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  1. ive sent them a compliant via their website. the £2000 is the price quoted. her exact words were when i said thats expensive were the ecu would be £1200 without fitting and you need to take into account the £400 already owing. so it would have cost £400 to fit and program. the dealer said there hourly rate is £100 for working on a vehicle. the first half is £80 which includes connecting the car to their computer
  2. the car was towed by the aa on a wednesday ford did say because they were busy and would not look at it till the Monday. so the first days are waiting they looked at it on the Tuesday. they hooked it upto the computer and it would not communicate with ecu informed they needed to do some exploratory tests. but the guy who does that wont be able to do it till the thursday. at this point i did not know the car was running or that the ecu was faulty. i was only told that they did not know what the problem was and thats why they wanted to do exploratory tests. the £2000 was for the work they already did. £400 plus a new ecu and reprogramming it i have just an a complaint via their online form
  3. need some advice 9yr old ford fiesta been having problems. stuttering as i driving. car ground to a halt. it would start up but quickly cut out THEAA towed it to a local ford dealer who advised that it would not be seen for 5 days and advised it would cost £80 to be hooked upto their computer day 6 ford called to say the computer could not communicate with the ecu and would cost upto £400 to conduct exploratory tests day 7 guy who does checks is off day 8 hes busy but will get round to it day 9 hopefully hopefully today he can do it day 10 at 3pm reception transfers call to guy in work stop. he says on day 5 it started and worked fine and car has been sitting in compound. he says he went to start it and failed so will need to look at it again hopefully today/ transferred back to reception. who says total bill is £80 so far day 10 and 11 weekend closed day 12 call from ford to say ecu is faulty and will cost £2000 to repair. declined the repair. total cost to pay to collect car is £400. told girl i need to arrange tow truck. informs me its running and can be driven off. collected car and paid by credit card. decided to trade it in as we need a reliable car as car still stutters now and again. that dealer ecu is faulty as he is giving a years warranty and want to be able to go back in case theres a fault with the new one he says ive been ripped off. no further work should have been offered if the computer could not have communicated with the ecu and it was clear it was faulty and was fruitless work sheet says investigate vehicle will not start, we have carried out ids checks unable communicate with the vehicle but will recieve ids,s, removed and installed pcm to gain access, checked feeds and earths , all ok. check communication wiring for continuity and isolator to feed and earths all ok what can i do
  4. i think your confusing it with what the original agreement was. if you borrowed £100 and agreed to pay back £130 at the end of the month then its limited on how high the debt can go if you don't make payments. with provident that is what you agreeing too as the interest rate without missing payment.
  5. did you pay by credit card or barclays credit loan
  6. why dont you just use your own insurance company. they have there own legal teams and from the sound of it will find it in your favour. even if you dont use your insurance company. you will have to declare the accident at renewal regardless of whos fault it was
  7. do you have an update our story is the same as yours except we used wipes as recommended by dfs and they come back the its caused by skin contact with the leather and and the ombudsman agree so we are currently preparing a money claim online
  8. quick question can a bailiff force entry after peaceful entry and control of goods signed are failed to make payments under agreement
  9. its a catch 22 situation. if you win its wrote off. if you lose the ticket is full price. the offence is failing to display. in fairness he showed the ticket to the warden and it will confirm you had paid but it was still not displayed. you could argue that the council provided that type ticket and they are prone to blowing off dash boards on shutting doors. hence some councils they can be affixed to the windscreen (unless yours was and you didn't fix it to the windscreen) on one can predict the outcome. it all depends if the adjudicator had a good nights sleep and your case is well presented
  10. thanks for the information thats coming back just to be clear are you saying a PCN is not covered by the control of goods regulation. the breakdown of fees are listed under the letter control of goods where they have listed the car, i understand that a PCN warrant is issued by the TEC so does not fall within the paragraph the court”, unless otherwise stated, and subject to rules of court, means— (a)the High Court, in relation to an enforcement power under a writ of the High Court; (b)a county court, in relation to an enforcement power under a warrant issued by a county court; ©in any other case, a magistrates' court; with the TEC warrant was issued from a business centre with no hearing or judge to rule. just a member of staff saying yes they owe you for a parking ticket and you can pursue it. because of the police threat his father paid over £500 which would not have been paid. if the police did not get evolved he could have got a family friend with a tow truck to remove the car into private storage and invite the bailiff to remove the clamp
  11. based on what is above. he is considering making a compliant to to the police for losses caused by them threatening arrest by obstructing an enforcement officer. the control room advised the attending officer this was the law and they would enforce it. any ideas how to word it
  12. no one was stopping him removing the car. he was just sitting in the car. the tow truck driver said he cannot lift the car with someone sitting in it because of insurance purposes. maybe he was also obstructing the ea. what made it worse the ea was polish and very bad broken english and the police had to speak to his office to understand what was being said
  13. they borrowed the money to avoid arrest. i just wanted to know for future reference to see how far the police would go. the fact are. partner used car and got a council parking ticket. they ignored it and hoped to go away. enforcement officer clamped car early morning. unable to obtain access to a secure access flat to notify of it being clamped. partner came down to go to work and found it clamped. informed him that he visited the flat yesterday and left letter of attendance (no one would have allowed him entrance to the flats and wouldnt answer how he got in) produced id saying enforcement officer with photo. nothing to say he was authorized to execute warrants in england and wales. warrant of control in office as they dont need to carry them around apparently. he showed police a council website about liability orders. which said you can be arrested for obstructing an enforcement officer. i told the police they should seek advice from the police station and not rely on what the enforcement officer says.. they radioed back saying to go ahead and smash a window and arrest him. he decided to pay because he didnt want the car damaged and towed away with extra expenses and the fact they were going to store the car 80 miles away
  14. its was the owners who had the ticket, it was the partner in the car did have notice but ignored no finance was ea certified
  15. he ignored it and of the blue they clamped the car. he decided to pay as the officers warned him they has told by the control he could go ahead and arrest him on the bailiffs complaint he had been obstructed
  16. heres my thought and properly wrong. could you say i,m not obstructing the enforcement officer, he is welcome to to take the car but i am not moving. its not my fault the tow truck is not insured to carry passengers
  17. quick question. bailiffs clamp my friends car over unpaid council ticket. he sat in the car and bailiff called the police. informed him he was committing the offence of obstructing an enforcement officer and will be arrested. officers radioed control who said to go ahead and arrest them can they do this
  18. sadly they will look for the remainder of the deposit. check what price the holiday is selling for now and if its the same or more call them and ask them to reconsider on the fact because its still many months away they can still sell it without a loss. plus the nature of why you cancelled i booked mine in last august and now its sold out
  19. sounds more like he was attempting to remove a car and it got out of hand. not a refused a peaceful entry so it must be obstructing an enforcement agent
  20. write to them that you cancelled you direct debit because you didnt have a tv set during this time so owe nothing. i suspect there's more to it then meets the eye.
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