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  1. Arses!! Just read the BBC News story and I quote: "Cases currently on hold in the county courts will stay on hold until the end of May, when the banks will decide whether they are going to appeal against the ruling." Bottom Burps! Vicki
  2. Morning all! Not been on here for a while since my case was stayed by the judge in August, but I'm digging out my paperwork, dusting it off and picking up where I left off - I think?! What does the verdict mean? What do I have to do now or will the court process get moving all by itself again? I would be grateful for any advice in idiot terms please! Vicki
  3. I did, it really has made me feel like there is some hope! Vicki
  4. Hi Lula, Thank you so much again for your swift reply! I presume you mean the thread " Application for Removal of a Stay on the Grounds of Hardship." I am reading and rereading it now to get it all clear, then I will get to work on my email, and post it on here when it's ready. Thanks again! Vicki
  5. Thanks for the email addys Lula, and thanks for your testification srfrench - I have a horrible feeling testification isn't even a word -well it is now! Anyhoo, I digress! Right, I emailed Inga and Ronan on 12/11/07: I am writing this email in regards to my claim against Abbey. I have received correspondence from Abbey stating that they will be asking for a stay on the case pending the outcome of the OFT test case. Since this letter, I have received and filed my allocation questionnaire. I have been informed that this is now with the judge and will be hearing from t
  6. Massive massive congrats!!! I've been following your story and am chuffed to bits for you! Enjoy your money!! Vicki
  7. Lula I love you!:o I wasn't expecting anyone to answer that fast, it's been dead around here for ages! No I don't have any email addys. Thanks for the link too, will have a look. Vicki
  8. Right, Faxed over my AQ on 26th October, handed in hard copy and £35 fee in person on 29th October. Phoned the court today for an update, the lady said it was with the judge and I will hear from him soon but it could be up to 2 weeks:rolleyes: Still no word of a stay though! In my AQ I have stated hardship, I am on maternity pay, we are in a heap of debt and just not making ends meet. I included an income and expediture breakdown. Does anyone think it would be worthwhile emailing someone at Abbey, telling them the situation and seeing if they want to settle? Also, with th
  9. Thank you so so much for your help Lula, it really is much appriciated!
  10. Thank you for your reply Lula:) I presume that I would need to word this in my own way and there is no rough template? I'm not very eloquent, esp with all this legal stuff! Would I have to enclose an income and expendature breakdown with the AQ or wait until i'm asked for it or the hearing? What about the Draft Order for Directions? Where does this fit in? Sorry!
  11. Hey all!! I've been posting on my thread but to deaf ears, I seem to be the only one talking to me! I need to get my AQ in by Friday but am stuck on the 'other information' box, I am following the step by step guide as I have been all along but I don't know exactly what to write? We are thinking of playing the hardship card as I am now on maternity pay and with 3 children and a mountain of debt we really are struggling at the moment. Do we mention this in this box or do we wait until they try to impose a stay? Please help!!! Thank you so much in advance! Vicki
  12. Would someone please cast an eye over my defence and let me know if it's all standard stuff? I'm feeling very overwhelmed with all this and have to have my AQ in this week! I did post in the GaryH thread but got no response there either!
  13. Received standard 'we will apply for a stay and OFT' jargon letter from Abbey yesterday dated 4th October 2007. Received notice from Lambeth CC (dated 9th October) that defence filed, including AQ to be completed and returned by 26th October 2007. Still no news from CC on a stay.
  14. Hi, I recieved the new defence, signed by Willem Basson, typed up in full in my thread (link below). #67. In all honesty, I'm feeling very overwhelmed by all of this. I'm reading and re-reading everything but find alot of it hard to understand! I received the standard 'We will apply for a stay / OFT test case' letter today, still not heard from the court yet though. Would someone mind looking at my thread and advising me of my options please. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/90560-missphonic-abbey.html Thank you in advance! Vicki
  15. Hi all! Thanks for your replies! Still not heard from the court but with the postal strikes I doubt I will for a while - I recieved a letter today postmarked 3/10/07 so so the backlog must be massive:( How's the move going Dee? I presume you're out of London now - i'm lost out of London! Hope your lot are all better now Jo! I have no scanner so I've typed up the defence - took all day with a very active 5 month old bouncing all over me! It's still all babble to me though:( Is it standard? Defence. Introduction. In this defence: 1.1
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