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  1. Yeh, LBA sent 02 Apr. Not heard of the N1 before. It's been a while since i've done this. Which form do i need.
  2. Prelim sent, claiming £252 of unlawful charges + the std 8% interest. IF replied saying they would deal with it within 4 weeks LBA sent 02 Apr, got a reply today offering me £32 as a good will gesture and stating 'all the charges are fair' garbage. Need to do a MCOL now. Are they paying out if you call or do i need to follow the MCOL through.
  3. How come you have nearly £1700 in interest? where did you work that out from 300 quid in charges? My claim is for £120 of charges and my contractural is nowhere near half of yours. in fact its about 50 quid at the rate of 18% APR. account was closed a year ago and i'm claiming over about 3 years (time at which i had the account). incidently, they offered me £48 as full and final settlement. Trouble is i want to call them, on the number provided, and discuss (as i'm currently offshore) but all i get is a bloody call centre in india.
  4. hi did you claim using mcol? If so, what did you do about the interest (contractural), did you ask for it back also or just claim the amount of charges only?
  5. just called em too purchases was 18.9% cash was 22.9% average of both or take the highest one?
  6. uk one last question. What do i tick on the 'are you claiming interest' question. if yes then a pop up says i need to include the text about sect 69 etc etc
  7. Uk - PM received. I'll definitly be using that text and as per my PM, thanks again Final question though: The APR i used initally was a guess as i don't have the statements and at the time i only had the SAR info which wasnt in statement format but, i've now found a statement which states an average of 1.4% for purchases/cash advances giving about 18% APR. Seeing as i used a guesstimate of 24.9% for my prelim and LBA should i continue with this rate or use the 18% figure on the POC on MCOL. Sorry for what may seem dumb questions but i want to get this right in case of court etc Chris
  8. oh... Thats confused things somewhat. I thought MCOL & contractural was a bit more simplified than that. To be honest the charges i am claiming totals to only £120, with contractural interest it's about £150 ish. Can I, at this stage sack the contractural i've been asking for in my prelim and LBA (i've now actually calculated it properly at 18%) and just settle for the 8% instead to save the hassle. I'm working abroad at the moment so it doesnt help either, after a quick result if possible, ie through MCOL. I don't want a measely £48, i want at least the £120 back.
  9. My claim is for £120.00 plus contractural interest at 24.9% Prelim sent 12 Mar 07 Nothing heard from that so....... LBA sent 10 Apr Nothing heard by last friday (27 Apr) so i started Moneyclaim (saved not submitted yet). Out of the blue yesterday, i received a letter from cap one dated 24 Apr thanking me for replying to their offer of £48 (I'm sure i never) sorry you feel that their offer is unacceptable, contact OFT etc etc. Anyway it's too late so i'm continuing with court action via moneyclaim, which is where i'm currently at. I'm stuck with the particulars of the claim. I've used the template from here but i need help with filling in the bit about claiming the interest. Do i claim the 8% and contractural or just contractural only. If the latter, can i use the phrase 'in accordance with section 69 of the county court' still? if not what should i put? Any advice welcome
  10. Right, what do i do now? SAR sent on 30 Jan. Basically, they sent me a response to my SAR dated 09 Mar which, by the time i got it, was late anyway (received on 19 Mar) and it stated that i had no charges and the case was closed. However....... .........this was total rubbish and after speaking to them personnally on the phone on 15 Mar they admitted that there was indeed charges on my account (7 in fact, recently and i can also verify this through statements and letters), they then said that i would receive a response with the list of charges within 5 days and stated that it would be in the post that same day. Well, obviously 5 days was last tuesday, ie the 20th and today after 11 days i still havent had anything. They are now taking the pi55. It is now 54 days from my SAR. What do i do now, i've had enough of these muppets, i want to take action. Who, where to and what with? Cheers in advance
  11. Well some correspondence at last, not that its any good mind. Read on..... Recived today a letter from IF entitled DATA PROTECTION ACT - DATA SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST dated 09 Mar 07. It went on to say that it is my right to get the info etc etc etc and then i read down, this is what it says: Credit Card xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx No Charges Applied. WHAT !!!!!!!!! So what have the last 3 months of charges been about then ?? So, just called them and spoke to some bloke and he did say that a new breakdown of charges was in the post as per my telephone conversion on the 15th Mar which, were posted that same day. I asked if he could see how many charges i actually had in total, he looked at my account and agreed with the last 3 months and said the total number of charges applied to my account since i've had it is 7. Then i asked, why did the SAR letter i got dated the 9th Mar state i had none then? His answer, "I don't know, just throw that letter in the bin and wait for the next one". Yeh, of course.................as if. Who do i complain to people?
  12. Bit of an update. Well as of today (15 Mar) i have still not received any correspondence from my SAR dated 30 Jan which,according to track and trace, was received by IF on 01 Feb (S.A.R. template taken from here). To my calculations, they've had my SAR for 43 days now. Given that i am currently based overseas with the forces i gave them a few days grace for the slower mail service we experience here before following up. So, today i called them and asked where my info was. After being put on hold for about 10 mins (bare in mind i'm dialling the international number here ) the guy asked if i wanted 6 years worth of statements. I said yes, if necessary but i only require a list of charges really and i'm not paying the £5 fee for each statement. I also mentioned that i had sent the £10 maximum fee that they could charge which, to date had still not been banked, (he agreed to the max £10 yet earlier in the call he also concured that statements were £5 each :? ). Anyway, he stated that IF would now bank my cheque for £10 and send me upto 6 years of statements. So, putting 2+2 together i then proceed to ask whether the statements were either; a. already in the post, b. going to be posted today or c. going to be posted in the next couple of weeks or so. He then stated that they would be getting posted today and would take upto 5 days to arrive, to which i reminded him that they were already in breach of the data protection act 1998 with regards to the 40 day limit , again he agreed :? Anyway, in the hope of receiving my data I'll give em a further 7 days, ie until next friday which is ample time given my current situation with the post. If i still havent received anything by that date then i will be following up with a letter of non-compliance etc. If i get my info by then i'm still going to report them to whoever it is that deals with this, just need to search some more to find out who exactly. On another note, i did receive a letter in reply to my letter of complaint which was sent the same day as the SAR. However, it basically went along the lines of saying sorry you feel you've been fobbed off, sorry about no statements then stated my current balance and next payment date, told me my account was closed but stated my original credit limit, said they couldnt help with a re-payment plan as its not company policy and then fobbed me off, in writting So, in summary. IF are a complete bunch of useless muppets. Once my debt with these people is cleared i can safely say that I will never ever use these incompetant rip off merchants again. so, on we go........
  13. ditto I called them the day before i was going to send the lba. i made sure they were aware that i knew they were dealing with cases like this every day and that to date they always payed up. i said my claim was only small and i'd seen people with bigger goodwill gestures than my full claim, so why not setlle over phone, saves my time and theirs being wasted.. Have all your facts straight, be polite and they will co-operate.
  14. if in doubt, call them and ask. I assumed mine to be 24.9% and used this on my spreadsheet. When i spoke to Yvonne she calculated it for me, it was actually 15.9%. Might be worth just requesting it back over phone, you never know, it worked for me.
  15. chris_d

