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  1. Ok!! I'll give i a go and see what they say. I'll try claiming back he charges and removing the default at the same time and see what they say. I'll keep you posted hun! Thankyou!! L.x
  2. I'm sure i can make another claim.. but would i need to make another claim to get the default removed? I would do it, but its such a long process to do the charges which will take 4 months to get my money back and the amounts not that high, then to do the default after which could take several months would make it a very long process. I never really realised how much damage 1 default could do on your credit profile!! Which is why id rather get rid of that 1st, then deal with the charges after. Lori.x:D
  3. Hey Hopeful1, The big win was a hard slog.. but i got there in the end!! Thankyou for the thread! I have sent out the letter to put the credit ref agency on notice. So we'll see what they reply back with!!.. no doub it will be a letter fobbing me off, but we'll see! My only query is that, because they were still charging me after i started claiming, i could only put down so many charges up until the point that i gave the final charge amount to the court, so all the charges after that have never been claimed back. Hense would that mean that the latter charges i hadnt claimed for, would not be in dispute and so would be ok for them to issue me with a default? Sorry if thats sounds soooooooo confusing!!.. but i just want to make sure! Lori.x
  4. Hi Everybody!! After successfully claiming back £2300 in Bank charges from Natwest last year, i have checked my credit report and realised that while i was claiming them back, the bank was still charging me and subsequently put a default on my credit report for it. I have never claimed those charges back, only up to the point before then when i put in my claim.The account is now closed also. Can anybody point me in the right direction of a useful thread.. or does anybody have any advice at how i should go about getting the default removed?:???: Thankyou!!! Lori.x:D
  5. Hi all!! I had gone over my overdraft so they took what i owed them and then told me a cheque would be sent for the rest. I was fuming.. they told me that after i had waited for it 2 clear for 6 days, nobody had told me they would do that. I went ballistic on the phone because they hadn't told me ands they were also going to send me a cheque and i had no bank account 2 put it in to. Finally after and argument with 3 different people.. they said i could collect the money from my local branch and then my account would be closed! Good riddance i say!! I have just received a letter abount my egg claim.. they are going to refund me in full!! YIPPPPEEEEE!!! I don't know whether 2 sign the order they have given me 2 get my money tho.. or draft an order up myself? What do u think? I also need to know if there is an alternative option than them sending me a cheque as i don't have a bank account. Please help if u can!! Lori xx
  6. Hi All!! Me again!! I know i am in the Natwest Forum and what i'm going to ask u about is an egg claim, but this is like my second home.. and i'm sure u will be able 2 help me anyway. Right.. I've had a letter from egg it starts with the usual spiel about refunding me but they are doing it as a goodwill gesture, then they go on 2 say that for me to recieve my money back i have to sign there 'TOMLIN ORDER'. This is the Tomlin Order: Upon the parties having agreed terms of settlement set forth in the schedule attached hereto By Consent It is ordered that: 1 All further proceedings in this action be stayed except fro the purpose of carrying such terms into effect. 2. Permission to apply to carry such terms into effect. 3. There be no order as to costs of this application or in the case. (Then it asks fro my signature) Then on the following page it states The scedule: 1. The defendant shall within 14 days from the date of the Order refund to the Claimant the sum of £250. 2. The parties agree that the consideration set out in the paragraph 1 above shall be in full and final settlement of the case, and of all claims, rights, actions and causes of action (including claims for interest and costs) either party may have against the other arising out of or in connection with any issue pleaded in this case. 3. The terms of this aggreement shall remain confidential between the parties and their legal advisors save that the same may be disclosed: (a) To the extent necessary for the purpose of enforcement; and (b) to any court, government or other authority to the extent necessary for compliance with a lawful obligation by the party disclosing it, and to the extent necessary to any other professional adviser to that party in connection with the giving or receiving of advice in relation to such disclosure. Sorry that was so long. Well, can anybody help? I'm assuming its the same as the Natwest one. Can i write a letter accepting instead of signing there letter? I am assuming they will send me a cheque dor the money to but i don't have a bank account. Is there any other way they can give me the money that doesn't involve a bank account of mine? PLEASE HELP! I need to send them a response tommorrow. Thanks all!! Lori xx
  7. Hi all!! Nothing is ever straight forward is it!! I put my cheque in to my account. Went in to the bank tuesday as it should of been cleared, they told me it would then be done yesterday as it would take longer because of the bank holiday. So i went in yesterday, tried to take the money out of my account, only to be told that they were holding my money until it cleared, then they would send me a cheque to my home address of the remainder money once they had taken out what i owed them. I was fuming!! I wouldn't of put the cheque in that account if they hadn't put my account number on the top! I rang up and went ballistic!! They finally agreed that i could take my money out of my account today, and then it would be closed. What a palava!! Does anyone know of a bank account for people with bad credit? I now need a new account!! Lori xx
  8. Hi all!! I have just won against Natwest and now i am about to register my claim against egg at mcol. Does anybody know of a particulars of claim as i am struggle wat to put in that section on the form.. Lori xx
  9. Don't know if anyone can help me on this either.. i know there a credit card, but i'm claiming against egg too and need to write a poc on mcol. Does anyone know where i can find this? or can i use the same one i used for my Natwest claim? Lori xx
  10. Hi all!! Back again for the second time running... and the first question i have is, does anyone know of a template that i can send as a first letter to Natwest stating that this is my second cliam with them and they have still been charging me and i want the charges back?... Lori xx
  11. Thanks littlesally!!.. It has been a bit of a journey.. but onwards and upwards as i am starting my second claim against them today.... Look at for the Natwest Journey Part 2.. i'll probably need more help!! xxxx
  12. Thanks mate!! Don't worry i will be donating to say thankyou!! Thanks for being a great help!! xxxxxxxxxxx:D
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