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  1. Hi I've written twice to Barclays now - 1st time using the letter from Library enclosing a chq £10. They replied, returning the cheque telling me to write back if I wanted further info. This I did enclosing the £10 again...they wrote back saying the details I had requested (statements and bank charges under Data Protection Act) were not available as they are stored on microfiche or something. Can anyone please help/advise what I can do next. I am trying to reclaim charges £30/month I get for going over my overdraft limit. Is this something that I should be able to do? Thanks
  2. Hi there I have written to Barclays twice now. First time asking under Data Prot Act for my statements. They wrote back sending me back my £10 then asked me to send it back if I wanted further information. I wrote back sending them the cheque and they again sent it back saying they could not provide me with this information and something about microfiche!?" Any one had this before? I still haven't got my bank statements???!!! Please help as I get charged £30/month going over my overdraft and I'd like to put a claim in to get this back. Jim
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