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  1. Well, Letter from MBNA this morn says the are investigating my complaint with a response due by the 9th Jan. Watch this space!
  2. wow, no late charges, helpful banks...where was this? The Twilight Zone?!That's what i call customer service! See, life doesn't have to be so difficult, it's only some people that make it so! So you are saying that NZ.ers are slightly dense on the whole then? I wish i was still in contact with my ex now lol
  3. Ah I thought Waiouru looked NZ. Learnt alot about the country but haven't been as yet. My ex moved back to Rotorua after being in the RAF. What a country! one day....
  4. tehe... thats a very good idea. But perhaps you're right in that you have scared them off forewarning them that you are creditcard/bank savey! lol Especially calling yourself dragonlady. Maybe mine should be FinanceDestroyer or BankBuster!
  5. Well, no reply as yet to my letter to MBNA regarding the number of calls/GVI. Only an email tonite: Dear MR X Despite the reminders on your statement and our attempts to resolve this matter, we have not received a payment. You should be aware that prompt payment avoids late charges and negative information being registered against you with the Credit Reference Agencies. A good credit record is vital if you plan further borrowings in the future such as a mortgage or a personal loan. Please call us... to discuss this matter. Please do not reply to this e-mail with any account querie
  6. Yes could be right there Battleaxe. They are certainly shy of adverse publicity. Thanks for the good wishes by the way.
  7. Wouldn't it be nice to be forgotten by some quarters! Good news this morning though. Bt will change the number adn Capitol One have accepted (finally) my offer of £5 a month with a review in June 2007. Plus a job interview lined up for the 2nd of Jan as an animal welfare assistant. Things are looking up!
  8. Thanks jeff2000. That's a solution i hadn't even thought of. Wouldn't be a problem either as i don't have many friends etc. Nice..well, not nice, but you know. Easy! ta!
  9. ah ok.. i see. thanks. I'll go with that i expect then. Well, had the phone unplugged since 3pm and it's luurrrvly! I even had a snooze! Although i kept dreaming that people were ringing me and woke up aggitated?! oh well!
  10. I take it you are not with BT then as according to their site Anon call reject" f a caller withholds their number, they will not be able to get through to you. They will only be able to get through if they reveal their number. Anonymous Call Rejection will not bar incoming calls where it delivers the message 'unavailable' And it costs £4 a month. But thanks for all the info. I shall what i can work out what's best in the end and of course i can always unplug the phone to give me some peace for a day!
  11. Letter from global vantedge this morning almost the same as yours Battleaxe. Charming the way they put a subtle threat about 'contacting you at home and/or your place of work"
  12. Actually if truth be told just checking i haven't tried blocking the 0870 just the 0800. I will try that next time it calls though. Just emailed BT to ask about this. But will ring them later if they don't reply. Makes life really tense as i live with an elderly parent who has no idea of the mess we (I) am in.:o
  13. Silent call gurad from TPS according to their website: "If the purpose of the call was to sell you a product or service, then registering on TPS will reduce these (silent calls). However companies use automated diallers for things such as debt collection, market research etc. and TPS will not reduce these. TPS are advertising this call blocker Callblocker - take control of your in home privacy but it's £50 so don't think i'll be going down that route. Looking at other options and off the top of my head wonering wether i can have specific number diverted to my mobile by BT as i don't use my
  14. So you get that through BT? Only i was looking through the call features they have it's tricky to know which is best? Only 5 calls today... they are slipping!
  15. davey77

    Sev v MBNA

    You got my vote Sev! MBNA are the worst of the lot! Very happy to take yur money and offer cards and loans but the moment you let them know you are having trouble you hit a brick wall. Hope the website idea goes ahead. Sounds like a great idea to me.
  16. I thought 'choose to refuse' from BT (Landline is BT and calls Talktalk) would work but guess what.. tried it tonite with the MBNA and surprise surprise it doesn't work with calls from 0800 numbers. Well, fault for not finding out first but MBNA knew what they were doing when they chose that number!
  17. Ah right i see, thanks! Well, have my new letter ready to print out and send off today part of which states: "Other matters i urgently need to bring to your attention is the number of calls i am receiving daily after repeatedly stating that i will not discuss my financial situation over the phone but in writing only so therefore refer you to Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970 and formerly ask that these constant calls cease with immediate effect! After some research I am also now aware that the call I answered 2-3 weeks ago from Virgin GVI suggests that you have act
  18. Well, i certainly hadn't realised significance of GVA ringing me meaning MBNA have broken the rules of the Data Protection Act! A little confused though..by GVA you mean GVI - Global Vantedge Inc. Or are they the same? I shall amend my letter again i think to bring up this matter with MBNA! Many thanks for enlightening me! And I'll be sorting out a phone block today as well although can't block the international calls as my bro is in the US hopefully i can block the 0800, 0870 and withheld Numbers
  19. New tally: 8 calls today: International 4, Withheld 2, MBNA 2. Not quite my all time record though.
  20. Thanks I will do that and amend my letter to include a complaint regarding the number of calls mentioning also the justice act 1970 (i think it is but will look that up exactely) re harrassment. Hopefully that will put a stop to it!
  21. Been writing on and off for a month or more since first informing MBNA of my financial difficulties and after reading about them here understand why i am getting automated replies and little personal feedback. It's because they are stinking swines! I constanly inform them i will not discuss my debts over the phone but they ring 4-6 times a day. The latest letter ready to be sent off is: "Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for the letter of the 1st Dec re the arrears on the above accounts. Reading your letter is somewhat perplexing though as you seem to be under the impression i ha
  22. Just have the calls the number is coming from blocked with BT (or whoever she's with).
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