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  1. Thank you very much. I will definitely give it a go then.
  2. Hi, I have been looking at this site for the last couple of weeks. I took my Store Card out a long time ago (1997) with GE Money (now Santander Cards) and when I looked I have been paying PPI but was unaware there was misselling problems with these, just thought it was loans so was very interested as I was not told anything about the policy and am in fact covered through work i.e. full pay for 6 months if sick followed by 75% until return and am entitled to redundancy etc. I also have private critical illness cover. Anyway would I be able to claim for this seeing as how it is so long ago?An
  3. Thanks Woody - it feels really good! Anyway my monies have now cleared (paid into the wrong account though!) and please could someone tell me how I change the title of my thread to won and also how I make a donation. The other thing I need to do is send a letter to the court explaining that the matter is settled - is there a template for this. I had a quick look round but couldn't find one. The other thing I wanted to ask was whether I should include in the letter the fact that I said to the Judge in my letter to get the stay lifted that as soon as I had a date, I was sure Barclays
  4. Hi Paul You enclose a schedule of charges with your LBA although this would not include the interest at this stage. Interest gets added at the court stage at the statutory rate of 8% which would then be added to your schedule of charges when you file your claim.
  5. Hi all. I was dealing with Kate Ashton by email who was a bit slow in replying to say the least. However when she did reply she was alway very polite. I also got the "letter will be sent out by the end of the week" email and waited until the Friday of that week and then emailed Kate asking for confirmation that this had been sent as I was now having to request a day off work to attend the hearing which I would be claiming back for. Now here is the crucial bit, after advice from the wonderful Dar£n, I cc'd Dino in on this and surprise surprise I heard straight back from Dino who said that K
  6. Hi all My case was stayed until 27 June at the beginning of May with Judge Dudley. I think it is a disgrace that for 9 weeks the Judge has just refused to look at any of these claims - it is just playing into the bank's hands. Anyway I took matters into my own hands and wrote a letter asking for the stay to be lifted and for a hearing to be set and this was done within a week and Barclays agreed to settle in full on Monday. The monies should be cleared in my account today!! Pls see post #80 of my thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/52052-karen
  7. Hi yes it's www.moneyclaim.gov.uk Good luck
  8. Thank you very much everyone. PJ - Can't promise to spend it wisely but you will be the first to know if I decide to give it away (not likely however!!)
  9. I HAVE WON:D Kate has just emailed me enclosing my settlement letter offering to settle in full. Anyway I have crossed out the bit about confidentiality and said I will let the court know when I have received settlement and now am just waiting for the monies to be received into my account. Whoopeeeeeeeee! Thank you so much to all those who have been such a great help to me - especially you Dar£n - maybe you ought to start charging for your services!!!! anyway am now off to carry on dancing round my office and to let my hubby know etc!
  10. Hi If I were you, to avoid any confusion I would send a letter today by recorded delivery saying "thank you for the payment you have made to my Barclaycard in part-settlement of this claim. I will of course be pursuing the additional amounts owed through the courts as per my LBA dated [DATE]". You obviously have not signed anything to say that this was in full and final settlement so Barclaycard cannot just pay this and consider it dealt with, however a letter stating this will make the position clear. Hope this helps Karenann
  11. Don't be so modest. Who knows what direction I would have ended up in if you hadn't pointed me in the right one!!!
  12. Dar3n you are absolutely amazing. Sent an email to Dino and sure enough: Thanks for your email. Kate is away till Monday. If she hasn’t sent you a settlement letter already, I’ll ensure she has one sent out on Monday. I wouldn’t book a day’s leave from work as I’m sure we can have this resolved next week. Apologies for the delay. Yours Sincerely Dino Papaevripides Wow what a response. However if Kate is not there today it would seem that no letter was being sent out to me as stated in her email on Monday. Hopefully, he will push her into contacting me. Hooray
  13. Cheers Dar£n - will send to him and again to Kate right now.
  14. Dino? But Kate is dealing with my claim - won't he just pass it back to her.
  15. I do hope so Dar£n I really do. I have never had such an excruciating time just waiting around for other people. I have got to be the most impatient person ever. Thank you so much for all your helpful advice - I don't know what I would have done without all your help. Talking about waiting I have still had no response to my email to Kate 4.5 hours ago (surprise, surprise!). You would've thought she would deal with me quickly just to get me off her back - I shoudl imagine I have been a right pain in the backside the last 2.5 weeks.
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