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  1. Ryde, Wow, I am astonished that Parliament had heard this very accurate evidence about the sheer criminality of the sub-prime mortgage market and I have never seen any publicity quoting this report or heard about Parliament doing anything about it. It seems to have been 'buried' somehow. Do you have other information about this select committee to enable me to get more information about it from the Parliament website. So far there is no information in your post that I can use to identify the report and search for it. I would like to see the whole report from that sub committe
  2. I think the problem is that it needs the brains of a lawyer. In fact I'm certain of it. The problem is simple to state: 1 - All these people want legal redress (& lots of publicity directed against the fraudulent lenders) 2 - how do we all go about it 3 - answer employ a lawyer to articulate the whole process of bringing one separate case after another, or putting several together in a class action, whichever is more appropriate. We are all floundering because we lack the lawyer's knowledge to put it into the form of a case - the whys and wherefores of the actual law in each
  3. Well, yes, it does give lots more detailed 'background'. I can't argue with that. But I thought that by leaving behind all that 'muddle' and starting over in that more focussed way, it would be better, and more probably be easier for other people to get to grips with. I would still have to produce all the stuff from previous posts anyway, but re-written in a more focussed way. It needs to be taken one step at a time. The first step being the simple explanation of how the mortgage was taken out under obviously fraudulent circumstances. Further down the line comes the question of
  4. So, what is the point you are making ? As you can see from the previous threads, I have got absolutely nowhere with actually being able to get anything done. All previous threads centre around the same things that I refer to today. Being a bit older & wiser, and having learned a bit more about this whole evil business of the fraud within the financial industry I have to find a way of doing something about it as it cannot be just left for them to get away with it. My life has been ruined by fraud & theft & bureaucratic abuse on an epic scale. I thought the best way to dea
  5. I can't. Time has moved on. I've been evicted and become ill over an extended period of time and unable to deal with much as a result. Although this makes things slightly more difficult, of course that evidence can be found. I know perfectly well that I have a case against the housing association for what is actually blatant fraud, malfeasance in public office and probably other things as well. But I have absolutely no money to pay for a lawyer & all my efforts to get legal aid have been a sick joke.
  6. Mis-sold Mortgage CAG I think my mortgage might have been mis-sold. Was it ? And can I do anything about it ? The core essence of the mis-selling is this: I was desperate to pay back an existing mortgage & needed to re-mortgage to avoid re-possession so I phoned up my credit card, Capital One to ask about their advertised Mortgage Broking service. I specifically explained my mortgage history to them which included me explaining I had mortgaged with SPML in about 2002, paid an early redemption charge and moved the mortgage to Birmingham Midshires in 2003, on the bas
  7. do you mean this section here : http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?197-Home-Repossessions
  8. I did challenge it. I made an official complaint, but was completely fobbed off. I even rang them, but they were very unpleasant & made it plain they couldn't care less.
  9. I was accepted on the government mortgage rescue scheme & all the paperwork & surveys etc completed & I was accepted. But at the last minute the Housing Association taking on the house produced a completely fictitious list of repairs with obviously inflated costs as well, and said they could not take on the house on the basis the repairs would cost too much (£27k) and the maximum budget they had was (£20k) Did anyone else have similar experiences with the Mortgage Rescue Scheme ? I am just wondering if we could do something about it as it appears to be completely rid
  10. Robinhood2013  CAG http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?419241-Lenders-may-be-hiding-incriminating-data-for-years-2006-2007-2008&p=4504483#post4504483 Hi, No need to apologise for your dyslexia. Your copy has less mistakes in it than most people without dyslexia. I’m likely to make far more mistakes and even when I spend time correcting one or two always seem to slip through. And that’s me spending years as a journalist & even doing a job as a sub-editor for Reuters where I sat correcting other people’s copy for eight hours every day.
  11. Robinhood, Thanks for the offer. That makes two of us - now we need to get more, add them to a visible list and call their bluff by setting out specific objectives for us to achieve and to get all the members on the list to pull their weight and actually DO what is needed to make this work. Unfortunately, people tend to say one thing but do another and what they do is make wild offers and then do absolutely nothing. Loads of people are on record on CAG threads over years with astonishing tales about SPML and other filthy fraudsters but it seems they have all tried to fight their bat
  12. While everyone is going on about trying to do something about their problems with these questionable mortgage lenders, everyone is carrying on about very technical legal/financial issues and so far describing how these organisations like SPML just swat every borrower aside like flies, often with the connivance of the courts. I wonder if it might be productive to cut across all this by being able to bring a case (in a class action) on the basis on 'constructive fraud' or 'conversion' or some other legal concept which is not all about complex financial stuff no courts or anyone els
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