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  1. I have a double barrel name and for conveniance I only sign with the last part of my surname.


    I originally registered at my bank with my full double barrel name, since there is not much room to sign the forms with a long name I sign with the last half of the name, slowly the bank has taken this to mean my double barrel name is a middle name and when I corrected them they said I need a name change form and depoll, I said but I haven't ever changed my name and on my visa card it say's the initiall of my first half of the double barrel surname, they have slowly lost the proof and when I told them that isn't my name, there is an error they said that is how I sign, well of course I sign that way, there isn''t enough room for a double barrel signature, the bank lady tore up the name change form in front of me and threw it on the ground.

    You see I wasn't changing my name I was correcting their error.

    I considered myself lucky to get my visa card back from the cashier that day.I was also told to [get out of the shop wer'e about to call the police.]

    That was my town head branch who deal with me on a weekly-fortnightly basis.

  2. Hi there everyone, I am Silas, I will be trying to get my monies back and will read as much as I can, my printer is out of action and the spread sheets need an extention, I tried to open the spread sheets but I need new software and microsoft said it doesn't recognise your software place.


    simmilar to how it say's can't find software for my epson stylus c84 most common printer on the market.


    I hope I can manage to get the spread sheet.


    Also it doesn't seem clear as to what charges are illegal as I was overdrawn many times and the bank pay's a debit making me further overdrawn and then a fine plus the fine I allready had for being overdrawn.


    I also read that the new laws are to only allow banks to charge £10 not £30 any longer.


    It doesn't seem clear at what point the charge becomes illegal for instance you are allready overdrawn when a debit comes through and an extra charge.


    last week I christmass shopped and useing my visa electron have an overdraft limit of £200, eventually I spent that £200 shopping and hit the barrels bottom and a sale from my visa electron was denied, this meant I had reached my £200 overdraft limit and could spend no more.


    Then the next day I got a ATM reading saying I was £280 overdrawn even though it was imposssible to spend over £200 on my visa electron and got a fine.


    I reckon the bank owes me a large ammount of money over the years and I hope I get it all.


    I'm a bit worried how I get 2 fines in a day and one is for my bank loan or Direct debit charges and they will say that the charges were fair since I have an overdraft on my account wich I exceeded.

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