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  1. Thanx so much. This post can be deleted now if admin want to. Zac.
  2. Please could someone help me and send me the address to send the prelium letter to for barclaycard. Thank you Zac.
  3. Please could someone help me and send me the address to send the prelium letter to for barclaycard. Thank you Zac.
  4. I have had exactly the same letter this morning. Thay offered me £340 and i worked out my charges to be £900. I am also with an aggency that pays them a certain ammount a month and im not getting any charges, but im going for the full ammount. Dont let them even take a quid off you. Go for it.
  5. Hi ppl. Hope all is ok today. Has anyone got a number to the Citizens Advice Bureau where i can actually talk to a person and not a machine? Please get back to me. Zac.
  6. Dont accept any offers. Make sure you stick with your guns and get the full ammount like EVERYONE does. Wishing you much luck. Zac.
  7. Thank you deller. Is this the same person for all the banks or just for natwest? I have a few banks that i want to take this up with but going to start with natwest. Please let me know. Thanx alot. Zac.
  8. Thanx so much. Love this site. Cant wait to donate a nice ammount of money to this site when i receive my thousands of pounds from all my banks. Cheers again. Zac.
  9. Ive just printed out the letter to NATWEST asking for my six years statements. Please advise where i send this to. Thanx alot. Zac.
  10. Cheers mate. Im ready to go. Just got to find the templates which i have been looking for, for the past half hour lol. Ill find them. Cheers Zac.
  11. Do i start with ALL my six banks together or go for it one at a time? I can just see myself getting very stressed about it and giving up if i have them all going at the same time. What do you suggest?
  12. Thanx alot Spot. I will just print out that letter and send it with £10 to all my banks and wait to receive the statements. Zac.
  13. Hi please let me know how your going about this. I aint got a clue but would love someone to guide me through it. Cheers. Zac.
  14. Hi im new to all this and just wanted to know where i start. I must have at least £5000 of unlawful charges over the past six years. I have no statements or anythings. Please advise. Thanx alot. Zac.
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