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  1. now i am lost here are they saying the user name and password you set up with payday loans the same as the user name and password they use to update credit files. are they saying your the hacker. if so why have they not called the police?
  2. i doubt you will get it removed. ive just posted a similar situation for my neighbour. he is contacting is MP. credit data controllers are ruining peoples lifes. as long they sent a notice of intent to default and notice of default they have a right to do it and you wont be able to prove they didn't send them. and sadly if your buying a council house it gets worse only one sub prime lender would accept you but you would have to have it satisfied and raise 10% without using credit on top of your discount and the the interest rate is around 6% my view is. if they default you and it remains unpaid after six months. it should be removed unless they obtain a county court judgement unless they have a good reason why the havent gone through the courts ie unable to trace you etc otherwise you will have to wait until it drops off after 6 years or lenders become more lenient ICO would advise you to take county court action yourself if you felt mis sold if you bought the dongle over the phone you could ask if the recordings are still available. i got one removed for a friend against eon 6 months ago. he argued when he switched suppliers eon told him that the £1200 outstanding would not be on his credit file behold they defaulted him even though he was paying it monthly but hands up to eon they had the recording and removed it
  3. ps if it was a hacker let us know. i,m sure he can also remove stuff as well
  4. the police can trace to IP adress
  5. next doors son is sending a email to his MP and want to know is he doing it right or wrong.. it hasnt been sent yet so some advice would be helpful so far it says "could any thing be done about the way companies are able to issue defaults like confetti i had a dispute with a company for £2500 which they issued a default on the credit reference agencies. i asked why they didn't use the county court to resolve it. their reply was because we wouldn't win and the only thing they could do was issue a default. after researching the internet. this type of thing is wide spread and once added there is little that can be done to remove them my problem is now we wish to buy a house and the mortgage company have told us that we have no chance while the default remains on the file whether it is settled or not. only way forward would be to use a subprime lender that would cost thousands more. could the rules be changed to protect the public. i was thinking that was a default was issued. after six months and the default remained unpaid and no county court judgement obtained. then it should be removed unless unable to trace debtor debtor in a payment plan debtor bankrupt or in an IVA debtor in dispute and more time needed to resolve it"
  6. London Borough Of Newham Maud Street Canning Town E16 1HH
  7. if they handled the repo and sale you only need ask how much the arrears were and how much the house sold for. they must have the figures
  8. no the money would be removed from his account and transferred back to your credit card. he still has a chance to but his side of the story but it really does not matter debit cards will freeze the money in his account while they investigate
  9. if you do a charge back then they will owe you no money
  10. if you can do the charge back there will be no need for a claim
  11. i would proceed with the claim just do your homework first. check on companies house etc. get someone to go in and see what name they are trading under etc see if they can see the employers liability insurance and what name you use. it might be on the till receipt if you went by the name over the door could bloggs boutigue. they could be trading under john bloggs ltd and all goods belong to john bloggs ltd
  12. what did your letter state did you give a time frame etc in dealing with your request. it does sound a pretty straight forward case in your favour. you you must give them a chance for to redress your issues
  13. i agree some people are just out to avoid paying debts that in turn have a knock effect to the ordinary person on the street. the BBC seen to be highlighting this and avoiding showing the debtor with three kids doing three jobs and have a bully on the doorstep collecting a payday loan. payday shop direct vanquis credit cards and all these big companies that target low income families and people on benefits know the risks. hence the high prices and high interest rates they charge. these are the people who this site help as for todays program a guy put a £16500 deposit down on a porsche in a seemly reputable showroom and the company simply changed the name and £16500 deposit lost. these are debtors the government should clamp down on
  14. [quote= Have you registered the CCJ so that it affects the Defendant's credit rating? the court will automatically register it 30 days after judgement
  15. you can apply for a writ. this will request the warrant back off the county court bailiff and transferred to the high court. unless the judgement state you need to return the car i would sell it. do your homework about the trader first. ie ltd company. sole trader etc. they seem to be only showing the success stories on the TV. the other show about bailiffs showed 2 HCEO driving from london to birmingham with 20 writs and returning on the night not collecting a penny you could write to the county court requesting an update but ask for more detail of the visits made. not just a date and time. if he has a forecourt there is no reason why a levy has not been made. court bailiffs are civil servants and are salaried staff. and don't received commissions or bonus. they are reluctant to give out their contact numbers to claimants.
  16. this is my understanding of a county court bailiff. there is no minimum amount. the average amount on a warrant is £197.25. the claimant when issuing the warrant for example on a £4000 debt chooses how much to they want on the warrant. the cost of the warrant £100 + £95 off the debt + £2.25 solicitors costs so asking the bailiff to collect £197.25. i don't why they don't just issue it for £4000 they collect upto £5000 unless its under the consumer credit act. for which there is no limit on the warrant. if its not under the consumer act. lets say paid a builder £25000 not done the work the they can split the amount £5000 on the warrant and 20000 outstanding. after speaking the enforcements at the county court who tell me they can not force entry on a private dwelling because there is not a judge in the land who will give permission. they can do but a case went belly up on one they did years ago and judges will now run a mile however they can force entry on a commercial premises but not on a first visit and even then they would have to get permission of a judge first. so hceo say they can force entry . do they have to get permission first
  17. should video the removal . and only use reasonable force . also talk to who your removing saying don't struggle and no one will get hurt. i am using reasonable force to eject you from private land> the more you struggle the more reasonable force i will need to use.
  18. i just took mine back and told them that i was gonna keep using my old box because to many channels were missing with the new box. they give me a refund. no problem
  19. watching BBC1 the sheriffs are coming. in each episode it keeps saying Sheriffs have more Powers then County Court Bailiffs. i,m at a loss what extra powers they have. any help
  20. private parking companies are waiting or each other to test the new rules. so can not rule out that they wont take you to court. be ready for loads of WE MAY DO THIS AND WE MAY DO THAT. letters. me i would write back and thank them for considering the appeal and you will notify the driver at the time of the outcome. who you wish not to disclose
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