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  1. thanks for your help. I forgot to mention Citi Card was taken over by Opus card who are a part of CC Asset management. I will start calculating today cheers
  2. HI All Im not sure if I'm posting in the right place but here goes. I have a Citi Bank Credit card since 2001, it has a zero balance so I owe no money on it but previously Citi bank have charged me a few pounds every month for Cardholder Payment Protection. The charge was always between £2- £5 per month untill I cancelled it. Ive added all the charges up and it equates to over £400. Can I still cliam this back or is this different to PPI. Thanks for your help in advance.
  3. I am currently a cutomer with HSBC but I dont have the time or the know how to claim. Recently I got some paper work through from a company called Financial claims uk who claim on your behalf. I was just wondering has anyone used an organisation like this and what was your experience?
  4. I dont know, I may have to try that to see if they have a duplicate.
  5. How can this be, the buyer has even left Positive feedback saying "Great ebayer smooth transaction"
  6. I think this i really unfair, Obviously an unauthorised account has been used to but my phone, why should I have to pay up not paypal themselves. After all its is an issue with their account security.
  7. Hi all, Six months ago I sold a mobile phone via ebay, I sent the phone the next day it was won, because the consumer paid up via paypal immediatly with a confirmed paypal account and address. The following day when I check the buyers ID the ebay account which had been used to buy my item had been closed and the payment on my paypal account reversed after a week, I disputed this with paypal but they refused to listen because I had lost the post office slip that proved I had sent the Item to the buyers address. Now the paypal account owner refused that he had bought my item. and the money was reversed leaving my account £270 overdrawn. The other day I got a letter from the debt collection agency that I should pay up. What should I do?
  8. Ive just been going through my monthly statements and found ive got charges on credit cards aswell and my first direct account which they closed down. Can I still get money back on cancelled accounts?
  9. Finally I have picked up all my bank statements for the past 2 years as far as I can remember there were no charges before this. Today I will start going through all my statements and add up the charges incurred. This is an excellent website, wish me luck
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