought for!! Knew ud get it in the end - Enjoy the moolah. Tink x.x.x
  8. Philread, I thought Nick had already got his bundle in.I was referring to his letter. Tink x.x.x
  9. FWIW Nick Im not sure I would send it tbh. I think Id just contact James after the deadline for exchanging court bundles and see if he wants to settle. At the end of the day we all know thats wot is gonna happen. Just my opinion. Tink x.x.x
  10. Right ok, I understand y ur peed of, theyre really taking the mik. When I got abbeys defence letter it was from James which is why i sent everything from then on to him.It was also to the location code u mentioned. Ill be keeping an eye on this thread to see what happens next. Tink x.x.x
  11. hey natalie, Im a bitconfused as to where ur uptoon ur caim? Do u have a thread? have u filled in an aq? Tink x.x.x
  12. hey Dragon, Did u send yourletters directly to james Arrandale? I sent him my letters and emailed him as well and requested a read recipt and a delivery recipt.It may be worth emailing him letting him know that uve had to file a second allocation questionnaire and would he be prepared to discuss settlement as its costing them more. Tink x.x.x p.s - once u have a figure in mind stick to it and dont let him barter u dwn. I sed 1550 and stuck to it and he caved. good luck.
  13. Hey foxylady1970, So what happens with ur claim now then?? have u got a thread so I can have a nosy at how ur claim progresses? Tink x.x.x
  14. beckz27, Just seen ur msg.They acknowledged my mcol about 5 days after filing and entered their defence on the last day. About 2 days later i received my allocation questionnaire and letter from abbey offering half. about a week and a half after filing allocation questionnaire I got mystandard order for stay. hth Tink x.x.x
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