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  1. also sent off my non-compliance letter altho only today would appreciate some past 'stories' from others about this as Natwest have so far done the right thing twice so have not come across this......until now!!!
  2. sky think i am right in saying that you can estimate the missing bit based on the info you have from them sod:D
  3. ptb as far as charges go, Bank Fodder (Mr Consumer Action Group!) says you can go back to the birth of your account - the 6 year thing is basically because thats all the info they HAVE to keep go for all the charges, like you say they are yours I have heard nothing from Halifax altho they have cashed my cheq:mad: i feel a threatening letter coming on.........
  4. hi tilly i started on Feb 21 and have heard nothing although they have cashed my cheq (or was it Natwest? didn't make a note of the cheq number) either way they both have 10 days to reply or else hope you are ignoring their standard letters and just going for it with your own timetable? sod
  5. i get the feeling Halifax are slower than a lot of others? Natwest were steady and kept within all timeframes & Cap1 were v quick (less than 2 weeks, albeit for only a couple of hundred pounds) seems a lot of posts mentioning this 8 week rubbish sod
  6. soo.....you can claim back ALL charges on the account, not just 6 years worth? sod
  7. think you are right would resend charges breakdown to Cobbettes & the Court and wait patiently:rolleyes: sod
  8. i make it 37.85 £30 charge, 1309 interest at £7.85, total of 37.85....and growing! click here for more http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/chargeinterest.php
  9. :o £75 this seems er......criminal! I think you should treat them the same as a bank use the templates provided, threaten them with court action and take them to court if neccessary that amount is disgustuing:evil: good luck shortwoman & keep us posted sod:mad:
  10. this sounds correct to me shortwoman sod:)
  11. bob m i'm NOT saying Nattie is wrong (i'm not crazy you know:D ) but I recently won my claim with Natwest and it related to an account that is currently with Credit Management they didn't ask for all of it - just sent me a cheq as per so i would say don't worry as I am pretty sure retaliatory banking of this kind would not be a good idea for Natwest anyone else? sod:D
  12. fair enough enjoy your 'winnings' LOL sod
  13. hey ptb the waiting can get v annoying but all that stress will dissappear once you get the statements and start adding it all up soooo much fun!!!! sod
  14. Chopkins I never received any letter for my claim until the full cheq came thru the post and about 3 days before I got a court date set so i think its an annoyingly random process, not based on amount or anything mildly logical would just keep an eye on that final date and they will crumble atthe last minute good luck sod
  15. was talking to shortwoman but nevermind!! LOL:lol: good luck with the claim I hope Halifax are as inept and accommodating as Natwest as you will be rolling in it asap if thats the case bw sod
  16. hear hear MCOL is good as you can check on its progress 'instantly' and as Valerieann says, stick to your own timescales and you will get your money back sod
  17. didge is right it is entirely up to you but i just don't believe that its as high as they will go you are talking about giving up on nearly £800 IMHO.....if you can afford to i would hang on good luck sod
  18. marc your sums look right to me my original claim was for 1900 or so and the final amount was around 2200 which they paid:cool: sod
  19. if you want to you could cut and paste them from a Word document onto this thread and I will work it out for you i have a lot of time on my hands during work for this sort of thing and would be happy to help you get your cash back from the banks up to you - i will be offline till tuesday though sod:)
  20. sw that does seem v high:eek: can you post the details on this thread? - obviously not bank details but maybe total amount of charges? there is a calculator at the very beginning of the CAG site btw which is very easy to use sod
  21. in the letter write the amount you are claiming for PLUS the interest of XXXX then attach the breakdown once they request it helped? sod:)
  22. Cathy keep at it i am currently chasing halifax credit card for some cash but i already beat Natwest once to the tune of 2325.45 - settled in full - & am after my second account with them keep reading & waiting, you will get your money back in the end:D sod
  23. madh i would be inclined to call them up and ask them why this is the case and if the answer is not satisfactory tell them you will be taking them to court to claim the money plus additional interest I imagine if it was the other way around they would charge you extra without a second thought! good luck sod
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