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  1. Right finial update. The payment has now been cleared into my bank account.
  2. I checked all the paper work last night before doing anything, and I had the letter from HSBC saying they have now passed the debt onto Newmans, and HSBC have no more dealings with it. So phoning HSBC would of been a waist. I don't understand how paying off a debt is going to cause harassment for others? I built up the debt myself, so its not right I just wash my hands of a debt I created. I had to pay it off somehow. This was all done back then through CCCS who helped me sort the mess I got myself in and helped to agree a payment plan with them. I do have others I am still paying as
  3. Just to update, I phoned Newman, but they didn't have anyone who could talk to me. So I phoned up Arrow global and they had my file and checked it out, they are now refunding back to me £197 that I have over paid. Thank you for your help on this
  4. I have moved since 2007, so may have missed something in the post? I have not had any dealings with HSBC since, as I moved my account over to another bank at the time. I have pinged an E-mail to Arrow Global to see if they can help on this. Will go through all my paperwork again tonight when I get home from work.
  5. The old letters say its HSBC as the client, and the ref numbers are to my bank Account. Newmans also have a ref number of their own, with matches my standing order payment.
  6. The original debt was for HSBC over draft. HSBC passed this over to Newmans back in 2007. We come to the arrangement of paying £10 a month, and have been paying this ever since. The payment is done by Standing Order via my bank account, so have all the records of payment.
  7. Thank you, Is there a template letter, or do you just make one up?
  8. Hi, I am after some help please. I had a debt that I have been paying off to `Newman Debt recovery` from back in 2007. I have been paying off £10 a month as agreed with them. Well the payment I paid in Dec 2016 was paid, but then paid back into my account, and the same happened to my Jan 2017 payment. I dug out the paperwork, and according to the last letter I have back from 12th Sept 2007, the remaining balance was £882.18. So by my calculations, the last accepted payment that was not returned I have paid till Nov 2016 makes the total paid of £1100 ( £
  9. i am waiting today, i gave them till 5pm tonight (when there office shuts). just wanted some info or help on how i can sort this out.
  10. Can someone help or give me some advice on a problem with our holiday we had booked. We booked a 7 night break with park resorts aug last year for April 6th (easter week), they wanted £25 deposit to secure the booking, with the final payment to be received 8 weeks before the start of the holiday (which is 9th Feb) the total cost was £232 for the 7 nights, so we paid £32 as our deposit, so left £200 to pay. On booking we got a ref number, but never received a e-mail or letter to say we had confirmation, But when logging onto your account on there site, all the details where there, s
  11. Hi all, can anyone give me some advice please, i have been reading up on this collection company, and it seem im not the only one in this situation. Back in feb 2007 i moved house, and contacted Pipex/homecall to arrange to be transfered to new address, they where very un-helpfull so i said to them that i will cancel my broadband/phone etc with them, and canceled it as normal, letter, cancel DD at bank etc. Anyway, few weeks ago, i got a strange letter through post asking if this was my address and to contact Bryan Carter ref a debt with pipex. First of all, how they found my ne
  12. Thank you for the reply. I have a local nokia repair centre, so will give them a call today. I have not given o2 written notice, i just poped into our local o2 shop in town where i got it repair last time no problems. Who do i write to? the o2 shop in town? thank you
  13. Can anyone help me out please, or give me some advice. I have a Nokia N95 8g phone on o2. the contract run out a few days ago (18 months) the phone was put in for repair with o2 about 2 months ago as it stopped texting. It was all repaired at no charge. i was happy. This time how ever they wont repair it, as its out of contract. i will have to pay for it to be fixed. Not happy this time. I have been on Nokia web site, and all nikia handsets are covered with a 2yr warranty, so its still under nokias warranty. This is the problem tho. If i go to Nokia to get it fixed, they are going to say
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