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  1. Money in the bank today!!! Letters to cancel court case in the post tonight.
  2. Rang the courts today about the claim. They have logged the phone call, but she said do not write to them yet. I think this is because I didn't want to cancel the claim until I had received the money. She said write to them when you have received the money. Does that sound about right as their AQ is due in today.
  3. No it just says that I agree not to make any other claims relating to these charges between the dates I have claimed for. Still they have been charging us still during this claim so maybe I should start again..... Letter in the post tommorrow as always recorded delivery. Have all the dirty dozen had offers??
  4. Do I cross out the "I agree to keep the fact of my claim and HSBC's ex gratia payment strictly confidential" on the letter before I send it back? Should I send a covering letter with this?? (Similar to Nettyg post #499) So tommorrow I ring the court and say I have had an offer and am accepting it. They will ask me to put this in writing I assume. I should only cancel the claim completely when the money is in the bank, yes?? My offer included everything except the first charge which came to about £40. Thanks again to everyone that has given their advice over the past 4 months. Its been invaluable. A bit of advice for anyone thinking of asking for the bank charges, read the FAQ's, take your time, double check everything before you send it and if you do not know then ask someone who does. It will save some pain later on. I will fill in the survey and make a donation soon. Thanks again everybody. You know who you are!!
  5. £3000 without any interest, just charges!
  6. KERRCHINGGGGGGG!!!!!! Offer letter from DG this morning. They have knocked off 1 charge plus the interest (of the charge). Still a tidy sum though and definately worth the wait. I think I am going to accept their offer. Their AQ is due in tommorrow.
  7. The letter I had from the courts has said unless they file their AQ by friday their defence will be struck out. I am expecting a last minute AQ filing. Any ideas what the next step is??
  8. Not heard a thing from DG. They have until 4 o'clock friday to file their AQ. I was wondering if they were stringing it out until April for the report on bank charges. Could the reports findings reduce the amount they have to pay back? As I am so close to the date they have to file their AQ, is it worth sending the nudging letter? If their defense is struck out what happens then, Don't they have to pay up??
  9. Letter from the court today. They have got a week to file their AQ. The waiting goes on!!
  10. Offer received for full requested amount today. Happy days!! Now just waiting for the money to hit the account.
  11. Hello Netty Still nothing in the post for me today. I have rang the courts and my AQ has been received and will be going up to the judge today. DG haven't filed their AQ yet. Do you think I should ring DG again? What makes this worse, or better, is that I asked the wifes bank last week for her charges and they have sent an offer lees than a week after asking with a prelim letter, for the full amount!!
  12. Nothing for me in the post this morning. AQ's have been delivered though.
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