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  1. Yes he is certified as I have chekced already, and I didnt ignore any letters or comms from the bailiffe, as soon as I received it, I calle the TEC. Ok I will expalin from the beginning: It started of with me visiting a very unwell relative, I initially decided to stay for the evening but ended up staying the night as they wanted some company, which is understandable. I woke up in the morning realizing it was later than 8AM, which is the time I should of moved the car by. I then find a pcn on my car for parking in a loading bay, which is hardley ever used anyway. I decided to
  2. Hi people, Im really worried as this morning a man from collect services visited my home for an unpaid PCN to ask for me, It has already been to court and TEC but it was rejected on both occasions. another house member answered the door as I didnt even realize who it was at the time, anyway they asked to speak to me and they said "yeah sure he's in" I was called downstairs so off I go ready to speak to this person and at the time unaware who it was, I then here the guy say "actually dont worry, please just give this letter to him" and then he left! I opened up the leter and its a i
  3. The only letter I had was advising me that the appeal had been dismissed. I thought I should have received more than this. Yeah now come to think of it, I didnt actually receive a charge certificate or anything else after may13 2010. The letter from the baliff indicates the council tried to contact me 3 times before, If so then I never received anything and the only corrospondance I have had is the result from the tribunal and nothing else. So your saying if i had this then i could of payed the debt off without all this stress???
  4. It was from the traffic penalty tribunal who had rejected my claim, I then contacted the council and asked if i could pay but was then told they had sent the bailfiffe company, didnt here anything for a while and today the bailff turns up and says, "the fee was for attempted levy of my car" which may I add is still on the road outside my house. Can they charge for this when techincally they havent even taken the car All help is appreciated
  5. They sent it to an independant company who checks them over and unfortunalty for me, they upheld the councils decision. I have actually now just spoken to the bailiffe and he says the fee is charged for intent of taking my car which he hasnt yet but is this allowed.
  6. Please please can someone advise if this is allowed: I have today received a hand posted letter from collect services to collect the amount of £267.61 Fair enough, its for a parking ticket which I contested with the council, it was then past to these guys. What I am most upset about is the charges, as follows charge notice £105 court fee £5 bailiffes costs £157.61 yeah you read it write there!!!!! total due £267.61 ok i thought the fee had to be proportionate to the actual debt but this is actually nearly 150% of the original debt Is th
  7. I didnt think that would make any difference writing to the court. I have been advised writing to the bailiff company directly and submitting a formal complaint to them is the best way. Im just lookin for the bets way forward with this as this is the second time I have dealt with marstons, the first occasion they tried to enforce a court order they had kept for nearly 7 months, I know that they can only enforce it if within 180 days so I managed to get that one returned to court and have now cleared the debt. It seems like their administration is very poor and that their records or d
  8. Would appreciate if someone can reply to my post as any advice is welcome. When I told the court about this they called marstons for me. The court called back saying it was sorted and siad they will be wanting to speak to the managers as this was wrong to do this.
  9. Hi guys, I received a letter this morning from marstons bailiffs trying to enforce a debt that has already been paid to the court who issued the order. I called the court and they have been very helpful and have sorted it for me but what I find apalling is that the court told me the order was recalled by them on 18th November! and the court told me they had also received confirmation that marstons had received the recall request!!. Is there any kind of action I can take against martsons for trying to enforce a non existant court order that was recalled 3 weeks ago? Any help is
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