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  1. Phew thanks! I feel like I'm getting out of my depth with all of this...!!
  2. Hi, I hope someone can shed some light...I've recently sent of my Allocation Questionnaire and attached a draft order for directions stating that I will send a schedule of charges etc...Do I need to send this 14 days after submitting my AQ or do I wait for the court to request this?
  3. On 02May I sent a CCA to Choice catalogue and Creation (store card) by recorded delivery. Creation had entered three different sets of information onto my credit refs when I only had one account. They produced one CCA for the account I agreed that I had, but I have heard nothing about the remaining two, because I never had them!! where do I go from here? any suggestions? Also Choice catologue have been entering incorrect information, again I sent a CCA recorded delivery on the 02May...No word since! Any suggestions about what action to take next? Thanks
  4. Hi, I sent my SAR off on the 02May recorded delivery and recieved my statements on the 26th May, They're swines because they only included statements from 2004! and I opened my credit card account in 2001!!!!!
  5. Hi, I am hoping someone can help. I am hoping to get a mortgage and the financial advisor I am seeing requested that I collect details of any loan agreements credit card etc Yesterday I went into my local branch to request copies of my balance and terms of the loan, The manager photo-copied my Credit Agreement and printed of a settlement statement. After getting back from lunch I noticed that not only have I got PPI added the copy of the credit agreement is unsigned by both parties. I checked to make sure it is definitely mine and at the top it has my name and address printed. There are absolutely no signatures on this photocopy! Can anyone advise where I go from here? G
  6. Hi I wrote a letter to Choice asking for my statements as I believed that they were supplying cra's with false information they wrote the following "unfortunately, I am unable to send you copies of statements from Jan 06 to Sep 06 as these are no longer available on our records. We only hold the last 6 months statements." Is there any legislation that anyone knows of about how long they keep records on file? This is still an active account.. they are still supplying cra's with info Please help x
  7. Hi, Maybe someone can give me some much needed advise I sent a SAR to Choice they sent the following letter back "Unfortunately, I am unable to send you copies of statements from January 2006 to September 2006 as these are no longer on our records. We only hold the last 6 months statements. However, if required I can arrange for copies from October 2006 to be sent. Please let me know if required" Surely they legally have to keep statements for a certain length of time Any advice would help Gem
  8. After sending mr prelim letter Barclays wrote back just within the two week time limit to say they are investigating the matter and will be in touch with 8 weeks???? Has anyone else had this problem?
  9. Are you able to send me some details to??? I'm looking to get a mortgage later this year..but have the same problem with my credit rating
  10. If creditors can't provide a CCA do they have to remove details from your credit references? I sent a letter of to a company called creation who I had one account with but on my reference there are two..the 14day reply period has expired what do I do? Any advise would be greatly appreciated Gem
  11. Thanks for the info...So am I right in thinking that mobile phone companies don't need you to sign a credit agreement?
  12. After checking my credit references. I noticed that I had an outstanding balance of £7 from 2005 plus a default issued in early 2006. I'm really annoyed as not once did they try and contact me for the payment! I paid this off immediately with O2 and was advised that the default would be removed. A month later and after chasing O2 my credit report still has the default! Surely they can't be allowed to do this as they never once advised me that this payment was due! Its only £7 for goodness sake and now my rating is marked! Anyone been in the same situation?
  13. Just having a nose on the forum...would this apply to mobile phone contracts as well? I never signed anything it was all done via internet..I checked my credit report three weeks ago and I had a default for not paying £7 !!!
  14. Hi, Thanks for your reply..I read the FAQ's first of all as recommended..all I want to know is..my account is -300 because of all these charges. I haven't paid it off but they are threatening me with court action because I refuse to pay these charges. In short - I just want Nationwide to acknowledge that these are illegal charges and clear them from my account so that I am back in the black
  15. Hi, I hope someone can help or advise me I have an account with Nationwide and their excessive bank charges meant that I went overdrawn. These charges added up to £300+ am I entitled to make a claim to clear these unlawful charges?
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