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  1. Because of the tumble Dryer recall, my sisters tumble dryer had to be replaced. She paid 59 pounds to get an upgrade of dryer, the Hotpoint Aquarius arrived on 1/9/2016. On the 12/10 she phoned for an engineer to come out. He replaced three parts to the dryer, and left with the dryer not working, saying that she would receive a phone call from Hotpoint. I rang them for her today as she has not heard anything. The engineer is coming out on the 20th October to replace another two parts. This is a brand new dryer, used about 5 times (my sister lives on her own and puts washing on the line to save money). I told Hotpoint this was unacceptable and the dryer should be replaced, but they are refusing. Can we insist on a new dryer?
  2. Hi Dx, I never got any papers about it going to court. I have had a CCJ order before and had to fill in details about mortgage etc. If I had of received a court order I would have acted on it. Which was why I was so surprised to get it. I joined Experian, there were two CCJ - one I knew about and this one (I wrote to the court to get details). Thanks for looking at the spreadsheets. Many thanks Thanks
  3. Sorry - it never went to court but they never reduced the charges. Plus I had to pay to have it removed off my record! £15.00
  4. You got it in one, but the thing was I don't know how they did it. I never had a court hearing or anything just a letter from solicitors saying that they were applying for a charging order, then a letter to say did I know there was a company making a charge on my property. Freaked me out - went out and got a loan from Ocean finance, they paid back the charging order and I got what was left. I look back and think these companies have made so much money out of me during my life, I don't know how I could have been so stupid. Older and wiser now. But I find claiming back PPI stressful, this one has been a real nightmare, I have a few and one of them I took a loan of £5000 and paid 2500 ppi, - each company because they are the less known money sharks it is so difficult. I bet you are sorry you asked now! Thanks
  5. Hi, Thanks for looking at these, I don't remember any rebates, but when they sent me the offer letter they mentioned a £95 rebate. Will look at the charging order tonight and give you the figures they sent. I know the loan was £2000 +. The rest was fees (it never went to court as I got a loan and paid it.) Really appreciate your help.
  6. hi Sorry for the delay but I have had to wait for my grandson to convert them to PDF - finally done. Would be grateful to know whether I have done this right or not. Many thanks for your time and patience.
  7. No problem, I will get the paperwork ready and get them scanned tomorrow and I will post them here. many thanks
  8. Hi dx100uk, pdf copies of my loans agreements? not sure what you mean... sorry.
  9. Sorry can you look at these for me, and see if I have done this right (not hopeful!). Here are the details: LOAN 1. 17/6/2003 Total Loan: £1703.65 PPI 128.65 Monthly payment: £116.40 LOAN 2 27/11/02 Total Loan: £2370.80 PPI 170.80 LOAN 3 29/3/2005 Total Loan: 4012.25 PPI 412.25 if you need anymore info please let me know - I will welcome the help. I have been putting this off as I have not found it easy, and have spent many a hour trying to work this out. Many thanks
  10. HI, I will be 60 this month, and I have been told I no longer need to pay my married womans national insurance contributions anymore. I have been paying this since 1976 - is this information correct? Many thanks.
  11. No, as I have not moved and not changed my name ( would have been helpful now and again) but no, everything is the same.
  12. They have agreed liability as they have made me an offer on the two of the three loans, but not the first. Silly really as all loans tagged on to one another and it is the original lst loan they are saying they cannot find. They did want the original copy of the loan (which I have) but after saying they have not received two of my recorded delivery letters - I won't send it.
  13. No, nothing - it had all the agreements - but nothing about payments.
  14. Which is what I did, but they have said they have do not recognise the accout. Do I have any other paperwork or letters about the loan. Which I don't as you just keep paying these things and other than things go wrong you do not receive any other letters. Also being as it was the lst loan, and I then had two other loans tagging on to that one all the letters I have refer to the last loan. I don't know what else to send them.
  15. HI, Back again - Citi Financial have agreed liability but just on two loans not the lst loan I every took out with them. We are going backwards and forwards with this, their letter states In order to progress your complaint we require some additional information as we have been unable to locate your account with the details you have provided. Examples of information we can use to locate accounts include. A valid account number - the account number you have already supplied is not valid All previous address history - should you have moved we need bank details....etc. Change of name - they want details. Then it goes on To allow us to fully investigate your complaint, please provide the information requested above. Without this information your complaint will be investigated on the basis of the information we already hold. This could lead to you being dissatisfied with the outcome of our investigation or it could prevent any fianncial redress being paid promptly. I don't know what else to send. I told them that they had sent me copies of the loan in the SAR - but they are just ignoring this. Any ideas? So sorry to go on.
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