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  1. just carry on as normal they may be blagging trying to throw a spanner in the works. they may be going for a prepacked admin order. they,ll need a few debts to do it.
  2. the judgement will just be a ccj. its upto you to get the payment. if they don,t pay. you will have to enforce it. you can instruct a county court bailliff to attend if its less the £5000. i think the fee you will have to pay is £100 which will be added to the debt. problem is when they attend and they spin this yearn about going into administration. the bailiff may back off. personally i would instruct the bailiff to levy in any case and get them to produce administration documents. if they are not forthcoming them instruct them to remove the goods. the bailiff may ask for indemnity
  3. normally to cover their backs the letter normally states "as far as we are aware" so when the claimants find out its total cr**p. they made no commitment. carry on with your claim till you hear different. problem i see. once you have judgement. are you going to get your money. the judgement is just that they owe you the money and makes no guarantee you will get your money. have you checked to see if they have any other judgements and have they been satisfied. if you get the judgement. how are you going to enforce it. because by the sound it. they are not going to freely pay up. private message me the dealers name
  4. seen this many times. carry on as normal until you hear from the administrators
  5. shut the windows and doors and move the car. leave a note on the door telling them you don,t deal with debt collectors and bailiffs and don't waste your time. and only deal with cornwall court
  6. in simple terms on previous posts the debt has been acknowledged to make it clear they had trouble finding the debtor and offered a discount. the debtor goes on to acknowledge the debt. missed the discount offer date. and wow we want the lot
  7. You got the discount because they had trouble finding you. Given there's only 2 yrs left on the cra. They would have sent discount. Blah blah if paid in Xxx days. I'm guessing now they found you they not bothered with the discount any more and the 6 yr clock has now been reset
  8. you will asked to provide bank statements tenants agreements.
  9. theres never any harm in an appeal but zigzags is a hard nut to crack. questions are the were 2 in the car why did the driver need to stop on a zigzag and how did the buckle come undone was the children not strapped in properly
  10. the sale is not complete until the goods are despatched most retailers dont take the money until the goods are despatched. only authorise the payment. its was human error
  11. you post is very vague on what the goods were and had he received them. yes they do have a chance to cancel the sale if its found that there was a genuine error before you the goods have been despatched and can even ask for the difference after despatch or return of the goods if its shown that a reasonable person could see that the listing was wrong. by this i mean a £599.99 50in 3d tv selling at £59.99 tv would be seen as a mistake. if it said sale save 90% then its reasonable that the price is correct.
  12. i have the same issue never recieved a default notice and only found out from the credit reference agency, plus the copy they have sent me does not contain a breach which by law should do http://i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x325/queensclose/img036.jpg and to add insult this is how they sent the copy http://i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x325/queensclose/IMGP3716.jpg
  13. recieved a copy of the default notice from scottish power. i believe the default notice dated 11/05/10 is incorrect because it does not contain what the breach was. what do you guys think heres the notice http://i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x325/queensclose/img036.jpg to add insult this is how it arrived yesterday http://i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x325/queensclose/IMGP3716.jpg
  14. any advice i changed energy companies in 2010 normally paying £90 per month for gas and electric. final bill was £220 which they took by direct debit and i cancelled the direct debit after they took it just checking my credit file. they defaulted me for £86. spoke to the energy company and they say they should have added i to the final gas bill. but i had cancelled the direct debit before they could they say they didnt serve a default notice because they handed it to a debt collection agency and couldnt give me a date it was served because they would have served it. she said she might be able to get the date tomorrow. do i have any grounds on getting it removed
  15. Provident do seem to have this issue when a collector leaves. Which is unfair that you pay for collector to call in their interest rates. Inform them that it was agreed that it was to be collected and ask them when it will be. To be fair they are normally pretty could calling round. Someone gets percentage for collecting. Ask them to lower the percentage rate if you drop it to them One think to consider is they do update accounts on ur cra now
  16. you sure you have a default for this. you only normally get a discount offer if there's no chance of forcing you to pay
  17. that test is normally done when you are watched walking to the room for the assessment
  18. Valuables Antiques (objects over 100 years old) Articles made largely or wholly of gold, silver or other precious metals Diamonds and other precious stones Fur (except imitation) Jewellery (except imitation) Sim cards Watches
  19. i had the same problem and because parcel forces slow process i was forced to have the item returned and a paypal refund. i got my money back in the end. your item should be insured as the clock is not quite 100 yrs old when i got it back they sent an inspector to check the damage and it was clear from the state of the box it had been man handled. it has been securely packed and they admitted fault.
  20. you really need to speak to your solicitor as you are now separated and know lives in the house the solicitor can force the sale. quite a big equity in the house if you offered it at the right price you would get a buyer if its repossessed it will have a big impact on your credit file. it most likely be sent to auction. mortgage company only want to claw back £60.000 plus costs so if they dont get a buyer on the open market in 12 weeks off to auction it will go see your solicitor and dont miss the mortgage payments this will be taken into account on the final settlement who paid the mortgage while no one lived there
  21. thats the centre that tried to rip me off for £500
  22. not really a my word against theirs. if you have the evidence its a manufacture fault. that's all you need under the sale of goods act and if the makers are happy to exchange it then the supplier is obliged to exchange it no questions asked. show them your evidence inform them that if you deal direct with the makers you will invoicing them for all costs
  23. i,d speak with the union and bosses about the malicious and vindictive gossip.
  24. don't even send it you got more chance of me paying your invoice then getting money out of these people for your puncture
  25. it could go to court hence asking you to attend an interview under caution hoping you drop yourself in it which your not obliged to attend. which you did not so they hoped you would fill in the questionaire which your not obliged to complete. the council would be left with egg on their face if the wished to proceed. which i doubt they would. you have enough witnesses should you require them. what i say is if they got enough evidence against you. it wouldn't matter about an interview under caution or filling in the forms. these are just to try an build a solid case against you. and the old saying . i,ll have my day in court please. and the the follow up on a lying under oath council employee action
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