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  1. good luck and if you get stuck just ask
  2. Yes - I did all my nice big juicy claims first now working my way through HP agreements, Mail order, Mortgages etc etc all adds up eh!!!
  3. I know!! They can run but not hide!!!
  4. "shudder" Natwest bain of my flipping life they were!!! Anyway as the saying goes - it all comes out in the wash!!!! and I got my cash back in the end!!! Trouble is from reading on here you never going to find a decent bank eh!!!!
  5. Did you send them a second letter? It should go Prelim - then LBA? Usually HSBC settle after the LBA. However if you have followed the correct proceedure then yes you are entitled to interest and of course your costs!!!! Cheeky mares if they trying to pull that fast one!!
  6. I think the majority of query can be answered by reading the FAQ or other peoples threads. Your situation is not much different to many of us on here. I doubt they would send bailiffs to your home in Greece - if that helps you at all!!! (though i bet the bailiffs would love to go!!). There are no short cuts to your problem only tried and tested solutions. First of all you need to find out exactly how much in charges HSBC owe you. Either check online via internet banking then complete the following spreadsheet and send them the following letter http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/671-2-letter-preliminary-approach.html and http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/182-6-interest-calculation-spreadsheets.html If you cant access your statements online then you need to send them this letter with a cheque for £10 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/516-1-data-protection-act.html Above all try to find your own answers - irts more empowering to do it this way!!
  7. I think HSBC makes offers on the first claim - them push your claim to the court stages if you dare to place a second claim with them!!! I guess they hope you will just go away - however if like you your second claim is higher than the first - thats is hardley likely is it!!! Good luck.......and dont worry if you got any query's just post em up here and Im sure you will get an answer. My beef with them was they allowed my Debit Card to still make transactions when the account wasnt in credit (because its hard to keep track when they sometimes take 14 days to allow a debit card transaction to go through!!), whilst my claim was going through with them I clocked up another £500 - and now that wasnt through me being frivulous (if Im honest to this day I dont even know how it happened as there are no DD on the account) anyway my first claim for £2K was settled no probs however they are pushing me to the MCOL for the £500 crazy isnt it!!
  8. Hiya Blue It should work with Works as that is what Ive got, if you still get stuck or have no further luck let me know - maybe I could email you mine or something!
  9. Hiya Heres the rejection letters http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejecting-offers.html Im not sure how you have laid out your claim with them, but to clarify for you, interest can only be paid to you if your claim has reached the court stage! So if you have had an offer for the exact amount of charges, and havent reached the fMCOL stage, then you have to accept it. HSBC do appear to save themselves a lot of money by settling out of court and thus saving on paying interest and cost to claimants.
  10. I think nearly every claimant who has been through the process has their own horror story to tell!! Again I reiterate - it is what the banks are hoping for, they know they cant legally stop you so what else do you expect from an institute which has been unlawfully taking your money over the past few years!!! Lets face it if they wanted to play honestly and fair they wouldnt have taken the cash in the first place. Take deep breath enjoy the sun, and just post up any specific question you may have but not have found a reply elsewhere!
  11. I think as long as you keep your claim to under £5000K (excluding interest and costs), how far you go back isnt important as long as you correctly lay out your schedule of charges!! Good luck!!
  12. The Twins - its up to you - only you know how much you need the cash. over £2K is not to be sniffed at - but them again neither is an extra £1300!!! All I can say is from experience you will get all of your money back!!! Youve been without the cash for this amount of time, realy is a couple more weeks gona make that much difference to you!!!! Trust me once the cash has been spent and is gone I think you would have wished you'd hung on a bit longer!!! Good luck with whatever you decide, either way your onto a winner!!!
  13. Wow this can only be good news for all of us!!! Wonder if it will spread across all banks!!
  14. HA HA hang in there hun!!! Ive claimed agianst the Wooly and alothough they like to play hard ball they do cough up the whole lot plus interest in the end!!!! They even added my current charges which were acumulalated along the way into my final settlement!!! Fingers crossed for you !!!
  15. Its up to you at the end of the day. Do you know of any one else who has had part settlement at the sort stage? Ive known people who because they have waited til the end have also had their current charges added as well - saves teh hassle of starting a seperate claim!! Sweet!!
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