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  1. Thanks for advice all. The email i received was from James Arrandale, so i guess thats who i'll be talking to. Seems the majority vote is settle for the full 100%. I'll let you know how it goes, hopefully some time next week.
  2. Following notification of a prelim court hearing on 20th March, I emailed Abbey asking whom i needed to forward any correspondance to, and asking if they would ike to negotiate settlement prior to me compiling the court bundle and adding prep costs etc. I have received a reply saying they cannot get to my file this week but would like to discuss settlement next week and will arrange a call. This is where i would like any advice before the due call, and if there is anything i should be aware of. My original claim went in MCOL on 2nd Oct and was £678 charges, £103.26 interest and £80 court fee = £861.26. Then there is any interest up to date. Does anyone have any idea or experience as to what to accept? I know it obviously could depend on individual circumstances, but for me it's more a matter of principal. I don't want them to get off lightly, with the agro they have created for myself and all you others in the same situation. On the other hand, i don't want to push unreasonably, saving the hassle of compiling the court bundle and time off for court etc. Any ideas or views from others would be great. I thought about taking original amount, adding interest to date then offering 95%?
  3. Hi all, found that the hearing is a Prelim Hearing? Rang the court and they said i do not have to send anything unless i want to, but must copy anything to Abbey. Have tried searching forum on prelim hearings but to no avail. Can anyone provide any light as to what i may expect here and whether i should or should not submit any info? Thank you in advance for any advice.
  4. Hi Rachel, i am in same position also with court date in March. Most cases i have read so far, Abbey tend to pay before the actual date. I have yet to do the court bundle, did you just send what was from this site? Tuddsy
  5. Hi all. this is my first post on this site, but i am in the same position as many of you. I have just received my court date for 20th March. However, that is all it says - just that the hearing will take place on that date and time and 30 minutes has been allowed? Do i need to contact court to find out what type of hearing it is? Because i have received no further instruction on submitting court bundle etc. Just to keep you all in the picture. I started claim back in April, with charges detail request and sent off usual letters claiming around £1100. In August, recieved in my account without warning £400, followed by letter saying refunded as goodwill. Wrote back thanking and claiming the remainder, to which reply was basically s=d off. Filed with Moneyclaim online, acknowledged late September (with Abbey also sending copy of their defence), and AQ sent mid November. Thats basically it. Any advice on what you believe the court hearing will be would be greatly appreciated. Regards Tuddsy
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