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  1. I would write again I sent everything by post but you shouldnt have included the interest at this stage, you only include that once it is filed at the court. They sent me an offer of about half but I replied giving them an extra 14 days and they paid in full. Dandylion
  2. Hooray they paid up!! Just got my money through, so its paying off the credit card now that my estranged hubby left me with, and if i've got a bit spare i will definately be donating to this site. Thank you again to everyone who helped me. Dandylion:D
  3. Some people just have a blinkered view of life, and a "it will never happen to me attitude", I say you never know whats around the corner and yes you should live for today but be prepared for what tomorrow might bring.
  4. I can sympathise with your sister as I have just been through a seperation myself, but actually taking control of the situation and doing it myself gave me great confidence and the Halifax paid up without it getting to court. It does take time but as everyone says there is no rush if she does a bit at a time she will get through it. Once the leg work of working through the statements is done the rest is quite straight forward, encourage her to have ago. Dandylion
  5. My husband had a phone call from a company asking if he had any bank charges over the last 6 years and would he like any help in reclaiming them. Just wondered if anyone else had had the same thing? He told them he was doing it himself. Dandylion
  6. I claimed independantly on a joint account as me and my husband have seperated, the only thing that needed both our signatures was the response to the final offer form for the full amount, everything else I did myself with only my signature on it. Dandylion
  7. still no money from halifax the letter said 14 days, but when the 14 days are up if they havent paid the money in should i file in court anyway? Please can someone advise, dont know what to do now I have sent in the acceptance form. Also has anyone else tried to go beyond the 6 years, I was thinking of sending another Data request letter tog o further back. Thank for any help Dandy
  8. Thanks, will get the other half to go through them again or let me see them, we are not together so he may not want me to see what he spends his money on, If he wants my help he will have to though. Dandylion
  9. Hi I am glad you got your money seaside lady, still waiting for mine to be paid in, shouldnt be long now, wondering whether to send off another data request letter to go back further than the 6 years, as the new info suggests, has anyone else done it yet? Dandylion
  10. Hi, after successfully claiming my bank charges back from Halifax I have been helping my husband claim his from Abbey. He sent his DPA letter and has received lists of transactions in and out of his account but no charges are shown and he certainly has had quite a few. What they have sent are not reprints of statement but just long lists of transactions, has any one else had this and what should we do? Any help appreciated as Halifax sent reprints of statements showing everything and I havent come across this before Dandylion
  11. Hi I had a letter offering me about half as full and final settlement so I sent back the refusal of offer letter, gave them a further 10 days and have received today an offer for the full amount. The 10 days were up tomorrow so they just replied in time to save themselves the interest once it was filed in court. Good luck and keep going dandylion
  12. :D :D :D Yahoo!!! Just had a letter offering the full amount back, didnt even get to filing it in court, was going in tomorrow to do it, kind of a shame as the extra £500 in interest would have been handy, but to get £2143 back is a god send. Just kept to the time scales and sent of the letters as everyone on the site advises, thanks to everyone who helped me.
  13. Thanks for the advice both of you, I have picked up the forms from the local court and have them ready to fill in. I checked the templates etc for the wording. When it does come to handing them in at court do I have to put my other paperwork with them at that stage?
  14. Sent a reply, edited the letter in the templates a bit , and stated again I wanted the full amount and allowed them a further 10 days to pay up, I kind of hope it goes to me filing it in court though as then i can add on my extra £500 in interest, and they will have to pay it all. Oh I bet the bank are loving this.
  15. Various amounts some £20, £30, £28, £35 and £39 no idea why they were all so different the staements just say charges as notified, and I havent kept the letters that were sent previously.
  16. Forgot to say there is no payment with the letter and nothing has been paid into the bank account. My husband only informed me the other day that someone from the Halifax had phoned him on his mobile and he told them they needed to speak to me (we are seperated), so it seems they have been trying to get in touch but I would rather communicate via letters as everything is so much clearer that way. What reply should I use?
  17. Well this is interesting I had a letter today offering me £1066 as full and final settlement of my claim. My 14 days from LBA runs out on monday. I have been reading the templtes library and dont know wether to give them the extra 10 days or just go striaght in the court action? What would anyone suggest? The letter also states that if I get charged again they will not give me the charges back and may close my account, sounds a bit threatening to me
  18. hi I sent my LBA on 5th march special delivery but it says on the royal mail website "delivered" so dont know if your problem is with Halifax or Royal Mail, did you send it to the Trinity Road Address, good luck
  19. I thought i would start getting my papers together to go on to the court stage and filled in the spreadsheets stored on here, I couldnt do it before as they wouldnt open on my computer so did it at work, they have worked out the interest as £541.32 on a claim for £2134 over 6 years it seems like a lot does it sound right to anyone who has done it already? thanks
  20. thanks sallysas will stick to the letters and deadlines and fingers crossed:)
  21. I can see a nude phone call may work, perhaps you have one of those webcam phone things?
  22. I havent been on line for a while but am now back on track, I sent my LBA last monday but then realised I forgot to send it recorded so re sent it today, so 14 days from now I will start the court forms etc if they dont pay up. I had a general "we are sorry you are not happy " letter but nothing since, reading some threads though it seems they pay up pretty quicky sometimes. Is it worth phoning them aswell or just stick to the letters and deadlines?
  23. Hi, have you has any aknowledgment from them at all, they sent me a letter saying i would receive my statements by such and such a date which was the 40 days and they came through as promised on that date. Kirsten
  24. Hi I got the standard "we are sorry to hear you are unhappy" letter today and we will get back to you within 40 days! no chance I am away when the 14 days are up but as soon as i am home it will be on to the LBA stage. Bit unsure now though as I have just read a thread where someone won and then got recalled to court, does this happen very often? It was to do with the person at HBOs being on paternity leave or something.
  25. Hi I sent off my preliminary request letter a week ago and havent heard a thing from them yet, I only included the actual charges on my statements and didnt bother about the other bit, my came to £2234 so I hope the pay up soon. I think it will go to the last though as everyones seems to and they then pay up at the last minute. Good luck
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