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  1. Hi Guys Sent a hardship letter with documentation to LTSB got the usual, we are sorry to hear your complaint blah blah blah letter, but nothing else. as ive applied under hardship do they have to contact me speicifcally
  2. Morning All, I requested my CCA from Lloyds TSB 14 Days ago using a templatye on here. They havent sent me a letter so i was wondering what my next step is there are lots of letters on here from people saying they have received a document stating different excuses, but i havent had anything. Any help would be appriciated
  3. This is going to sound daft, but its a question i need to ask as its been bugging me and i cant find an answer. How do i know if i have been mis sold PPI etc. if i dont have any of my documentation how do i get it etc Daft questions but i really dont know the answer and i personally think it would be good to ask it from you guys.
  4. Hi Guys, I defaulted in Dec 04 on an unsecured car loan with AA Personal Finace Ltd, i settled the default in Sept 07 by paying off any outstanding funds over the 33month period between Dec 04 & Sept 07. I have seen a very good letter on another thread see below http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legalities/24013-defaults-proposed-method-removal.html and would like to use it, the question i have is this. Is my default with Lloyds TSB (my bank) or with the AA (loan provider) so basically where would i send the letter. Any advise would be appreciated.
  5. Carcraft are asking for a statement off ats (which they now have) Trading standards quoted the sales of goods & the supply of Goods ACTs AS well as this tyre i had the other three checked and one has preished to the point of illegalness dur to prolonged standing in one position that takes longer than 3 months Its in car crafts hands now. but i will take this matter further if i am pushed to the extreme by there incompetance
  6. 3months after Buying a car from carcraft merseyside - i get a flat tyre, so after taking it to ATS they inform me that the tyre pre - purchase was illegally repaired and so the car was made unroadworthy. Naughty Carcraft Selling illegal unroadworthey cars. Does anyone have any experience like this and any sccess chasing them up after. Cheers Steve
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