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  1. i take it you got the v5 buyers slip
  2. can someone tell me if i'm right on this. is it true if someone moves from a property owing council tax and the council obtains a liability order but uses the first address for court purposes and later traces the debtor to another address and sends bailiffs. is it true the liability order is defective
  3. dunno why you would want to go back. his performance is based on sales
  4. at the end of the day signed the form and left the surgery without making payment. they should have sent a letter on what you are being charged for and the (fine)
  5. sadly something had to be done. to many families are living in over occupied houses with no chance of getting a property to suit their needs. while the government are paying rents on houses under occupied. we have a lady in the next road living on her own in a three bed property. openly tells people it pays her to not work. council have tried on many occasions to rehouse her. but she refuses point blank to move. while my next door neighbour who owns her own home is now selling hers now her children have grown up and married and her husband passed away. her reason is because she says the house is to big for her to maintain. she would love to stop but its time to move on
  6. looking at the comments i think the employer is best to ban him from entering or contacting the employer. its a shame it has come this.
  7. hi need some advice for a work colleague he is a civil servant and after a family fallout his brother has attended is place of work twice accusing him of obtaining privileged from the works computer and telling other people first visit was dealt by a manager and he brought printed messages from facebook. he was told that there was no basis for the allegations and went away. a week later he reattended with a printout with another conversation from facebook. this time he was told that these were not screenshots but a word document that could have typed by anyone. HR are following it up. the general word is they are going to close it as vindictive what rights do he have to stop him making these complaints
  8. think if they could legally enforce this they wouldn't accept £400. really need more information about the debt and what you credit file says about the debt
  9. Lowell sent me a letter for a statue barred debt. i decided to call to inform them that i wont be paying anything because its statue barred. there helpful and experienced staff (well that's what it said on the letter) said you got a moral responsibility to manage and pay your debts. i told her since i have never bought or borrowed anything from Lowell they can get stuffed i told her that you took the chance buying a debt for pennies and hopefully try to fleece some hard working famlies and take food of the table to pay money so you can sit on your arse all day and pretend have a job. i asked then her who had morals she has cleared and closed the account
  10. yes it is something insurance companies will do when supplied incorrect information. you can try negotiating to get it down a bit. but the insurance company are in the right. the drop down normally let you click less then year
  11. yawning at this. since when did the registered keeper become liable for any money owed under the freedoms act from a contract entered into by a different driver to a private company
  12. Do you have to pay the charges if you pay off the debt If you pay off your debt in full to the creditor before the bailiffs are instructed, you don’t have to pay bailiff’s charges. Once bailiffs have been asked to act, you'll usually have to pay their charges whether or not they can take your goods. If you pay off the debt to the creditor but not the bailiffs’ charges that you owe, the bailiffs can’t take goods from you just to recover their own costs. They'll have to take action against you themselves to get the money back.
  13. how would the bailiff enforce it. if there was not liability order because it was cleared?
  14. you need to inform them of your gross earnings. there system will tell them anyway.
  15. they shouldn't be the one refusing to deal with you. it should be you refusing to deal with them. only deal with the utilitiy company
  16. i thought as long as you pay the liability order to the council the bailiff has no power to enforce his charges
  17. yes left a letter you owe £495. she called them and they said they wont go into a payment plan because the have levied on the car (never seen the car. got reg from PNC) and it will cover the debt. car now hidden
  18. What grounds could use Only one she's got is that she's got no money
  19. this has been going round in my head after the neighbours received a bailiff visit for a council fine you cant use an n245 for TEC warrant of execution. my question is could you use it to get the judge to make an order to make monthly payments top and tail is bailiffs bill is for £500 who wont accept monthly payments. saying he just wants the car (which is hidden) council just say its out of their hands and must only deal with the baliffs out of time has been dismissed
  20. Ask them first to produce the contract giving ur consent to share data. They my back down. Ico take months
  21. how would you know if you were one of the mis-sold i signed up to scottish power on the door step and got rid of them after a year. and because i had an outstanding £86 it was easier just to default me instead if sending a bill
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