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  1. Thankyou for all the lovely replies I must admit it has been a long haul,but oh so worth it ! Max, they offered penalty charges ,court fees,stat 8% and overdraft interest at 16.74%. I tried for the unautorised overdraft rate but they wouldn't budge. I am more than happy with the result though,and both NW and I are winners as they didn't have to incur litigation costs,and I got a decent settlement. All good, methinks !
  2. Thanks Steven :) Feels great to be a winner at long last !
  3. Would a MOD kindly change my thread to ****WON**** please !
  4. Hi I'M A WINNER !!!!! The total amount of the settlement is £4022.40. This breakes down as £2160 in charges, £401 in stat 8% int, £220 in court fees.......and the rest in contractual interest at 16.74% ! It actually works out a bit more than the 16.74% but i'm not picking hairs here ! So, a good result all round.The cheque is in the bank ! So, guys. I still think it's worth holding out for the CI element of your claim if you are sure you know what you are doing. There were times when I doubted I would ever get settlement,and it really did get close to a hearing.,with it being listed for 7th Aug. I must admit though that I was determined to go all the way with this, regardless of how it panned out,and I think that the staff at Cobbetts knew this. I have to say that both FC and AM at Cobbetts were very nice and professional,at the end of the day they have a job to do, so ladies ,if you are reading my thread,thanks for the way you dealt with me . So,that's round 1 completed. Going to start round 2 soon, which is NW creditcard and re-claiming from 1990-2000. Good luck peeps and stick with it. We're all winners lol ! Hope xx:)
  5. So maybe something on its way to you soon then Maxine ! I really hope so hun x Not too much going on in my camp at the moment so just sitting tight really.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys:) It would certainly go in my sons favour if the law of probability is used. We have kept my sons bike and it is so obvious where it was hit. The crank is completley buckled and when it is turned its all over the place lol ! There is no way the accident could have happened in the way the guy implied as the impact damage wouldnt be to the crank-where my sons leg was- but to the front wheel of his bike. This I feel is a positive thing as it will prove beyond doubt that this guy is trying to wriggle out of his responsibility. What a complete d!ckhead.
  7. Well done Jos ! Fantastic result regardless of the CI. Hope xx
  8. Hey Maxine:) This is the number I called 0845 404 2404. Got to be worth a call . Fingers crossed for you hun ! Hope xx
  9. Some good points, but ones which will all have been covered by the solicitor. You can be sure that they will be expecting everything that you throw at them. I don't want to appear to be negative on this,but I truly believe that I researched and did everything that could possibly be done. I had help from many members on this site, including Inkogneetoh,Battleaxe and Rhia who are so experienced in these matters and still the final charging order was made. I think you stand a fair chance of fighting this if the judgement has been made in default,however it will be extremley difficult to halt the process if you have already admitted the debt. Time is of the essence and you need to tackle this head on , you really do. I wish you all the best on this and if you win then it will be a victory of sorts for me too,actually it may help me in my appeal process lol ! Good luck Hope xx
  10. OH PANTS ! Just read a sticky advising that Cobbetts have moved from ship canal house. I sent a nudging letter last week to the above address so not sure now whether to resend it to new address ? I would imagine that Cobbetts will have some kind of mail re-direction in place but would like to know if they actually got my letter. Does anyone have an email contact for Cobbetts please ? Thanks Hope xx
  11. Whatever you do, don't acknowledge the debt ! This is how I ended up having so many problems. Either dispute the amount if you believe that penalty charges have been added,failing that ,just ignore it lol ! The ccj would be granted in your absence, but you will be able to have it set aside on the basis that you hadn't acknowledged the debt....then you can slip in that you really would like to see a copy of your credit agreement. Just don't admit the full debt though lol !
  12. Yep, thinking about going down this route;) I recently filed for non compliance and 1 st Credit acknowledged service but failed to enter a defence. The court clerk told me to write a letter to the DJ asking that he contact 1st credit and order them to provide the requested details I think I may be in a good position to have a go at them again:D
  13. They will apply for CCJ followed closely by an interim charging order.Once the interim charging order is granted it will just be a formality in getting the final charging order. Damn blood suckers ! I hate em lol
  14. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/57495-1st-credit-mbna-applying.html Hi This is my personal account of what happened to me when 1 st Credit threatened the same. They applied for and got granted ,a charging order despite me maintaining payments to them through a DMP. 1st Credit are the scummiest DCA out there if my experience and many others are anything to go by. They are aggressive and dont give a damn about an individuals circumstances. If you need to know anything else feel free to reply to my thread or pm me. Good luck Hope x
  15. Most of the [problematic] tend to use models portfolios so I guess if they look pretty hot then they aint the real mccoy ! My mum is 60 and when she had all these fit young blokes emailing her it was a bit of a giveaway lol ! The [problematic] are really good though,and my mum was in contact with one on a daily basis ,by phone and email and she was gutted when he turned out to be another [EDIT]. Must admit I was pretty blunt with him and I did rip a strip off him when I emailed him lol !!! Hope things work out for your friend Hope xx
  16. My mum has been a member of various dating sites over the past year and judging by her experiences I would be very careful. The main cause for concern are [problematic] who try their best to prey on vunerable lonley people and they are very good at what they do. My mum was nearly conned by a guy who claimed to live in London with his 6 yr old autistic daughter. When I checked his IP address he was actually in Nigeria.I confronted him and he became quite threatening. So please tell your friend to exercise caution. It may be a good idea to take a look at this website Internet Love Scams My mum says its been like looking for a needle in a haystack in trying to find a genuine guy !
  17. My account was taken over by Shoosmiths Solicitors,and that is who my payments now go to. Quite an agressive bunch they are too. They tried for a charging order but were turned down by the CC
  18. Hi Corn:) Havent checked emails so give me a minute to have a read . Back soon x
  19. According to the clerk that I spoke with today,despite her saying that she wasn't legally trained,she still felt that certain options remained open despite judgement being awarded against me in the charging order hearing. She felt that the fact remained that if there was no credit agreement then the case would need to be re -examined.Maybe we still have a chance of fighting this Tifo
  20. Thanks for all the replies guys,I really feel like grabbing this bull by the horns again ! I am currently up to my kneck in Natwest and Cobbetts,which will be over sooner rather than later,I think;) but fully intend to have another crack at 1st Credit as soon as I get a chance. I will have a good read of the links that Richard Spud kindly posted re CPR(thanks Richard) Please keep posting your experiences/advice/comments on 1st Credit because it would be a real victory for all of us to get one up on them,they so deserve a nasty surprise lol Hope xx
  21. Hello all:) Its been quite some time since I last posted on this thread,but I have something of relevance that I want to share with all my fellow 1st Credit crusaders lol ! I filed for non compliance in march .LCS, solicitors acting for 1st Credit acknowledged sevice on 19th April. And that is as far as they have got ! Just phoned the court and they have told me to contact the judge and request that he order 1st credit to supply the CCA, which they wont be able to do as they dont have it ! I am optimistic that I may be able to do something about that charging order that was granted
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