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  1. Hi, i was just wondering what exactly is a "Reasonable Amount of Time" when it comes to purchases. I have a few things coming to the end of their warranty (PS3 for instance) they encourage you to buy extended warranty's and Sony encourages you to sign up to their extended play programme which is 4.99 per month for warranty extended from the first year. Should i purchase the extended warranty ? Or is there a way to get an item repaired / replaced etc if it brakes after 13 months, 1 month after the warranty is over. Thanks !
  2. Hi, some interesting reading here thanks for the info ! Specially since i have Aspergers and various other problems as a result of it. I do believe Aspergers as more of a physical disability than a mental one.
  3. Hmm, i'll have to ask them then, can't find the letters though i may have lost them. They send all the letters to some address i haven't lived at for over a year
  4. Thanks for your reply, as you said i did received a letter 3 weeks later them asking for the money again but this time the amount was halved
  5. I don't know the full story of what was happening at the time since it was before i was born, but is there a better way to pay back this loan? which i what i was wondering and what advice would anyone give, the loan is with GE Money, still at the same amount after 20 years, interest is about £450 per month.
  6. Not exactly sure if this is the right place but i need advice on a loan for my father. Long time ago, little over 20 years he split up with his wife and she left him with the kids, he had 5 kids to look after, she also wanted money aswell so he had to take out a loan to pay her and of course it had to be against the house. House which he did own in full and built himself, he took out 2 loans, twice because she wanted more money. The loan in total was £50,000, she took most of it, the rest was for upkeep of the house, he also had to quit his job at the time, a high payed job to look after the kids. Now 20 years on he still has the same £50,000 debt and has only been able to pay off the interest monthly for all these years which has come to about £40,000+. This dosen't seem fair to me, can anyone advise me on what to do with this loan? there must be a better way.
  7. Hi, had problems with them before with 2 dcas as you can see in this thread, for the small sum of £30+ http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/51412-nco-paypal.html Today i received a letter dated dec 4th from intrum justitia addressed to my old house of 1 year ago. This 3rd DCA claims that i owe their client PayPal £966.30, this seems crazy to me, in years that i have used PayPal i haven't moved close to that much money through the account. This worries me alot more than the previous £30+ as i feel they may go to more lengths to retreive this money from me. I have no idea how i suddenly owe this money, i only use my PayPal account to buy a few small things off of ebay £8-20 each. Apart from that i don't touch them due to all my problems with them. What does anyone suggest i do now? feel free to ask for more information on the matter if needed
  8. Does anyone know what i should do then? robinson first letter to me is threatening me with court unless i pay soon. And the letter was sent to an address that i havent lived at for a year just got it forwarded from the new owners
  9. Hi, just an update on this, it has been over a year since my original problem on this matter, after the original NCO letter i never heard from them again letter or otherwise. Last week i heard about this debt again though, from robinsons, i'm assuming NCO has sold the debt that they brought from PayPal onto another debt collection agency. Is there a time limit on when they can do things like this? it's been a year since their only letter to me and now they have sold the debt to someone else.
  10. Hi, just wondering if anyone could help me out with what to do? Back in early June i switched from Tiscali BB to Virgin BB, this was because Tiscali were charging me more than they should have been, sometimes alot more for reasons unknown to me. I'd been a Tiscali customer for three years before hand and starting in February they had these "IPStream" problems which severely limited your internet access, i only found out about this at the end of may, they conveniently didn't tell anyone about this problem for 4 months. and then i only found out after reading the forums where the "community manager" finally announced these problems, then my last 3 complaints to Tiscali (some 4 months old) suddenly came back giving me the same answer as the forums. Over the 4 months i had complained to Tiscali numerous times, also i had complained to ISPA (3 times) Tiscali failed to contact me about any one of these complaints which is serious. I tried to get a CISAS reference number etc and funnily enough Tiscali by mail or phone didn't seem to know what CISAS was which is weird. Finally anyway i just gave up on them, even though what they were doing was illegal by not responding to ispa and not telling me the CISAS reference number, what could i do about that? i didn't know really so i switched to Virgin in early June. A week later someone from Tiscali called (someone from UK and not India) he was very rude and impolite, he wanted to know about a complaint i had made to Tiscali (this complaint was 4 months ago) i was thinking what's wrong with them? this was 4 months ago and now some rude person calls me up asking about the complaint? it's too late since i have switched. He wouldn't let me get a word in edgeways, i got through to him that i did complain but i've switched then he hung up. Tiscali called again many times, every time it was someone rude asking about complaints, trying to sell me Tiscali services and to get me to come back. In the end i had hoped i got through to them that i don't want any Tiscali services and to leave me alone. But anyways as you know 1 month or so later, today i received a £50 charge. I have no idea why, no letters no phones or anything even after i didn't try to get all the money back that they have unlawfully taken from me.
  11. Hi, i recently signed up with a DVD Rental service (Unlimited DVD Rental - FREE TRIAL - Sign Up Today) as you can probably see in big letters on their site they offer a one month free trial. But either way i signed up, they use WorldPay as there way of handling money (WorldPay - Internet Payment Solutions for Credit and Debit Card Processing By the World's Leading Payment Service Provider.) which after signing up they direct you to them (worldpay) to confirm payment. Afterwards they emailed me confirming my payment. 4 days later i receive an email saying that i cant have the free trial (which was stated in their agreement) and that they will bill me on the date in which a non-existent free trial would end. They then email me everyday for a 12 days saying saying i need to sign up to worldpay, which i had already done and received both confirmations for it. on the 12th Jan 2007 i had enough of them and emailed the email address they give in their ToS with the correct info telling them to cancel my account. 2 days later they email back saying. I think thats all fine then, but next day i receive the same email telling me to sign up to worldpay again, i email them again (15th Jan 2007) telling them to cancel my account. I hear nothing from them, and then today 25th Jan 2007 i get an email from world pay saying i have been charged the membership fee by 1dvd.co.uk. What should i do? this seems completely unreasonable.
  12. Hi again, im not sure if its sorted or not really lol Since their original letter telling me to pay within 7 days which i received 6 weeks ago, i have not heard anything from them since.
  13. Consumer Direct responded with some sound advice. Dear Mr ** Thank you for your enquiry to Consumer Direct dated 11th December. Your reference number for this case is ** and should be quoted in all further correspondence regarding this case. From the information you provide, if you are disputing the fact that any money is owed, you have the right to receive full information concerning the alleged debt. If the company have failed to provide sufficient information, you are not obliged to make any payment or ring any number given by the company. I have notified details of your complaint to the relevant Trading Standards office for their information. If you require any further advice or information about this case, please do not hesitate in contacting Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 quoting your reference number.
  14. I Have a clearer picture now, my balance went into negative a while after i had closed my account with PayPal 9 months ago. Someone did a chargeback on an item they brought from me, ive heard PayPal dont contest these chargebacks. Also the item in question was intelectual property.
  15. Seems PayPal are ignoring my complaints now, funny thing is last email they sent me was a "customer satisfaction" form.
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