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  1. Well i've had success today!!!! I was going to send the rejection of settlement letter, but thought i would just phone up to see what happened....I was very nervous, as i thought if i got someone argumentative i would probably back down!!! But i had stuff written down if i got lost for words!! Anyway i told them i had already filed the court claim, but i was willing to settle for what they offered plus court costs. This came to £3411.... so i got a bit cheekey and said im sure they could make it £3500 if they really wanted!! I could hear the woman tut and sigh..... and then she said
  2. Tifo.... i'm not sure what the contractual interest is... but i know that the 8% interest can only be claimed if the bank dont make an offer or offer less than the charges were.....as that is when you would start your court claim. If you have been offered the full amount then I would accept.... i dont think that happens very often!! Unless anyone else knows about the contractual interest issue....?
  3. HI.... In a quandry today!! Filed my mcol..... it's due to be served toady.... and low and behold i got an offer today!! It's a substantial one, but still £700 less than i am claiming...that is including the court fees. I'm very tempted to accept the offer...but then again, i could really do with that £700!!!! What do i do???
  4. Thanks! hope yours goes through ok chad... so it takes about a week to get a court date...and a couple after that to see if they offer anything?? I will be waiting with baited breath.......just hope i filled the mcol in properly!!
  5. Ok... well i gave them more than enough time.... still a bit worried that I may be the 'chosen one'.....as i've heard absolutely nothing from them!! So I hae filed my MCOL today!!!
  6. Well i have sent the LBA twice now... the first time i gave a week... and the 2nd i sent recorded delivery, and that was 2 weeks ago now. I'm a bit worried because i havn't heard a thing from the banks, apart from the first response saying no. Most people on here seem to have at least had a no or a partial offer.
  7. I downloaded all three letters....but the ones i have do appear different from the ones on the site now. The last letter is different, but it definately states 7 days. I did send the first one asking for the statements...then i added those up, so i do have an amount. The 2nd etter was sent with a copy of those, but the 3rd was not. So i think i've done things the right way?
  8. Hi, starting a new thread as advised to get a bit of advice!! I recieved a 'no you can't have your money back' letter, so then sent the LBA.....twice (second time recorded...but with no copies of statements...bad?) And i have heard nothing as yet. The 7 days are now over...and im wondering what the next step is. Reading everyones post's you all seem to know what your doing...i have read loads of stuff, and am still in the dark!! I have bought the small claims pack, and nothin is clearer. Most people seem to have heard somthing from Halifax by this stage...a partial offer etc. So is i
  9. Thank you for all the replies.... I think i have a lot to read up on!! I will start a new thread, and let everyone know what's going on, but it def looks like i new to file the court claim now... scary!!
  10. Hi, just needed a it of advice here... have sent the LBA...twice now to give them a good chance!! The last one was sent recorded, so no excuse for not getting it. Still not received a reply, and the 7 days is up tomorrow. Do i phone somone to ask what's going on or just wait? And who do i phone..the person that signed the initial 'no you can't have your money back' letter?? Also is it a good idea to get professional help, as i really wouldn't know what to do if i have to actually go to court!! I have the small claims pack, but it's double dutch to me!! Would i get the solicitors
  11. Good to know they are paying out! I sent the letter off a week ago...don't know wether to claim, or wait another couple of days? Does anyone know if it's straight forward to claim on-line? not being used to doing stuff like this, i havn't got a clue!
  12. Hi... I am just about to send off my final letter to the Halifax... does anyone know the best place to send it? may sound like a daft question i know..! i have sent previous letters to the p.o. box address... should this one go to Trinity House? Also do i need to state the bank charges plus interest in this letter...or is this to be added if they refuse to pay? Any advice gratfully recieved....it's a mine field!!!
  13. Hi to all.. disgruntled Halifax customer here!! Just sent 2nd letter out..and had a big NO as a reply. Now sort of stuck as im thinking i may actually have to start the court thing...and that's a bit scary!!! Anyone else had success from Halifax without having to do this
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