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  1. scottish power seem to think they are a law to themselves when issuing defaults. lets hope the ofgem fine will bring them down to size if you never signed upto them in the first place then you have never signed a contract allowing them to share your data with credit reference agencies
  2. i think the items were on lease and they never paid. so give the option of buying them or returning the goods
  3. when did it arrive. you need to counter claim i dispute the claim the claimant is claiming £xxxx which was covered by an insurance policy but refused you make a claim because he believes my driving was poor. the accident occurred because blah blah blah traffic had been bumper to bumper for four hours and under pressure from my employer to maintain schedule (any phone calls from your employer were are you would help) i maintained my driving to a high standard but sadly just as traffic started to flow the car in front braked hard and i collided and was treated as an accident. their have been no charges by the police my employer feels that it amounted to poor driving. which i dispute i counter-claim for the £150 which was deducted out of my wages without my consent
  4. is this from the court claim form
  5. employers are allowed to add bolt ons to contracts. but must be deemed to be a fair contract. it could be seen to be a fair bolt on. but what would you deem as poor driving. stuck in traffic 4 hours slight bump. who would class it as poor driving. the very use of word poor driving is a bad start for the boss i doubt the employer has a leg to stand. plus the employer has total disregard for employment law making illegal deductions my advice wait till the claim comes through and post the details on this site it would be interesting to see he particulars of the claim What is Bad Driving? There is no statutory definition of bad driving, but there are a number of general offences covered by this guidance that directly concern or may relate to the way in which a vehicle is driven. These are: murder; manslaughter; causing death by dangerous driving; causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs; dangerous driving; causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving; causing death by driving whilst unlicensed; uninsured or disqualified; careless or inconsiderate driving; wanton and furious driving; and aggravated vehicle taking
  6. it was an accident pure and simple stuck in a traffic jam 4 hrs without a break. wait for the court papers and counter claim and get your wages back at the same time. wouldn,t worry to much about the contract. its not classed as poor driving. doubt it would have stood up anyway when the papers come post details of the claim
  7. you haven't told us how you did the damage
  8. i recently closed my sky account because of working away. then started a new account getting £120 cashback at quidco and £25 m&s vouchers i got a new dish because of selling the old box and dish together i opted not to have the HD channels and still got a sky+ HD box and you receive the HD channels for free anyway that are available on freeview
  9. what do you mean they dont need to go to court. what does TEC do in northampton bulking centre
  10. i just received a message As this increase falls in line with the RPI increase, we consider no Material Detriment.
  11. i guess they feel that most plans are raising by less then £2 a month so it wont be detriment. but again they must have that crystal ball. because if someone has fell on hard times and struggling to maintain the payments and relying on credit cards etc then yes it is detriment that T-mobile are getting you further into debt because of the price increase.. whatever happens i will not be renewing my contract with T-mobile and i have been with them since 2000. a contract is a contract. over the years when they announced their huge profits. at no time did i write to them to lower the price of my contract. in fact when i lost my sim they charged me £10 to replace it. yet they charge a £1 for a pay as you go sim i tescos a contract is a contract
  12. i cant see why not at todays standards but the interest rates would be higher. but as it would be clear by 2018/19 i guess your more worried about your partners age being a stumbling block you would still able to get one but they would also take into consideration his pension plans etc
  13. i also believed that the doorstep licence or whatever you want to call it. is your right to your land. and when you revoke it. you are telling them that their rights to enter on to your land is revoked and is an act of trespass. i don't believe the fact you may have had a loan covers any of their agents to legally trespass on your land. unless of course your house is like coronation st where the door opens onto a footpath. then i would put a notice on the door "callers by confirmed appointment only"
  14. surely if you dont feel 90 minutes is long enough. you should be speaking to Asda that they are in danger of losing you custom
  15. you can be disabled and not be entitled to a blue badge. only higher rate disability are automatically entitled to a blue badge. the rest are case by case basis.
  16. she simply can not give it away when she is in receipt of a means tested benefit. the money has been inherited and is your mothers and would be benefit fraud and you could find that her benefits would be stopped after she give it away. forcing you to return it.
  17. did you keep final meter readings
  18. I agree it's the needy that have lost out I work full time and haven't had a pay rise for 4 yrs now. We haven't had a holiday for 3 yrs because the monies are not there. We have cut back on shopping. We have unemployed friends who rely on the benefits who are struggling big time before these cuts But then there are the few who know the benefits system Who holiday abroad. That seen to have no money problems. And certainly don't see work as an option and openly Bragg that they will never get back into work. Latest iPhone 3d tv They were the target but it seems the government have missed and hit an easy target Sometimes think I would be better off on benefits but its coming to an end for genuine claimants
  19. a friend just called needing advice. after successfully getting a job two years ago he feels a member of staff is victimising him by spreading rumours and gossip and failing to relay information. he says the person concerned tried to get his friend a job two years ago and failed because he got the job and because of this he took an instant dislike to him he has been spreading stupid rumours amongst staff. eg his wife is seeing someone etc failing to relay information and when my friend as made a mistake he told the manager i told him and he must not have been listening playing silly games when my friend has been struggling he has told other staff to let him struggle he flagged it with his manager 2 weeks ago when he overheard a member of staff saying that my friend was being monitored because he was not pulling his weight. the manager questioned staff and it come down to this one member of staff. the manager said take no notice hes just winding you up. they work a rota on jobs and today when he went in. the job he is on was done by the other last week. tools were hidden or missing process sheets were put into the wrong order. urgent orders were put at the back he come home today and called me and feels the only way is to leave or go on sick leave he his a quiet person who likes to keep him self to his self he has just called me back with this information about a month ago the union rep was having a general chat and he went to the toilet. the next day the union rep said he had to walk out of the room because the talk between the others he felt was work place bullying and the union rep reported what he heard to the manager. my friend never heard anything else about the incident
  20. sadly kwik fit is just a tyre fitting company who are trying to make a kwik buck pretending to be experienced as the big boys and time and time again people get their fingers burnt. they don't have the equipment or people with the skills to identify problems. you should not even trust them with a service. you need write a compliant listing your concerns threatening legal action to heard office to start the ball rolling.
  21. Sorry it my writing. Welfare. Helped with getting the council house to live by her family
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