    Chris_d vs MBNA

    Received a letter today from Stuart Johnson offering a further 178.84 goodwill payment for full and final settlement as per my phone call on 24 Jan. It also says at the bottom if i don't comply with their charges anymore they will cancel my card and terminate my account. Typical really, as i asked for this last year anyway and was refused - idiots. So, thats it all settled and confirmed. For the third time, will a mod please rename and move this thread lol.
  16. Well long story short. I have, or used to have an IF Credit Card. 2 years ago they went chip & pin but, failed to inform me and a few thousand others they were doing so . Result - out of the blue, my card is rejected one day for no apparant reason. At the time i also had credit on it, or so i thought. I go home and try to log in online but i can't. So I call IF to ask why and they explain the Chip & Pin fiasco - turns out a letter was sent out for me to sign across to a new card, me and a couple thousand others never got the letter. Subsequently, without my knowledge my card had been cancelled the previous month after their deadline that i didnt know about, oh and thats why i can't log in also. Credit Limit reduced to Zero. Great! - Credit card account with no card and £0.00 limit. What did i do wrong ?? Well, so i think never mind, lets pay it off anyway, treat it as my card is cut up or something. That is until now when IF fail to even send me statements, just bloody letters with charges on them. It turns out i'm one month in arrears because of this. How am i supposed to make payments if i don't know my balance, minimum payment amount or latest payment date. Last statement i have was Novemeber. So, today i call IF. Well, what a waste of 20 mins. Called to enquire about closing account and moving onto a payment scheme. Nope, nadda! Totally unhelpful, didnt want to know. All they could offer was a 3rd party debt management intervention. To top it all they didn't even tell me my balance or what my payment was!! All they kept saying was charges, charges, charges! Well, my fellow CAG IF claimants - Its time for me to get even. S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) will be in the post tomorrow morning along with a seperate letter of complaint for their unhelpful customer service. un-Intelligent Finance here i come.
  17. haha.....as if Mate, personally i'm with you 100% but, she's the one signing the letters. Also, we have a predicament being that we are currently based in cyprus until Jan 08, so making a court appearance (I know, i know it won't happen ) or at least being prepared at the last minute to make one could be a logisitical pain in the bum, as well as costly (flights etc). Basically, she aint convinced it won't go to court, its nowt to do with the trousers at all. I have convinced her though, to call this afternoon though requesting a reason for the goodwill offer and try to squeeze some more out of them. (see paul vs barclays - settled).
  18. Update Received a letter today, signed Susan Harris (Customer Relations Manager), enevelope was hand written too. Anyway, looks like a standard reply with a goodwill gesture of £430 (full amount is £850 ish) Have spoken to the wife and she is adament (sp?) that she does not want to get involved with the court stage whatsoever, so unless i convince her otherwise we may be settling for this (although not accepting any terms etc etc). Will update you on the overall outcome.
  19. Cheers T4ff I was aware of the stickies, I did scan through them before making my post. There's quite a varied amount of addresses for BOS in that particular thread and i was really seeking advice as to which one of them i should use.
  20. chris_d

