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  1. the proof is the police. there saying that the light was on green. if your right then it wont be long before there's gonna be an accident at the roundabout magistrates see this day in and day out. do you feel you can convince them
  2. what solution you looking for. are you happy to travel to motherwell for the service and mot or you after a refund. i know its close to the mot and service but you do have a number of options. what you took out was an insurance for the mot and service. and really you could take ford to the cleaners if they dont uphold their side of the deal you need to find what reason they intend to use to waive their responsibility to the mot and service before you can be given sound advice. i feel there has been some misunderstanding along the way.
  3. It's all down to the circumstances. Nothing to do with unloading a child or vulnerable person. If there is parking local. And you just wanted to get as close as possible. Then they won't buy it. Single line restrictions are pretty tough. But an appeal don't do anyone any harm. But beware if you parked there when there were other options. It will be dismissed
  4. theres no harm in an appeal. its all down to the circumstances that will swing it in your favour. childs age. any traffic conditions at the time. why you felt you had no choice but to park there. a good letter might let you of with a dont do it again warning.
  5. how much did you pay for the vehicle. doesnt matter were you bought the vehicle as long as the price you paid was reasonable and you took steps to ensure the vehicle was finance free. they can't just take the car off you if you bought it in good faith
  6. it sounds like you have grounds for appeal for the fact the ticket was issued smack on the time the free parking starts. there are some experts on here who will advise you further first question they will ask what code is on the ticket and is this a council ticket or private
  7. the buyer must have taken steps to believe that it was free from finance. which you did by doing an HPI check. the finance company neglected to register the vehicle as financed. so only have themselves to blame
  8. sorry just realised that it went into admin. i,d wait for them to make contact. you bought in good faith on the understanding the it was finance free. you have rights and it looks like santander will need to write it off
  9. go back to the dealer. it may be he is settling the finance and and santander haven't updated it
  10. Provident is a responsible lender and currently 80% of our loan applications are turned down find that hard to belief
  11. as i see it you have to name who the driver was. heres mine iant payink 2543 10th St Santa Monica CA 90405-3956 United States
  12. if the dirt on the vehicle hide the damage. them ask your card provider to recall the payment. send the the company a letter explaining the dispute and if they wish to dispute it. they are welcome to use the courts
  13. if you tell them you dont watch broadcasts they will still visit to check
  14. you could try complaining to the hospital that their parking system is having an effect on your business. its something they should have considered before introducing it
  15. Not really. If you phone the courts. They don't like doing name searchs on the computer because it's time comsuming They like the case number. You could call tv licensing
  16. Sadly the council are not obliged to rehouse people evicted for rent arrears. Well said the government go on about fathers taking responsibility then kick them in the teeth. I guess the government target the minority and effect the majority We have a woman in a 4 bed house around here on her own. Only been their 6 yrs all kids have now moved. She's says why should move. I waited long enough to get it.
  17. everyone would escape prosecution if all you had to was pop out and buy one on the day of the visit. hold fire and wait to see if you do get a summons. if you do come back. you have got some strong points you could use, but to go in and arque just about a freeview box is fruitless. the licencing officers are good at twisting facts and are normally prepared for people to come to court and plead not guilty you have to think once step ahead and hit them with something they wasn't expecting private message me for what i would do
  18. your not been forced to move. just been told to pay part of the rent out of your benefits. plus they are cutting benefits left right and centre. everyone is been screwed. the disabled are being moved from DLA to PIP with the help of atos. so i guess a lot of disabled people are will lose theirs altogeher. the government have done to much to soon and a disaster is just round the corner
  19. my sister in law is renting private and has 2 daughters in a 3 bedroom house and shes been told its under occupied because 2 girls have to share a bedroom
  20. for some reason the op has removed a post were he did admit to the officer he had a freeview box. saying the Do you have either satellite, cable or digital (Freeview)? - NO. meant tv did not have built in freeview but had a separate freeview box the mags see this all the time were the defendant later changes his story for what he signed for point 1 When did you last use the set for watching TV programmes here? - SOME POINT TODAY. dunno what you gonna say that. point 2 Colour, digital box, power plugged in, aerial plugged in TV Make: TOSHIBA clearly says digital box the post removed explains this as i said op is guilty of using the set without a licence. its up to him he wants to plead not guilty and try to twist the facts, bit TV licencing have more experience of twisting the facts. remember this is mags it should be guilty beyond doubt. in reality its who they believe
  21. you are guilty of the offence and everything he wrote could lead to prosecution. my guess it will. he most like wrote it had the aerial and was plugged in because you said you watched it earlier. you could plead not guilty and act dumb saying you you misunderstand the questions because the way they were worded. but you have told him a lot. and its a lot to contradict. and you signed it i think if you get the summons a guilty plea is best. it will be like a cattle market and every in your court will be the same offence
  22. i think you have the grounds to plead not guilty but it needs to go into deeper these officers are well known to twist the facts. it all depends what was said and the impression you gave to the officer
  23. prepacked is when they buy the business back without the debts. be prepared they may not be bluffing. if they got big debts check out http://corporate.practicallaw.com/7-385-0829#a284129 bonmarche and colliers have done this in the past.
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