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  1. "their client".. how funny. So their client is themselves lol What a joke.
  2. Yes i noticed that this morning. When the banks, judges, government and financial institutions are all in cahoots with each other, went to the same private schools together and lunch together at the golf club every Sunday then you can't expect fairness or impartiality.
  3. limitations act plan shelved Credit Today online
  4. No surprise how it went really.. Judges being buddies, friends or ex members of the board to the banks. God knows what the Banks will do to people now tho... £70 charge for being 25 pence overdrawn?....£150? They can do what ever they like now........
  5. In other words "it's up to you to sort it out as we don't really care and are too scared to go up against Barclays to even bother trying". Usual TS response i'm afraid.
  6. I believe it's called 'greed'. They have been adding about £10 a month to the account since buying it last December. Requests for a breakdown of how they arrived at that figure have been ignored. It doesn't matter though as they won't be getting it anyway
  7. Hi Angel.. hope all is well. Yes still about now and then although pretty quiet so getting on with other things. As for 'fire'.. it's actually Cabot: Domain name: fireltd.co.uk Registrant: Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd Registrant type: UK Limited Company, (Company number: 3439445) Registrant's address: 1 Kings Hill Avenue Kings Hill Kent West Malling Kent ME19 4AU United Kingdom
  8. ...and even when they say 'will' instead of 'may'.. still nothing happens. Look at the retreat below... i thought it was pre-litigation time (according to them). But no.. yet another attempt to collect without putting their previous threats into practice.
  9. Yeah im not sure why the balance went down. in any case it's gone back up again now lol
  10. davey77

    Davey vs Amex

    NCO gave up.. Now AIG are trying it on.. usual get lost letter off to them today:
  11. Davey is back after a bit of an absence to usual rubbish from Cabot which isn't getting a reply. Can't be bothered to be honest lol
  12. Thanks CB lol yeah .. perhaps i should have taken my cue from the borg Locutus and stated "resistance is futile"
  13. My reply to Scotcall: "N O T I C E ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE I do not acknowledge any debt to your company, your client or it’s agents or representatives Dear Sir/Madam, Further to your recent standard template communication. Your company and/or representative’s implied access to my property is hereby formally removed as I note that there is only an implied license under English Common Law for certain people to visit me on my property without express permission; the postman and people asking for directions etc (Armstrong v. Sheppard
  14. relied to your PM talbot..
  15. Hey GM, I have seen a few of these now and it's a good result but they will still try to pursue you for the amount even tho they don't have an agreement so it's up to you how you want to play it. Similar here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/177986-unenforceable-loan.html Always nice to know they haven't got a hope of ever getting you to Court after sending that letter tho! No progress on my front apart from this today from Scotcall. 1 letter going off to them removing access, stating the facts and informing them that no further correspondence wil be e
  16. They have added about £10 to the account each month since they bought it last December. I have asked for a detailed breakdown at how these amounts have been calculated (as i view it as a charge for debt collection) but all i have had is a nonsense reply stating something about how they are able to charge 'interest' etc. I'm certainly not paying it! Still awaiting progress on the ICO complaint re the missing pages under my CCA/SAR requests. Could be a long wait. Until then i am ignoring them. They won't take me to Court and i can't be bothered to waste printer ink
  17. BOS never reply to anything.. never did to me and i haven't found anyone who has had a personal response from them If you haven't sent a payment and they are thanking you for one anyway i would imagine it means they are using that method now in an attempt to reset the statue barred clock (as there is some indications that it 'may' be changed from 6 years to 3 next year.) I would, as a way of covering yourself, tell them that A. you have sent no payment (and do not acknowledge any debt to their company) and B. their refusal to communicate with you in a professional manner means no fur
  18. There you go then.. nothing to worry about. Get your sky to an end next month and then tell the BBC to get knotted. Save yourself £142.50 a year
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