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  1. well in light of the establishment clubbing together on friday, what should i do now? Should i stick to my timetable? Start Court Action? Go to FOS? HELP!!!!!
  2. ok got an offer today of £726 from alison riley at uncel fester. its their "final offer" haha. Well im not accepting it. they want to charge me £12 for the charges as they said that represents the difference of what they charged me. i'm claiming for £2,500, i think i will add £500 for distress caused and add contractual interest of 17%. i'll keep you all posted.
  3. Well i got a letter from fester saying that the were looking at my complaint and giving me a timetable of how it would be dealt with. I think not!
  4. you will have to calclate that from all you statements where u had overdarft charges directly because you were overdrawn
  5. If as looks like Reliance & Fester are stalling, ive heard no reply yet they have received both my letters. if i go to the ombudsman can i ask for costs to be added to my claim or is it only my claim they investigate?
  6. Hi, the have a special dept set up to deal with this : Alliance & Leicester plc DFAR Team Current Account Operations Brydle Road Bootle GIR 0AA Dont add any interest just yet. if you download the spreadsheet with the interest calculation just remove that part. only insert the data just now.
  7. has anyone gone to court against the reliance and fester in Scotland?
  8. Yes, using the T&C's and saying "You Must" makes their case extraordinary. I
  9. well ive typed up the letter, but i thought id Fone uncle Fester and ask why they didnt reply to my first. Got someone called Tim on the phone who looked at all the correspendence and and agreed id sent a letter he couldnt understand why no one had bothered to reply. So too late, ive now sent of the second letter giving them 14 days to cough up.
  10. Well the the LBA was received by Alliance and Fester on the 21st and ive had no reply. Next up is another letter giving them 14 days. Oh this is exciting.
  11. yes go for them Now!!!!! Get the bailiffs into your local A&L and contact the local newspapers
  12. Well, ive just been reading all the news sites as to the decisions at Leeds Mercantile court. also noticed that the banks come in for some extremely strong criticism. I spoke to someone in the Sheriff court here and they are getting really p****d off with the banks so watch this space.
  13. yes, the LBA was sent with a schedule that did not contain any added interest. Im just waiting for the next stage....
  14. i should have said i called up my local branch of the A& L to get the address of where i should send the claim and they now have a dedicated dept that deals with this. Alliance & Leicester plc DFAR Team Current Account Operations Brydle Road Bootle GIR 0AA oh i cant wait
  15. I will be using the Scottish Court system.
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