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  1. well in that case ill be going all the way! i shall send the lba today then, giving them 14 more days. i have won against nationwide a lovely some have 4350! last summer!
  2. well ive done the first few stages of my claim, i have now had a letter back saying they will refund part of the claim as a good will gesture. What i want to know is shall i still go for what i wanted or shall i settle, i added with interest, just under 400, but they are willing to give me 130 back! ive read some of the threads saying they have refused part payment, but as im asking for a little back, would it just be the moral of it, more then the money? lol:D
  3. ok will have to look into it that way. many thanks ele
  4. His brother in law owned his own business and wanted my partner to go in third party with him and pay a pound, but i didnt like that idea as i dont know him that well, so my partner never signed the paper work to become a third partner, but carried on working for him instead, he told my partner that he was employed, as i wanted to know if we needed to pay tax but his brother in law said the business sorts that out. So im thinking thats that means employed
  5. Ok my partner started working for his brother in law at the start of january and all was going well, untill 2 months ago. Basically his brother in law did't pay him one month and said he would pay him in a couple of weeks as he didnt have enough funds to pay him, so with him being his brother in law he carried on working for him untill the next pay day was due nd again he didnt pay up! So my partner stoped working for him as he needed to find a new job to keep us afloat. Any way we have now gave his brother inlaw 3 months to pay and not seen a single penny, so our question is how do we go about getting this money as we have been extremly worried about our future finance's as we have alot to pay off now that his brother in law has left us in a mess? Do we stand a chance of getting anything off him? Really need advice asap Many thanks ele
  6. Hi all, right ive gone through every stage, had every fob off letter and now filed for court, had a letter last week from the court saying they have till the 30th to pay, or if they put in a defence they have a further 28 days. So. ... .. ive heard nothing from the court or nationwide, no money appeared in the account, so what do i do now? dont fancy going court on monday, many thanks in advance.
  7. yeah, id read most of that, id just missed the court open times the other day so ill be going tomorrow. will keep updating, and thank u mtm
  8. i recieved serveral letters of this type, but didnt think anything of it, but i would be very interested on how this issue goes.
  9. yes i found it shortly after putting it! lol well im taking n1 form instead to my local court as im pretty sure i dont have to pay the court fee? So ill be adding more detail in the next fee days, and will keep a look out for ur thread, best of luck, not that u need it!
  10. its now saying . . . Due to a technical error you cannot submit your form at this time. Please select the Claim menu button to go to the claim menu to try again or contact the Customer Help Desk. does that mean ill have to wait, as there is something wrong with the site or shall i just do it the other way and take n1 forms to local court? Any help or advice would be great.
  11. im putting a money claim in online but for some reason it wont accept it?? its less then 1080 letters? anyone help please? this is what i put 1.Between the dates of 22/08/2002 the Defendant applied numerous default charges to the Claimants bank account. 2.The charges applied constitute an unfair penalty under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations. The amount charged does not reflect the cost of the breach. 3.Under the law of penalties, the charges are an unlawful extravagant penalty. 4.Under the County Courts Act 1984, the claimant is entitled to interest at a rate of 8% per annum from the date they were first deprived of the money to the date of this claim. This amounts to a total sum of 706.53, continuing to accrue at the statutory daily rate of 0.021% until judgment or earlier payment. 5.The Claimant therefore asks the court to enter judgment in their favour for the sum of 3474.12 plus interest, amounting to a total of 4180.65
  12. ok read some more threads and Q&A, just to check tho i can still use money claim as im asking for my money back only and interest. What address do i put as the defendents(nationwide) is it the charles bacon one that is in the contact thread? many thanks
  13. thank you, oh im sticking by these time scales all right! lol yes i was thinking of going for the 24.9% or 8% if that wasnt accepted! ive got some free time so will go and look and fil out, mybe be back with some Qs but will check the Q&A first x
  14. hi all, right i havent heard a sausage from nationwide, not even a fob off! anyway before i get started on my money claim has anyone got any advice tips etc, will write again when i start it tomorrow, when i put in the claim.
  15. I also made my cheque out to Nationwide Building Society, had had no problems x
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