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  1. a question for a friend. she has split up form her husband who is still a serving soldier. they had family military housing in germany but after a marriage break up she has been given a council house for her and her 2 children by her family. however the council have declined her council tax benefit on the basis she hasn,t been in the borough for 2 yrs or more. is this correct for a wife of a serving soldier
  2. My mums already done it. They sent her a prepaid envelope
  3. who removed the default? BT OR Equifax because they didnt respond within 28 days
  4. the bailiff did a dvla check using the reg from the parking ticket. it was sold just over a week before he visited and posted his levy through the door. its not on finance and is worth about £1200. we have put an out of time into the bulking centre
  5. am i correct about a bailiff doing a levy my understanding is the bailiff needs to be able to touch the item for example if a bailiff looks through a window and sees a 50in tv my understanding is he can not touch it so can not levy on it. is this correct
  6. card charge back should be your first step. a letter of compliant to trading standards who should arrange inspection of your car. time and time again Kwik Fit have been warned about ripping off motorist and have failed to learn. receiving fines appearing on watchdog. they always seen to find none existent work. even bailiffs cant make up the charges like these people
  7. until you write to them quoting the limitation they will keep sending the begging letters hoping someone will pay.. to be fair they are quite good at closing the accounts once you sent the letter.
  8. next door just came round. marstons had visited while she was out. her son had used the car last year and had a parking ticket and failed to tell he. she thinks he hid all the letters. total bill is £495. it is a council parking ticket we called marstons and an aggressive bailiff said its not his problem and he just wants the total amount paid. asked if she could go into a payment plan he said no. because he will just take the car. asked for a break down of his costs. he said the warrant is £161. and three visits totalling £166. asked how it adds upto £495. he said the rest is going to be for the tow truck when he comes to remove the car. she told him she sold the car last week at which point he threatened her with contempt of court. i said how can it be contempt if the levy notice is today and she sold it last week. at which point he become more aggressive. saying i,ll sort this out today. tell her i am coming round i,ve advised her to not open the doors. call me i will video him. and go and get this set aside on the grounds she never received the original PCN any other advice
  9. they will just apply for a warrant of restition and the bailiffs will turn up without warning change the locks and secure it.. you would be better going to court to put an appeal in.
  10. why dont you just go with three mobile. you allow to hotspot your phone plus the unlimited data
  11. i think what your mum is talking about is the housing act of 1985 which defines a bedroom has to be over 70 sq ft but it is still being looked into.
  12. i understand ur point about the system. but a breach of human rights? why are you attending a medical or an assessment. well its not quite a medical. its an assessment to see how you cope with your condition. the tick box system does not give enough information for the decision make to make a judgement. but in my view the decision has already been made before you have left by atos the assessment is not about what disability or illness you have its about how it affects. can you cook a simple meal tick yes or no can you walk 100 metres tick yes or no
  13. we may share our information with carefully selected third party companies. please tick the box if you dont want us too
  14. but how is it a true picture. if you dispute something and it goes to court and it is found you owe the money a neutral body has heard both views. the court gives you 30 days to pay and if you do no judgement is registered unlike a default next doors case is him hi just found something on my account i never ordered or received company system says it was sent to you him so it was signed for like all the other stuff i did order company emm no maybe you was out and it was delivered to a neighbour him but i didnt order anything and surely they would sign for it and a note were it was delivered company my screen is just saying it was dispatched from the warehouse. theres nothing else on there him but you dont expect me to pay for something i didnt order or receive company you need to speak to our credit dept my screen says you phoned up and ordered them and they were dispatched same day him but i always order over the internet company it may be you came in to collect them him i,m 300 miles away and anyway i would have to have signed for them company sorry you will need to speak to the credit dept or write in. passed to credit dept company we only have the same information as the sales team him so what going to happen company you need to pay as your terms and conditions state we will investigate him but why is it not on hold until its proved i dont owe you anything company terms and conditions state you do long story short they said he must of ordered them and received ICO dont get involved in dispute only the data I wrote to xxxxxxxxxx Limited about this matter and have now received its response. On the basis of all of the information provided by you and xxxxxxxx, we have decided that it is likely that xxxxxxxx has complied with the requirements of the DPA in this case. This is because I am unable to find any evidence of a likely breach of the first and fourth data protection principles by xxxxxxxxxxx Limited. xxxxxxxxx state that they strongly believe that they have complied with the DPA in this instance. They indicate that you say that you dispute the accuracy of the default xxxxxxxx says it did not take this as an indication of an inaccuracy in the default They indicate that they will contact you again to make it clear that if you make payment, the default will not be removed but will be recorded as satisfied I should explain that the Information Commissioner cannot arbitrate in disputes between individuals and data controllers. Our assessments are conducted on the balance of probabilities using the evidence available to us at the time. They are not a final determination of fact. If you require a more final determination, you are entitled to pursue your complaint through the courts regardless of our assessment. More information about taking a case to court can be found on the ICO website: and the other other person you answered on the forum she was with talktalk which gives unlimited broadband vodafone did a sales pitch giving her the impression she would have unlimited data via a dongle and cancelled her talktalk she got a bill for several hundred pounds what i,m saying is a default does not show a true picture because it will only show the companies view next doors son has a good job and is not short of cash and does not avoid is debts. but companies can hold you to ransom if like me, you like to keep your credit file clean
  15. i can see your point the point i'm making is the only remedy you get is pay up or offer to make payments if the company dont agree with your dispute like the lady you also commented who bought a vodafone dongle on the understanding that it had unlimited data my way would be if be if they defaulted you. after six months if they did not seek to enforce the debt then it should be removed unless they had a good reason ie unable to trace debtor etc like my neighbour they even said they wont go to court because they would lose
  16. zoopla.com will tell you how much the house sold for now this reminds me what an estate agent was caught doing he and the purchaser inflated the house price to so the buyer could raise extra funds
  17. the contract says £9999 excess driver refused cwl insurance which normally brings it to around £200 but never heard of it being that high. it sounds like the insurance companies settled for bump for bump sailor sam does know a bit about insurance but he may need some more clear information
  18. go for appeal it wont hurt. plus looking at the photos the road is not clean with leafs in the gutter i think you got a good argument
  19. some more information like how many payments you missed. how long between the first payment missed and policy being cancelled and are you saying the bank never sent you a letter either saying they didnt make payment.
  20. right as i see it they saying you logged on using your user account and changed mr j bloggs 11 ahouse road atown acity apost to mr bloggs you are dead etc and the data controller responsible for the accuracy of all data shared updated the credit file gee what a smoke screen
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