    Chris_d vs MBNA

    cheers buddy just need a mod to amend the title and move to relevant forum. I pm'd one a day ot two ago but no joy so far.
  21. I have just settled in full for a claim with MBNA for a credt card that was orignally BOS. The BOS card was issued in Jul 02 but, in August 2005 it changed to MBNA (took me a while to realise as the correspondence from either company over the whole thing was pretty much non-existant) Before all this happened, the card in question was a Bank of Scotland 007 James Bond Visa. As stated i had a full settlement from MBNA for the period Aug 05 to Dec 06. Now I would like to claim back any charges incurred prior to this period, when it was with BOS. As i don't have the statements for this card to hand right now i called MBNA and asked if they had any details about the previous card, it turned out that they did so i asked for the period i had it from/to and what the account number was (it was different from my MBNA one). I didnt ask for much more as i'm assuming that my claim for this period is with BOS and not MBNA, also i didnt want to let on i was gonna request my charges back so soon after winning a full settlement with them for my MBNA card. Also, the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) i sent for my MBNA claim came back with only the transactions from when it was with MBNA and didnt include anything from when it was with BOS. Has anyone had any experience of this (ie the 007 card) and who should i send the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to, obviously BOS but where ? Thanks in advance Chris
  22. how much do they owe you. Mine was only 250 quid + interest. I called them today as my prelim deadline is up tomorrow, waffled a bit and spoke to someone called Yvonne, she calculated my interest and offered me another goodwill gesture. With this figure added to the initial offer of £100 already credited to my account earlier it totalled what they owed me. So settled in full, job done.
  23. chris_d

    Chris_d vs MBNA

    RESULT!!!! As above, i had a call back from Yvonne at MBNA. She also said they hadn't received my prelim but a quick scan over my account quickly confirmed that my total charges of £247.00 was correct. I asked about contractural interest and she said mine was at the rate of 15.9%, not the 24.9% i had used for my calculation sheet. She said she could calculate it and call me back, so naturally i agreed. Well, after 10 mins she called back and gave me a figure of £31.84 for compound interest on my charges and subsequently offered me a further goodwill gesture of £178.84 to which i happily accepted. She said that this would be credited to my account today. Added to the £100 goodwill gesture already credited to my account from the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) i do believe that is settlement in full. Obviously I also asked for written confirmation of this offer so will watch the post. Mods, please could you change the title to read 'SETTLED'. As soon as i have confirmation (both payment and in writing) i will make a donation and fill out the survey. Right, [checks wallet] who's next !!!!
  24. chris_d

    Chris_d vs MBNA

    Well the 14 day time scale on my prelim is up tomorrow and as the LBA will be sent on friday i thought i'd give em a call to see if they would settle. Called 01244 672628 and spoke to Nicola. Gave her my details and said that i had a claim in process for £247 + interest. After making her aware that i knew she probably dealt with cases like this on a daily basis, I said that i was calling to see if they would settle in full over the phone today instead of wasting my time and theirs knowing full well that they would eventually pay up anyway. Well, Nicola first told me that they had registered my complaint, to which i replied no, that was just an SAR. Anyway, i said i'd sent a prelim requesting £247 + interest on 11 Jan. She said they hadnt received it, i said yes you have or Royal Mail Track and Trace is lying. I then proceeded to mention that as my claim was only small and they had already paid me £100 as a goodwill it would be their interest to pay the rest in full. Anyway, she tried to transfer me to a specialist (probably Yvonne) but they were busy so she took my number and said i would get a call back today, so sat here waiting. will keep you updated people.
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