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  1. Thanks Michael.. what do you think I should do? settle/accept its a tough call!!
  2. I think I am about to reject the offer of settlement and I was hoping someone had a good letter I could use. I am at the last stage awaiting for the court date to be set and First Direct have offered me 4078 out of 4455 + costs. I am torn as to whether I should accept or not? I would appreciate some advice if anyone has any...thankyou
  3. they submitted a couple of days after they recieved the claim, however they did it by fax and the court fax wasnt working so i was led to believe there was no contact and i had won by default, I had even executed a warrent for the money when the court sent me a letter saying they hads reversed the decision as the defense had actually been submitted!! but hopefully now i am getting somewhere..
  4. I have submitted my AQ and am waiting for the court to set a date and First Direct have sent me a settlement offer of £4078. The total claim is for £4455 plus costs so i am tempted to settle. If I turn them down does anyone know if they usually make another offer or is it likely to proceed to court?
  5. I have just cancelled my car policy with norwhich Union because I no longer have my car. I was told that I would have to pay a cancellation charge of £52. Is this right and fair? I pointed out that I had been a loyal customer for years and as soon as I buy my new car this fee will ensure that I do not return my custom to them. Strikes me they are shooting themselves in the foot but i am still left with this bill for cancellation, and how does pressing a cancel button on the computer cost £52.00 hmmm?
  6. Thanks hsbcrusher, that has installed abit of confidence. Sorry to be a bit thick but what is an aq? do you think I will actually have to go and present my case in court? I think this is the part that i find most terrifying, should I be instructing a solicitor at this stage?
  7. after you apply for judgement, the court should process this within a couple of days. If you have ticked the box that ask to be paid forthwith you can apply for a warrant of execution as soon as judgement is entered. Call the court up and ask for a form or download one from the hmcs website. Once served they have seven days to pay up then the bailiffs go in!!
  8. I served a claim 7th Jan against First Direct. As they didnt acknowledge judgement was entered against them on 23rd January and I sent the form requesting warrent of execution on 27th. Today I have recieved a letter from the court saying that 'upon reading the defendants letter dated 26th jan the court has made an order of its own initiative without a hearing to set aside the judgement as the defendant intends to defend. Please can someone help me as I dont know what to do if this ends up in court? I am very depressed about this as I had thought I had won for the last couple of weeks.
  9. Does anyone have a letter with correct wording with which I can send to the parking company as an initial letter to begin reclaiming these clamping fees?
  10. As it is FD I am claiming against I am not sure which address to use for the N1 form, I saw that someone had recommended HSBC registered office address as they are the parent company or should I use the first direct address? If someone could supply the HSBC address if this is the right one I would be grateful.
  11. Thanks bookworm, sorry to be a thickie but is there any standard text to put in the 'Brief details of claim'?
  12. I am just filling in the N1 form to take First direct to court for £4455 and there is a question "Does, or will, your claim include any issues under the Human Rights Act 1998?" do I tick yes or no?
  13. Does anyone have the address to send the data request letter to?
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